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📀 Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note Prezzo
Akvarium (aquarium) S/t (1987 white album) RUS LP C60 25129 005 30€
Allen Daevid Now is the happiest time of your life F LP 30€
Altmayer Michael Troll vol. ii F LP W/INSERT 18€
Amazing Blondel A foreign field that is forever england LP PICTURE DISC 40€
Amon Duul Ii Made in germany US LP 30€
Ange Guet apens F LP 25€
Ange Le cimetiere des arlequins F LP 25€
Anima Der regt mich auf - a controversy D DLP 50€
Argent Nexus US LP 35€
Artwoods Begin here - live in wales 1964 LP S RIS 22€
Audience The house on the hill CA LP 2ND PRINT 25€
Auger Brian & Trinity Befour I LP 35€
Autosalvage S/t US LP 25€
Ayers Kevin Joy of a toy EU LP RIS. GAT. LTD ED. 18 30€
Barclay James Harvest Octoberon US LP 22€
Baumann Peter Romance 76 I LP 25€
Beatles 1967 - 70 I DLP RIS. 25€
Beatles Rubber soul I LP RIS. PCS 3075 180 GR 20€
Beatles Let it be I LP S RIS. 20€
Beatles Sergent pepper lonely heart club band I LP S RIS. F/O COVER W/I 20€
Beatles With the beatles I LP S RIS. 20€
Beatles Live at the bbc I TLP S RIS. 35€
Beatles The way they were: live at the star club hamburg 1 EU LP COL. VYN N.141/300 30€
Beatles Abbey road I LP S RE DE AGOSTINI 20€
Beatles The magical mistery tour I LP S RIS. DE AGOSTINI 25€
Beck Jeff There & back NL LP 18€
Beggars Farm Beneath the moon of ilsacon I LP 30€
Belt & Braces Roadshow Band S/t UK LP W/INSERT 30€
Big Brother & The Holding Company Cheap thrills US LP 2ND PRESSING 30€
Blak Christian Firra FO LP TUTL HJF23 20€
Blak K. Yggdrasil De fire tarne FO LP - 20€
Blak Kristian Antifonale FO LP - 25€
Blegvad Peter King strut & other stories EEC LP 20€
Boffo Jean Paul Jeux de nains F LP 22€
Brinsley Schwarz Nervous on the road US LP 20€
Brooks Terry & Strange High flyer I LP 18€
Brown Pete & Piblokto The art school dance goes on forever UK LP RIS. GAT. TIMELESS 40€
Budd Harold The white arcades D LP 25€
Byrds Further along I LP - 30€
Byrds Mr. tambourine man UK LP - 25€
Byrds Younger than yesterday US LP RIS. SEALED 45€
C.o.b. Spirit of love L LP RIS. SEALED LTD. ED. 60€
C.o.b. Moyshe mcstiff & the tartan lancers of the sacred. I LP RIS 30€
Cale John Caribbean sunset I LP 25€
Camel The snow goose US LP 18€
Camel Stationary traveller P LP 20€
Captain Beefheart Blujeans & moonbeams I LP 23€
Caravan Cunning stunt UK LP 35€
Carlos Walter The well tempered synthesizer I LP 22€
Carlos Walter Switched-on bach ii US LP KM 32659 20€
Cassiber Man or monkey D DLP - 25€
Chamber Brothers The time has come US LP - 25€
Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers Bongos over balham UK LP 40€
Chocolate Watch Band The inner mystique LP RIS 25€
Cold Blood First taste of sin US LP 30€
Colosseum Ii Electric savage US LP S 20€
Corea C. Return To Forever Light as a feather I LP W/FLORA PURIM 16€
Corea Chick Return to forever D LP ECM 1022 ST 18€
Corporation (the) The age of aquarius I LP HBL 20101 20€
Country Joe & The Fish Electric music for the mind and body US LP 2ND PRINT 25€
Cousins Dave & Brian Willoughby Old school songs US LP 28€
