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📀 Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note Prezzo
Afrika Bambaataa Zulu nation war chant A CD S 10€
Alpha Blondy Masada BRA CD 12€
Amadou & Mariam La realite' EU CDS S W/MANU CHAO 7€
Arrested Development Among the tree D DCD DIGIPACK 10€
Biondi Mario If EU CD DIGIPACK 10€
Busta Rhymes Make it cleap (feat. spliff star) US CDS PROMO 5€
Cobham Billy Powerplay A CD DIGITAL MASTER 10€
Cosmic Slop Shop Da family US CD 12€
Crawford Randy Live in zagreb I CD 10€
Crow Sheryl Steve mcqueen CDS S W/POSTER 5€
Crystal Winds First flight EU CD CARD SLEEVE 15€
Des'ree Endangered species CD 7€
Dru Hill Enter the dru US CD PROMO ADVANCE DIFF. 15€
Equals Explosion/unequalled CD 30€
Furtado Nelly Try EU CDS S 6€
Gray Macy Sexual revolution A CDS S 5€
Hail Mary Mallon "are you gonna eat that?" US CD DIGIPACK 10€
Jackson Michael Michael jackson…la leggenda continua I VHS S 12€
Jackson Michael Cry CDS S 6€
Jackson Michael You rock my world AUS CDS 8€
Keys Alicia a woman's worth EU CDS PROMO 8€
Keys Alicia Girlfriend EU CDS PROMO 8€
Keys Alicia A woman's worth - the remix US CDS PROMO 8€
L.l. Cool J Paradise EU CDS S 6€
Laws Hubert Crying song NL CD S 10€
Madonna Non solo sex I VHS 10€
Makale Kingztanbul CH CD 10€
Marley Bob Legend UK VHS 8€
Marley Bob & The Waylers Roots of a legend EU CD S CD+DVD TROJAN TJO 18€
Maze Happy feelin's - live in new orleans VHS 10€
Nicolette Dj-kicks : nicolette DCD 10€
Outkast The whole world feat. killer mike US CDS S 8€
Oyelana Tunji A nigerian retrospective 1966 - 79 UK DCD S PROMO DIGIPACK 15€
Pastorius Jaco A good stitch for golden roads JP CD - 20€
Planet Funk Non zero sumness I CD 10€
Poso Gabriele Roots of soul D CD S 10€
Prince The hits collection D VHS 8€
Prince Graffiti bridge UK VHS 10€
Prince Live at aladdin las vegas DVD S 12€
S.h.e. 3's charm US CD PROMO COVER 15€
S.h.e. 3's charm US CD 10€
Sade Smooth opearator - live in montreaux 13/7/1984 I CD BTLG 35€
Santamaria Mongo Soca me nice EU CD 10€
Soulstance Act on ! I CD 10€
Staples Mavis The voice D CDS 10€
Stuff Now! D CD 8€
Taylor James Quartet Absolute - jtq live CD 10€
The Legendary Meters Feat. J.b. Horns Same CH CD LAKE 2022 15€
Timbalada Andei road BRA CD 10€
Vernon Vernon's evergreens I CD S 10€
Vernon The eyes of love I CD S 10€
Vv.aa. Motown greatest hits D TCD 3 CD 18€
Vv.aa. Claudio cecchetto presenta disco collection 70 I DCD 2 CD 15€
Vv.aa. Codice rap I CD 12€
Vv.aa. Il pop degli anni '60 I CD 10€