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La collezione in vinile · Catalogo Hard rock and heavy metal

📀 Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note Prezzo
Hit and run I LP 16€
1994 Please stand by… US LP 18€
38 Specials Rock'n roll strategy US LP 15€
44 Magnum Danger NL LP 16€
5 Guns West Bad boys rock n'roll US LP W/INSERT 23€
5x Human target JP LP 18€
Ac/dc Nervous shakedown UK EP12" 20€
Accept Balls to the wall B LP 16€
Adrenalin American heart US LP 18€
Aerosmith Draw the line US LP 25€
Aerosmith Permanent vacation D LP 15€
Aerosmiths Rocks I LP 18€
Airwaves Next stop US LP 15€
Airwaves New day US LP 15€
Alaska Heart of the storm NL LP EX WHITESNACK 16€
Alcatrazz Dangerous games US LP 16€
Ambrosia Life beyond l.a. US LP S 18€
Ambrosia Road island D LP 15€
Ambrosia Road island US LP S 18€
Angel City Two minute warning US LP 15€
Angkor Wat When obscenity becomes the norm…awake! US LP 18€
Anthem No smoke without fire F LP 20€
April Wine Harder…. faster NL LP 16€
Artch Another return UK LP 25€
Avalanche Pray for the sinner NL LP RR 9740 18€
Axe Living on the edge YU LP 14€
Axe Nemesis US LP S 16€
Axe Attack Nightmare F LP 25€
Axe Victims Another victim B LP 18€
Axe Witch Lord of the flies I LP 20€
Bachelor Of Hearts On the boulevard NL LP 16€
Bachman Turner Overdrive Head on US LP S 18€
Bachman Turner Overdrive Ii US LP 18€
Bad Company Dangerous age D LP S 22€
Bad Machine Rip your heart US LP 18€
Bad Steve Killing the night B LP 16€
Baker Gurvitz Army S/t I LP W/INSERT 30€
Ballantinez Charged NL MLP 18€
Band Of Joy S/t US LP S 18€
Bandera Knights US LP 16€
Barren Cross Rock for the king CA LP 20€
Big Chill Halfway to heaven UK LP 16€
Big Mouth Quite not right D LP 15€
Black Alice …engangered species… AUS LP 20€
Black Angels Kickdown UK LP 18€
Black Lace Get it while it's hot B LP S 18€
Black N Blue Nasty nasty US LP S 16€
Black Sabbath Sabbath bloody sabbath D LP F/O COVER 30€
Black Stone Cherry Kentucky EU LP SEALED WHITE VYNIL 40€
Black Tears The slave NL LP 16€
Blackfoot Siogo I LP 16€
Blitzspeer Live NL LP 15€
Blue Blud The big noise F LP 16€
Blue Cheer Highlights and lowlive D LP 18€
Blue Oyster Cult On your feet or on your knees NL DLP 25€
Blue Oyster Cult Some enchanted evenings US LP 18€
Blue Oyster Cult Club ninja NL LP S 20€
Blue Steel No more lonely nights US LP 16€
Bonfire Knock out D LP S 18€
Boston Third stage US LP 15€
Briar Crown of thorns US LP S 18€
Bride Show no mercy US LP 18€
Britny Fox In america US LP 30€
Cannon Thunder and lightning D LP 16€
Cappanera Non c'e' piu' mondo I LP S 25€
Carnival Art S/t UK LP 16€
Celebrity Skin Good clean fun NL LP 16€
Cerebus Too late to pray US LP S GWD90542 40€
China Live NL LP 16€
Cinderella Somebody save me JP EP12" S 16€
D.a.m. Inside out D LP W/INSERT 20€
Dark Quarterer Etruscan prophecy I LP S RE GATEFOLD METAL 45€
Dedringer Second arising UK LP 18€
Deep Purple Nothing is perfect NL DLP 25€
Deep Purple Highway star - south australia 84 DLP BTLG PURPLE VYNIL 60€