Cream Wheels of fire EU DLP RIS. 30€
Cressida Asylum I LP RIS. AKARMA GAT. SEA 40€
Cressida S/t I LP SEALED RIS. AKARMA G 40€
Curved Air Second album UK LP 2ND PRINT 30€
Deep Purple Highway star - south australia 84 - DLP BTLG PURPLE VYNIL 60€
Delirium/benedetto Marcello Movimento ii dubbio/concerto in do minore adagio I 7" FONIT JBF 624 BESANA 10€
Dirty Blues Band S/t US LP - 50€
Doors Absolutely live US DLP 50€
Doors Absolutely live I DLP 35€
Downliners Sect Live in the 80's SW LP TRANSP. VYNIL 30€
Dr. Brown The land of red and gold UK LP 28€
Drake Nick Fruit tree UK BOX LIM. ED. LPS + DVD S 200€
Dream Theater Puppies on acid live 1993 EU DLP S BRR 4014 45€
Electric Prunes Release of an oath D LP 30€
Ellis Riding on a crest of a slump NL LP 20€
Eloy Planets UK LP 30€
Eloy Metromania D LP 25€
Embryo Africa E LP 25€
Emerson Keith With The Nice S/t I DLP 35€
Emerson Lake & Palmer Pictures at an exhibition I LP F/O COVER 25€
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Love beach I LP 20€
Eno Brian Music for films UK LP 32€
Eno Brian Ambient 1 music for airport LP 35€
Eno Brian Fractal zoom D LP W/MOBY 22€
Eno Brian Here comes the warm jets I LP 40€
Erickson Roky Openers UK LP 30€
Erickson Roky & Aliens I think of demons UK LP 50€
Espers Ii US LP 40€
Fairport Convention Live at the l.a. troubadour UK LP 25€
Family A song for me D LP 2ND PRINT 25€
Fasciano Mario/rick Wakeman Black knights at the court of ferdinand iv I LP S 20€
Flairck Variations on a lady F LP 25€
Flash Out of our hands US LP F/O COVER 30€
Flock S/t US LP 30€
Flyte Reaction Spectral footwear UK LP 35€
Focus Mother focus US LP 30€
Froese Edgar Aqua I LP RIS ORIZZONTE 16€
Fugs Refuse to be burnt out F LP 20€
Full Moon Euphoria UK LP 35€
Full Moon A live encounter UK LP 25€
Fungus Lies ende leid NL LP 25€
Fuzzy Duck S/t I LP RIS S 25€
Gabriel Peter Plays live I DLP 28€
Gabriel Peter S/t CA LP 18€
Gabriel Peter No self control TLP BTLG 40€
Galaxy S/t US LP REPRO 20€
Gamalon S/t US LP 20€
Geesin Ron Right through UK LP 30€
Genesis Trespass I LP 20€
Genesis A trick of the tail I LP 20€
Genesis Wind & wuthering I LP 20€
Gentle Giant The power and the glory I LP 25€
Gentle Giant The missing piece P LP 20€
Ghost In stormy nights US DLP 25€
Ghost (the) When you're dead - one second I LP RIS SEALED RED VYNIL 50€
Giles, Giles & Fripp Thr cheerful insanity of giles, giles & fripp EU LP LIM. ED. 500 COPIES 30€
Gnidrolog Lady lake EU LP RIS. LTD. ED. 500 CO 40€
Golden Avatar A change of heart UK LP 18€
Grateful Dead Live at the shrine auditorium 8/9/10/11 nov. 1967 I DLP 35€
Grateful Dead Reckoning CA LP 30€
Great Society Live at the matrix UK DLP 40€
Greenwood Nicholas Cold cuts I LP RIS. AKARMA 180 GR. 30€
Gtr When the heart rules the mind EP12" 10€
Guru Guru Kanguru D LP RIS. SEALED GAT. 60€
Hammill Peter The margin live UK DLP 35€
Hammill Peter In a foreign town I LP 20€
Hard Stuff Bulletproof I LP GATEFOLD COVER 60€
Harmonium S/t F LP 35€
Harper Roy Bullinamingvase UK LP 35€
Harvest Flight One way I LP RE 20€
Hendrix Jimi The cry of love UK LP F/O COV. 60€
