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📀 Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note Prezzo
Air Sexy boy NL CDS 8€
Am & Shawn Lee Celestial electric US CD 12€
Antena Isabelle Jouez le cinq JP CD 8€
Aphex Twin Computer controlled acoustic instruments pt.2 UK CD S DIGIPACK 12€
Arctic Monkeys Tranquillity base hotel + casino EU CD S 15€
Ash Envy UK CDS 6€
Bad Brain The youth are getting restless US CD 12€
Bad Religion Stranger than fiction D CDS 3 TRACKS 10€
Basement Jaxx Get me off CDS 5€
Bendthaus Lassigue Cloned I CD 10€
Bernocchi Eraldo/harold Budd/robin Guthrie Winter garden CD PROMO CARDBOARD SLEE 15€
Bjork Cocoon EU CDS 8€
Bjork Hidden place CDS 8€
Black Eyed Peas Hey mama CDS 8€
Blur Out of time I CDS 7€
Blur The great escape EU CD S 20€
Butthole Surfers Electriclarryland I CD S 12€
Cast Mother nature calls UK CD PROMO METAL BOX 20€
Cave Nick & The Bad Seeds B-sides & rarities EU BOX 3 CDS IN SINGLE SLEE 25€
Children On Stun Celibacy & anadin US CD 10€
Circle Jerks Oddities EU CD 10€
Codeseven A sense of coalition US CD 10€
Coldplay Coldplay at the hollywood bowl CD BTLG 16€
Coldplay Unplugged CD BTLG 16€
Cranberries This is the day EU CDS 5€
Cranberries Ticking out CDS 5€
Cure Live on prospect hill 80 I CD BOX 12" COVER 25€
D.o.a. The lost tapes CA CD S 13€
D.o.a. Anarchy in canada CA CD S SD-001 15€
Daft Punk One more time I CDS 8€
De Crecy Etienne My contribution to the global warming EU 5CD PROMO 5 X CD 20€
Dead Can Dance 2005 24th march italy: milan DCD LIMITED EDITION 149/ 100€
Dead Can Dance Toward the within I CD S 15€
Del Amitri Some others suckers parade UK CD 10€
Dire Straits Goin' home live in london 1983 I CD BTLG 20€
Duran Duran Save a prayer I CD BTLG 25€
East 17 Around the world CDS S LIM. ED. POSTER 10€
Everything But The Girl Walking wounded EU CD PROMO DIFF. COVER 12€
Finitribe Brand new UK CDS PROMO PICTURE CD 12€
Flying Lotus You're dead EU CD S 15€
Foo Fighters All my life EU CDS PROMO 6€
Fumaca Preta S/t UK CD PROMO 14€
Future Sound Of London Accelerator UK CD CD TOT-2R 10€
Fuzztones Boom D CD SONICS TRIBUTE 15€
Gadjits What we never met US CD 10€
Gaiser Presents Void No sudden movements D CD S DIGIPACK 12€
Garbage Breaking up the girl CDS S 8€
Garbage Cherry lips CDS S 8€
Garbage Shut your mouth CDS S 8€
Golden Palominos Dead inside US CD PROMO ADVANCE CD 13€
Gomez Machismo e.p. EU CDS 7€
Gorillaz Clint eastwood EU CDS 8€
Grant Lee Buffalo Fuzzy UK CDS 4 TRACKS 10€
Green Day Waiting D CDS S 8€
Hill Marden Blown away UK CD 10€
Hothouse Flowers An emotional time UK CDS LIM. ED. COLLECTORS 10€
I Monster Neveroddoreven UK CD 12€
Jam Video snap UK LASERDISC 20€
Joy Division Substance 1977 - 80 D CD 10€
Joy Division Love will tear us apart UK CDS 1995 12€
Ka-spel Edward Tanith and the lion tree D CD 13€
Korn Here to stay DVD VIDEO 8€
Kramer Wayne The hard stuff US CD 8€
Lacuna Coil Comalies D CD 10€
Lee Mark Obvious...lee D CD 13€
Limp Bizkit Significant over EU CD 10€
Limpbizkit Eat you alive EU CDS S 8€
Love Child Okay? US CD S 12€
Lunch Lydia Widowspeak I DCD DIGIPACK 30€
Madness Madstock! VHS 10€
Madonna Like a prayer , live in europe 1990 I CD ON STAGE CD 12084 BT 30€
Manic Street Preachers The return of the preachers CD 12€
Manonegra Casa babylon F CD S 15€
Manson Marilyn Genesis of the devil UK CD S BTLG 16€
Merzbow/gustafson7pandi Cuts CD PROMO CARDBOARD SLEE 13€
Moby Max collection vol. 3 I CD 10€
Moby Everything is wrong EU DCD 10€
Moby We are all made of stars E CDS 8€
Momus Stars forever DCD 14€
Nicolette Dj-kicks : nicolette - DCD - 10€
Nine Rain Rain of fire CD 8€
Nirvana Piper 1989 - live in rome I CD BTLG 50€
Nirvana Nevermind D CD S GED 24425 DGCD 15€