Deep Purple Smoke on the water D EP12" 16€
Def Leppard Young & wild LP BTLG 18€
Def Leppard Pyromania I LP 16€
Def Leppard On trough the night I LP 15€
Dehumanizers End of time - european tour 87 F LP 16€
Delta Rebels Down in the dirt US LP 16€
Demon One helluva night D DLP 30€
Derringer Rick Good dirty fun NL LP 14€
Diamond Rexx Land of the damned D LP 16€
Diesel Watts in a tank NL LP 14€
Dirty Blonde Passion US LP S 30€
Dirty Looks I want more F LP 15€
Doc Holliday Modern medicine NL LP 18€
Dokken Back in the streets D LP 15€
Dokken Beast from the east CA DLP 22€
Doucette Mama let him play UK LP 15€
Doucette Coming up roses US LP S 18€
Dr. Know Wreckage in flesh US LP S 20€
Drivin'n'cryin' Mystery road I LP S 22€
Duke Jupiter White knuckle ride US LP S 16€
Earthshaker S/t JP LP 18€
Earthshaker Fugitive UK LP 15€
Eldopa 1332 US LP W/INSERT 20€
Electric Food S/t I LP 32€
Elektradrive Due I LP 20€
Exises S/t US LP S 16€
Extreme Tragic comic EP12" PICTURE DISK 18€
Faith No More Falling to pieces D EP12" PARTIALLY LIVE 12€
Faith No More Midlife crisis UK EP12" 4 TRACKS PICT.DISK 18€
Fang A mi ga sfafas? US LP S 16€
Fastway S/t NL LP 16€
Fate S/t CA LP S 18€
Feudal Grind Four sons of king henry v UK LP 16€
Firm Mean businness I LP 15€
Fist Tracker B LP 15€
Fist Danger zone US LP 15€
Flotsam & Jetsam No place for disgrace NL LP 15€
Force 10 S/t US LP S 14€
Franke & The Knockout Below the belt US LP 18€
Frehley's Comet Live + 1 US LP 14€
Frehley's Comet Second sighting US LP S 18€
Funhouse Generation generator US LP S 16€
Gbh A fridge too far F LP - 15€
Genocide Submit to genocide US LP S 25€
Georgia Satellites Open all night US LP 18€
Gillan & Glover Accidentally on purpose UK LP 16€
Gillan Ian Band Child in time I LP 18€
Gillan Ian Band Live at budokan I DLP S 25€
Girl Sheer greed NL LP 15€
Girlschool Hit and run I LP 16€
Giuffria Silk+steel US LP 16€
God B.c. Eargasm in eden US LP 18€
Golub Jeff Unspoken words US LP S 15€
Goodman Tim Footsteps US LP 18€
Gothic Slam Killer istinct LP 16€
Gowan Strange animal CA LP 16€
Grand Funk What's funk ? US LP S 18€
Grand Theft S/t I LP RIS. 18€
Gravestone Victim of chains D LP 23€
Guillotine Bring down the curtains US LP S 16€
Guns N' Roses Use your illusion ii D DLP 35€
Hagar Sammy S/t US LP S 15€
Hagar Sammy Standing hampton NL LP S 15€
Hagar Sammy Three lock box NL LP 14€
Hagar/schon/aaronson/shrieve Through the fire US LP S 15€
Hansen Kay Heading for tomorrow LP 18€
Harsh Reality Grimm facts US LP 18€
Haunted Garage Possession park UK LP 16€
Haywire Nuthouse I LP S 18€
Heart Dog & butterfly NL LP 14€
Heart S/t UK LP RIS 14€
Heavy The World What in the world? US LP S 40€
Helix White lace & black leather UK LP 18€
Helix Walkin' the razor edge US LP 16€
Helix No rest for the wicked US LP S 16€
Hellcats S/t US LP S 16€
Hellion S/t UK MLP 16€
Heretics Goat milk fudge D LP 15€
Highway Chile Storybook heroes NL LP 16€
Hoax Ego eater F LP 15€
Hollyrock Legalize freedom US LP 20€