Hendrix Jimi Blues I DLP S DE AGOSTINI 40€
Hinkley Heroes Volume one I LP 20€
Hinze Chris Barocco con fuoco D LP S 18€
Hot Tuna Final vinyl US LP - 25€
Humble Pie Go for the throat US LP S 25€
Hutka Jaroslav Stuj, brizo zelena CS LP 20€
Illusion Out of the mist US LP 25€
Illusion Out of the mist US LP 25€
Iman Califato Independiente S/t I LP 40€
Incredible String Band Season they change I DLP RIS ORIZZONTE 25€
Incredible String Band "u" GR DLP 38€
Itziar S/t E LP RIS 20€
Jade Warrior S/t I LP RIS. AKARMA SEALED 40€
James Gang Passin' thru US LP 25€
Janus Gravedigger LP RIS. SEALED 49€
Jefferson Airplane Early flight US LP VG COVER 30€
Jethro Tull Live burstin' out US DLP 40€
John's Children Smashed blocked! I LP 25€
Joplin Janis Kozmic blues CA LP 28€
Josefus Dead man I LP RIS. AKARMA 35€
Julius Victor S/t I LP RE GATEFOLD COV. 25€
July Dandelion seeds UK LP RIS 25€
Kantner P./g. Slick Sunfighter US LP F/O COVER/NO BOOKLET 25€
Kantner Paul/slick Grace/freiberg David Baron von taoolboth & the chrome nun I LP 20€
Killing Floor Out of uranus I LP RIS. AKARMA GAT. SEA 35€
Leaves 1966 F LP 23€
Leaves All the good that's happening US LP REPRO ? EX COVER 20€
Livin' Blues 1968 - 1978 NL LP -F/O COVER 23€
Lloyd Webber Andrew Variations US LP W/BONUS 7" 22€
Locomotiv Gt Mindenki H LP 18€
Lodge John Natural avenue UK LP 25€
Loose Gravel S/t F MLP 18€
Madden & Harris Fools paradise I LP RIS. GAT. AKARMA W/I 28€
Magic Mushroom Band Eyes of the angel UK LP 25€
Magma 1.001° centigrades F LP S RIS 180 GR. 25€
Magna Carta Lord of the ages NL LP 25€
Magna Carta Songs from wasties orchard I LP RIS. AKARMA 35€
Mahavishnu Orchestra Between nothingness & etrnity -live NL LP 2ND PRINT 20€
Mallard In a different climate UK LP 20€
Mandragora Head first NL LP - 25€
Mariani S/t I LP REPRO 35€
Marillion Real to reel I LP 15€
Mark - Almond Other people rooms US LP 16€
Mark-almond Rising US LP F/O COVER 30€
Max Creek Windows US LP S 35€
Maximalist! Maximalist! B LP 23€
Mayall John Blues from laurel canyon US LP F/O COVER 35€
Mc Laughlin John Best of... US LP 14€
Mclaughlin John Belo horizonte D LP 16€
Mclaughlin John Electric guitarist NL LP 18€
Michaels Lee Barrel US LP 25€
Mormos Great wall of china F LP REISSUE 25€
Morton Mandy And Spriguns Magic lady I LP RIS. AKARMA SEALED 80€
Mott The Hoople Live US LP 30€
Move Shazam' US LP 2ND PRINT 25€
Murder In The Cathedral S/t F LP W/INSERT 28€
Mushroom Early one morning I LP RIS. AKARMA GAT. SEA 40€
New York Rock & Roll Ensemble Reflections US LP 35€
Nice Five bridges US LP F/O COVER 30€
Nice Intermezzo I LP S RIS 18€
Nico The end I LP 30€
Nico Abschied LP 25€
Niemen Czeslaw Niemen vol.1 PL LP 20€
Nova Local Nova1 NL LP S 28€
Oberon A midsummer's night dream I LP RIS. AKARMA W/INSERT 35€
Odin S/t I LP RIS. AKARMA 180 GR. 45€
Oldfield Mike Ommadawn I LP 15€
Oldfield Mike Incantations I DLP S 26€
Oldfield Mike Hergest ridge I LP 14€
Oldfield Mike Boxed I BOX S 4 LPS 35€
Oldfield Mike Tubular bells I LP 15€
One Come US LP 40€
Oregon Moon and mind US LP - 18€
Ozric Tentacles Strangeitude UK LP 30€
Pacific Gas & Electric S/t US LP 25€