Hollyrock Ii new improved! US LP 20€
Honeymoon Suite Monsters under the bed D LP 15€
Howe Ii High gear US LP S 16€
Hunt The thrill of the kill US LP 16€
Icon Right between the eyes US LP S 35€
Impellitteri S/t US MLP S 16€
Iron Sheiks Do you sell beer here? AU LP W/INSERT 18€
Ironmaiden S/t F LP 30€
James Gang Passin' thru US LP - 25€
Jersey Dogs Don't worry,get angry! US MLP S 16€
Jett Joan The hit list I LP 16€
Jo Jo Gunne So..where is the show ? US LP 18€
Jo Jo Gunne Jumpin' the gunne US LP F/O COVER 25€
Journey Captured NL DLP 25€
Judas Priest Unleashed in the east NL LP 16€
Judas Priest Priest…live! NL DLP 25€
Keel The final frontier US LP 16€
Keel S/t CA LP 16€
Kid Dynamite S/t US LP 18€
Killer Young blood D LP 16€
Killer Dwarfs Big deal US LP S 16€
Kinetic Dissent I will fight no more forever NL LP 16€
King Of The Sun S/t D LP 16€
King's X S/t D LP 30€
Kinghorse S/t US LP S 18€
Kiss Crazy nights US LP 15€
Kramer Wayne Dangerous madness US LP S 20€
Krank Hideous US LP S 20€
Krokus Change of address I LP S 20€
Krokus In concert DLP BTLG 30€
Krokus Hardware I LP S 20€
Laaz Rockit Live at queen's hall UK LP 25€
Landslide Bad reputation UK LP S 18€
Lawnmower Death/metal Duck Mower lib. front/quak 'em all LP 16€
Leather Shock waves NL LP 18€
Led Zeppelin Remastered D TLP 45€
Led Zeppelin Coda I LP 22€
Leonard Deke Kamikaze UK LP 18€
Liar Set the world on fire US LP S 16€
Lixx Loose on you UK MLP 16€
Loudness Disillusion UK LP 18€
Loudness Lightning strikes US LP 16€
Louisiana's Leroux S/t US LP 16€
Love Brad S/t I LP S 15€
Loverboy S/t CA LP 15€
Loverboy Get lucky NL LP 14€
Low Max S/t D MLP 15€
Lucifer Friends Banquet US LP 20€
Lucifer's Friend Sneak me in I LP 15€
M.o.d. Surfin' m.o.d. NL LP 15€
Mac Alpine/aldridge/rock/sarzo Project : driver NL LP 16€
Magnum Good night l.a. EU LP 16€
Maineeaxe Going for gold CA LP S 18€
Make - Up Howling will JP LP 20€
Mardones Benny Never run never hide US LP PROMO 16€
Mardones Benny S/t D LP 15€
Marsden Bernie Look at me now NL LP 16€
Masi Downtown dreamers US LP 16€
Mc Coy Think hard B LP 16€
Molly Hatchet S/t I LP 14€
Molly Hatchet No guts..no glory NL LP 14€
Money Trust me UK LP 16€
Moore Gary Rockin' every night I LP 16€
Moore Gary We want moore! I DLP 25€
Moore Vinnie. Mind's eye US LP 16€
Morse Steve High tension wires D LP S 16€
Motorhead Anthology F DLP 22€
Mucky Pup Now NL LP 18€
Munich S/t D LP 18€
Necracedia Now i see clearly US LP 15€
Nevada Beach Zero day UK LP 16€
Nevada Beach S/t US LP 16€
Nightwing Black summer US LP S 18€
Norum John Total control NL LP EX EUROPE 14€
Not Fragile Who dares wins UK LP 20€
Nova Aldo Subject NL LP 14€
Nova Aldo S/t US LP 16€
Nugent T. & Amboy Dukes Call of the wild US LP 18€
Nugent Ted Double live - gonzo! US LP 25€
Obliteration Obscured within UK LP W/INSERT 20€
Omnitron Masterpeace SW LP 25€
Onslaught Let there be rock UK LP 16€
Osborne Ozzie Paranoid - live at the sun plaza hall japan 82 DLP BTLG 55€
Osbourne Ozzy Recorded live 83 san bernardino LP BTLG TRANSP.VYN. 35€