Page James Patrick Session man vol.2 US LP S 22€
Palmer Bruce The cycle is complete US LP REPRO 35€
Paper Garden The paper garden presents… US LP RIS 28€
Parameter Galactic ramble I LP RIS LIM. ED. 345/400 35€
Parson Alan Project Pyramid I LP 13€
Parson Alan Project I robot I LP 13€
Parson Alan Project Tales of mistery and… I LP 13€
Patto S/t I LP RIS. AKARMA 35€
Pearls Before Swine S/t I LP RIS. 30€
Peel David & Lower East Side Have a marijuana US LP 30€
Pendragon The jewel LP 28€
Pentangle In the round I LP 20€
Pentangle Reflection UK LP - 35€
Pererin Haul ar yr eira E LP RIS 26€
Petals Parahelion US LP 35€
Phenomena Ii Dream runner I LP S 16€
Phillips Shawn Collaboration US LP 2ND PRINT F/O COVER 30€
Phillips Shawn Second contribution US LP F/O COVER 35€
Phillips Shawn Transcendence US LP 25€
Phillips Shawn Second contribution CA LP RIS 20€
Pink Fairies Never never land EEC LP RIS. LIM. EDITION 25€
Plastic Ono Band Give peace a chance/remember love I 7" 10€
Potter M. Band In concert D LP 20€
Quicksilver Messenger Service Shady grove US LP RIS. 25€
Rabin Trevor Can't look away D LP EX YES 15€
Ramatam S/t US LP 28€
Rapp Tom Familiar songs US LP VG COVER 18€
Refugee S/t P LP 25€
Renaissance Illusion D LP S 2ND PRINT 20€
Renaissance Camera camera LP S 18€
Renaissance Prologue US LP VG COVER 25€
Renaissance Turn off the cards US LP 25€
Return To Forever Music magic I LP 18€
Rolling Stones Aftermath US LP RIS 30€
Roxy Music The high road US MLP S 18€
Roxy Music Viva! - the live roxy music album US LP 28€
Roxy Music Viva ! - the live roxy music album F LP 25€
Roxy Music Country life I LP F/O COV. 25€
Roxy Music S/t D LP F/O COVER W/INSERT 40€
Roxy Music Stranded UK LP ILPS 9252 35€
Rundgren Todd A cappella CA LP 18€
Rush A show of hands NL DLP - 28€
Saint Steven S/t LP REPRO 30€
Samrat Swara The truth about suzanne D LP 30€
Samurai S/t E LP RE SEALED LTD ED. 45€
Santana Caravanserai US LP QUADRAPH0NIC 25€
Santana Welcome I LP GAT. COVER 18€
Santana S/t (1971) I LP F/O COVER 30€
Santana Carlos Devadip/turiya Alice Coltrane Illuminations UK LP 20€
Saturnalia Magical love I LP SEALED PICTURE DISC 60€
Savoy Brown Blue matter US LP F/O COVER 35€
Saxon Sky Fire Wall A groovy thing F LP 20€
Schulze Klaus Dune D LP 20€
Seatrain The marblehead messenger US LP F/O COVER 30€
Seeds A web of sound US LP RIS 20€
Serpent Power S/t US LP RIS 22€
Shadowfax Shadowdance NL LP 20€
Shadowfax S/t US LP 20€
Shadowfax The odd get even D LP 18€
Shadowfax The dream of children US LP 20€
Shrieve Michael/steve Roach The leaving time I LP NOVUS PL 83032 20€
Sky 3 I LP 14€
Sky S. Saxon Fire Wall Destiny and children US LP S 26€
Sky Saxon Masters of psychedelia F LP VG COVER 18€
Slick Grace Manhole I LP 25€
Soft Machine Six UK DLP 35€
Soft Machine Land of cockaine UK LP 30€
Soft Machine Alive & well - recorded in paris UK LP 30€
Sonics Here are the sonics!!! US LP RIS 40€
Sons Of Champlin Welcome to the dance US LP 25€
Sopwith Camel The miracolous hump returns... US LP 40€
Southwind Ready to ride US LP 25€
Spirit S/t (1973) US DLP 45€
Spirit Twelve dreams of dr. sardonicous US LP F/O COVER RIS. 20€