Oxenkiller Monster of steel US LP S 23€
Paganini Weapon of love NL LP 15€
Paganini It's a long way to the top D LP 15€
Page James Patrick Session man vol.2 US LP S 22€
Pendemia Narcotic religion UK LP 15€
Pet Hate Bad publicity UK LP 15€
Pets Wet behind the ears US LP 14€
Pezband Cover to cover US LP 15€
Pezband S/t US LP 16€
Phasslayns Cut it up NL LP S 15€
Pinera Mike Forever US LP 18€
Plant Robert Now and zen I LP S 23€
Player Spies of life US LP 16€
Point Blank Airplay US LP 16€
Point Blank On a roll US LP 16€
Point Blank Airplay US LP S 18€
Point Blank The hard way US LP 16€
Poison Flesh & blood I LP 15€
Pop Iggy T.v. eye - live 1977 I LP 18€
Private Life S/t US MLP S 16€
Queensryche The warning I LP 15€
Queensryche Empire US DLP 25€
Queensryche Rage for order I LP 16€
Rage Run for the night I LP VG COV. 14€
Railway Climax NL LP 16€
Ratt Out of the cellar D LP S 18€
Ratt Invasion of your privacy D LP 16€
Raven Stay hard D LP S 16€
Raven Life's a bitch D LP S 16€
Razor Baby Too hot to handle D LP 15€
Reckless No frills D LP 14€
Red Baron Baronoia US LP 18€
Red Dogs Sweet little ruby UK EP12" 10€
Red Rider Don't fight it US LP 16€
Red Warriors Lesson 1 JP LP S 18€
Riggs S/t US LP 16€
Riot Born in america US LP 18€
Rock Goddess Hell hath no fury US LP S 15€
Rods Heavier than thou US LP 16€
Rods Let them eat metal UK LP S 20€
Rods Live UK LP S 16€
Rogue Male Belfast UK EP12" 14€
Rogue Male Animal man UK LP 16€
Rollers Elevator US LP S 16€
Rose Tattoo Assault and battery D LP S 16€
Royal Air Force Fasten seat belts I LP 18€
Rush Permanent waves I LP 16€
Sabu Heartbreak D LP 15€
Saffan Mark & The Keepers S/t US LP 14€
Saga Wildest dreams D LP 14€
Saga Silent knight D LP 15€
Saga In transit D LP 15€
Saints Anger Danger metal B LP 18€
Sam The Band Play it again sam US LP 15€
Samson Don't get mad get even NL LP 15€
Santers Racing time D LP 16€
Satriani Joe Flying in a blue dream UK LP 18€
Satrox Heaven sent CH LP 15€
Saxon Power and the glory I LP 15€
Saxon Strong arm metal F LP S 16€
Saxon The eagle has landed I LP S 16€
Scanner Terminal earth D LP 18€
Scarecrow Condemned to... D LP S 25€
Scat Opera Four gone confusion UK LP 18€
Schenker Michael Group Rock will never die UK LP 16€
Scissormen Nitwit? UK LP 16€
Screams S/t US LP 16€
Seducer S/t NL LP 16€
Shooting Star S/t UK LP 18€
Shy Excess all areas D LP 15€
Siren No place like home D LP S 25€
Slave Raider What do you know about rock'n'roll? I LP S 16€
Sorcery Sinister soldiers DLP UNOFFICIAL REL. 50€
Spinout S/t US LP S 16€
Spys S/t US LP 16€
Squier Billy Signs of life NL LP 15€
Starcastle Fountains of light US LP 30€
Starfighters S/t D LP 15€
Starr's Jack Rock the american way F LP 15€
Starr's Jack Burning Starr Rock the amerivan way US LP 18€
Starz Violation YU LP 13€
Status Quo Red sky UK EP12" 14€
Status Quo Never too late I LP 14€
Status Quo Live! I DLP 23€
Stone S/t US LP S 16€
Stoneground Play it loud US LP DIRECT TO DISC 20€
Stoppa Roberto Specchio delle mie brame I LP 20€