Spirit Spirit of 84 US LP S 20€
Spirit Spirit of '76 US DLP 35€
Spirit Clear UK LP RIS. 20€
Spooky Tooth Spooky two US LP 2ND PRINT 25€
Spriguns Revel weird and wild UK LP RIS W/INSERT 35€
Spriguns Time will pass UK LP RIS W/INSERT 40€
Starcastle Fountains of light US LP - 30€
Stark Everything & nothing UK LP 18€
Steppenwolf For ladies only US LP F/O COVER W/INSERT 35€
Steppenwolf Monster US LP F/O COVER 25€
Steppenwolf Live I DLP RIS 35€
Steppenwolf At your birthday party UK LP 40€
Stoneground S/t US LP 30€
Stoneground Play it loud US LP DIRECT TO DISC 20€
Strawbs Hero and heroine D LP 25€
Strawbs Burning for you US LP 25€
Summers A./r.fripp I advance masked D LP - 18€
Sweet Thursday S/t US LP F/O COVER 35€
Sweet Tooth Electric magic UK LP 25€
T2 It'ill all workout in boomland I LP RIS. AKARMA 30€
Tangerine Dream Electronic meditation US LP RIS. 25€
Tangle Edge In search of a new dawn N LP 40€
Ten Years After Alvin lee and company US LP - 30€
Ten Years After Rock & roll music to the world US LP F/O COVER 30€
Ten Years After Ssssh. US LP RIS 22€
Ten Years After S/t I LP RIS. 180 GR. 20€
Third Ear Band Magic music I LP 38€
Thornton & Mandragora While the green man sleeps UK LP 25€
Tolonen Jukka Summer games LP LOVE LRLP91 40€
Tonto's Expading Head Band Zero time UK LP RIS 22€
Traffic S/t I LP RIS. 25€
Traffic Shoot out at the fantasy factory I LP SHAPED COVER 30€
Trapeze S/t (1970) US LP F/O COVER 35€
Trashmen Great lost album! US LP RIS 25€
Treatment S/t UK LP 20€
Twink Think pink I LP RIS. AKARMA GAT. 180 40€
Tyrannosaurus Rex Hot love I 7" NIL 9037 4/71 10€
Tyrannosaurus Rex Hot love/woodland rock I 7" 15€
U.s.a. S/t UK LP 2ND PRINT 25€
Umela Hmota Barbara CZ LP 30€
Uriah Heep Innocent victims US LP 20€
Utopia Another live I LP 18€
Utopia Oops! wrong planet US LP 18€
Val P. Val well D LP 18€
Vanilla Fudge Near the beginning I LP 28€
Velvet Underground Loaded UK LP 80€
Velvet Underground & Nico S/t EU LP VERVE 371 710-8 RIS 35€
Violet Hour The fire sermon NL LP 22€
Vv.aa. Chocolate soup for diabetics vol. 3 - LP RIS 20€
Vv.aa. Chocolate soup for diabetics vol. 2 LP RIS 18€
Vv.aa. Flash fearless versus the zorg women parts 5 & 6 I LP W/INSERT 25€
Vv.aa. Music in sweden 7 - alternative instrumental music SW LP CAP 1163 W/BOOKLET 20€
Web I spider I LP RIS. GAT. AKARMA 200 30€
West, Bruce & Laing Live 'n' kickin' JP LP - 25€
West,bruce & Laing Why dontcha D LP RIS 18€
Whitcomb Ian The best of ian whitcomb US LP W/INSERT 18€
Who Live at leeds US LP 2ND PRINT 25€
Who Meaty beaty big and bounty US LP 30€
Wizard The original wizard EEC LP RIS. 30€
Yamashta Stomu Go too I LP 20€
Yellow Autumn Children of the mist I LP RE 25€
Yes Yesstory D TLP 3 LPS SEALED 90€
Yggdrasil/christian Blak Concerto grotto FO LP TUTL HJF 18 23€
Youngbloods The earth UK LP RIS. 20€
Youngbloods S/t UK LP RIS 20€
Youngbloods Elephant mountain UK LP RIS 20€
Zappa Frank Joe's garage act i NL LP 30€
Zappa Frank Apostrophe I LP W/LYRICS SHEET 30€
Zappa Frank Boulez conducts zappa - the perfect stranger D LP 35€
Zappa Frank Joe's garage act ii & iii I DLP 40€