Stories About us US LP S 16€
Stradlin Izzy Pressure drop UK EP12" PICTURE DISK 16€
Streetheart Under heaven over hell US LP S 16€
Strike S/t SW MLP TANMLP008 16€
Striker S/t US LP 15€
Stryper Together as one/soldiers under command NL EP12" 13€
Stryper Interview UK LP PICTURE DISK 25€
Sweet Waters edge I LP 16€
Tafolla Joey Out of the sun US LP 16€
Takashi Kamikaze killers US LP 16€
Talas Sink your teeth into that UK LP 20€
Talon Never look back D LP 20€
Taxxi Day for night CA LP 14€
Teenage Heads Tornado US MLP 15€
Tender Fury If anger were soul,id be james brown NL LP - 18€
Terry Hoax Freedom circus D LP 25€
Thieves Seduced by money US LP 15€
Thin Lizzy Bad reputation US LP 20€
Thin Lizzy Take that sinner boy home IR LP BTLG TRANSLUCENT BL 35€
Thor Jon-mikl Recruits wild in the streets NL LP 20€
Thumbs S/t US LP 23€
Tiger,tiger Eye of the tiger US LP 18€
Time Zone Praise god B EP12" 10€
Tko Below the belt NL LP 15€
Tnt Knights of the new thunders US LP 18€
Tokyo Blade No remorse I LP S 16€
Topaz S/t US LP 16€
Touch S/t US LP 18€
Trapeze S/t (1970) US LP F/O COVER 35€
Trapeze Dead armadillos - live in texas P LP 18€
Trickster Back to zero UK LP 16€
Trillion S/t I LP 16€
Trillion S/t US LP 18€
Triumph Surveillance CA LP 15€
Triumph Progressions of power US LP 16€
Trower Robin Beyond the mist US LP S 18€
Tsunami S/t F LP 16€
Twisted Sister Love is for suckers I LP S 20€
U.d.o. Faceless world NL LP 23€
U.s.k. S/t CA LP 14€
Ufo The wild, the willing & the innocent US LP S 22€
Ufo No place to run US LP S 18€
Ufo Making contact I LP S 22€
Uriah Heep Innocent victims US LP - 20€
Victory Culture killed the native D LP W/POSTER 16€
Victory Hungry hearts D LP 18€
Vintage Urban Nothing S/t US LP 15€
Violet White Sweet disease LP 16€
Virgin Steele Guardians of the flame F LP 30€
Vow Wow Beat of metal motion NL LP S 16€
Vv.aa. Flash fearless versus the zorg women parts 5 & 6 I LP W/INSERT 25€
Vv.aa. Stars hear'n aid NL EP12" 12€
Vv.aa. Hollywood shocks LP 15€
Vv.aa. Return of the living dead part ii US LP S 23€
Vv.aa. Rock pretty UK LP 16€
Vv.aa. Metal massacre vii US LP S METAL BLADE 7209 30€
Vv.aa. Pacific metal project US LP S 16€
W.a.s.p. The last command I LP S 16€
W.a.s.p. Inside the electric circus I LP 15€
Warlock Triumph and agony D LP 18€
Wasch! Metal goes mountain UK LP BONUS 7" 16€
Waysted Save yours player UK LP 16€
West, Bruce & Laing Live 'n' kickin' JP LP 25€
West,bruce & Laing Why dontcha D LP RIS 18€
White Cross Hammer & nail US LP S 20€
Whitesnake Slip of the tongue US LP 18€
Whitesnake Live…in the heart of the city I DLP 20€
Wild Wild 1 US LP S 16€
Wishbone Ash No smoke without fire US LP S 20€
Wizard The original wizard EEC LP RIS. 30€
Wolf Peter Up to no good! US LP S 16€
Wrath Fit of anger US LP S 25€
Ya Ya Scarred NL LP 15€
Zebra S/t US LP 15€
Zed Holding on D LP 15€
Ziggurat S/t US LP 16€
Znowhite All hail to thee US LP 16€
Zodiac Mindwarp Elvis died for you F EP12" 14€
Zon Back down to earth NL LP 15€