Nomeansno Mama CA CD WRONG 1CD 15€
Oasis Be here now EU CD S 13€
Oasis Stop crying your heart out A CDS S 8€
Offspring Splinter CD S 8€
Orange 9mm. Driver not included D CD - 10€
Orb Hystory of the future part 2 UK TCD 3 CD PROMO 15€
Orbital Lush 3 UK CDS PROMO 10€
Oysterhead The grand pecking order D CD 10€
Pain Killer Guts of a virgin UK CD 15€
Pearl Jam Indianapolis indiana august 18 2000 DCD BTLG 20€
Pearl Jam Light years EU CDS 10€
Pearl Jam North america 2003 holmdel, nj july 14th 2003 DCD BTLG 25€
Pearl Jam North america 2003 san antonio texas april 5th 200 DCD BTLG 25€
Pearl Jam Alive - 1992 european tour I CD BTLG 15€
Pearl Jam Given to fly A CDS 3 TRACKS 10€
Pearl Jam Tokyo, japan march 3rd 2003 DCD BTLG 20€
Pearl Jam "brixton" recorded live in 1993 I DCD BTLG 25€
Pearl Jam North america 2003 mansfield july 11th 2003 TCD BTLG 25€
Pearl Jam 25.6.00 parkbuhne wuhlheide berlin germany DCD BTLG 24€
Pearl Jam Spin the black circle CDS CB 602 10€
Portishead All mine UK CDS 10€
Pulp Thi is hardcore UK CDS 2 CD PROMO 18€
Pulp A little soul UK CDS 2 TRACKS PROMO 10€
R.e.m. This film is on VHS 10€
R.e.m. I'll take the rain D CDS S 8€
R.e.m. Murmur EU CD 0777 7 12158 3 4 10€
R.e.m. Animal EU CDS S 8€
R.e.m. Imitation of life D CDS S 8€
R.e.m. E-bow the letter CDS S 10€
R.e.m. Begin the begin I CD BTLG 25€
R.e.m. Bittersweet me D CDS S 8€
Radiohead Glastonbury '97 CD WR008 BTLG 15€
Rahe Against The Machine The battle of los angeles EU CD S EPIC 491993 2 15€
Ramones Anthology : hey ho let's go! D DCD 15€
Red Hot Chili Peppers Live rare & remix box EU BOX S 23€
Red Hot Chili Peppers My friend D CDS 4 TRACKS 10€
Red Hot Chily Peppers By the way D CDS S 8€
Red Hot Chily Peppers Universally speaking D CDS S 8€
Resonars (the) Lunar kit US CD 15€
Ridgway Stan Goin' southbound CD 3" 10€
Scheer Infliction I CD 10€
Schulye Martin Odysseia JP CD DIGIPACK 10€
Scorn Vae solis UK CD MOSH 54 CD 12€
Seether Disclaimer ii EU CD S CD + DVD 12€
Seven Mary Three American standard EU CD 10€
Shivaree John, 2/14 EU CDS 8€
Shivaree Bossa nova (the luckiest girl) EU CDS 8€
Skunk Anansie Secretly I CDS S 10€
Skunk Anansie An acoustic live in london I CD S BONUS DVD 13€
Slasher Flicks Enter the slasher house EU CD S CARDBOARD SLEEVE 10€
Slobber Pup Black aces CD PROMO CARDBOARD SLEE 10€
Smashing Pumpkins Stand inside your love EU CDS 10€
Smashing Pumpkins 1979 NL CDS 6 TRACKS 10€
Smith Patty When doves cry US CDS S PROMO 10€
Soundgarden Pretty noose CDS 4 TRACKS 10€
Stewart Mark Metatron UK CD 10€
Sting Fragile CDS S 10€
Stone Temple Pilots Plush CDS 4 TRACKS 10€
Strokes The modern age EU CDS S PROMO 10€
Strokes Last nite EU CDS 8€
Suede Trash A CDS 8€
Suede Saturday night UK CDS 8€
Sway Mmm..prepared to be swayed EC CD 15€
Telescopes As approved by the committee US CD 10€
Television S/t (1992) US CD 10€
Thomas David & The Pale Orchestra Mirror man I CD 10€
Throbbing Gristle's Enterntainment through pain UK CD 10€
Tica No coast JP CD 10€
Tica Weight-less JP CD 10€
Tindersticks Waiting for the moon UK CD S LIM. ED. BONUS E 15€
Tong/cox/sasha/oakenfold Essential mix UK DCD 20€
Tosca Chocolate elvis A CD DIGIPACK 10€
Travis Flowers in the window CDS 8€
Travis Sing CDS S PROMO 8€
U2 Vertigo 05 live from chicago DVD S 12€
U2 Zoolandia vol.1 I VHS S 10€
U2 Vertigo UK CDS S 10€
U2 I will follow I CD VIVA CD 7507 BTLG L 15€
U2 Best of live vol. ii I CD BTLG 25€
Varukers (the) Massacred millions UK CD FALL CD 057 10€
Verve Lucky man I CDS 10€
Vomito Negro Wake up A CD A5 5078 18€
Vv.aa. Ska mania 24 heavy skanking tracks! UK CD 10€
Vv.aa. White riot - a tribute to clash CD S 10€
Vv.aa. Eurythmics LIVE CD BTLG 15€
Vv.aa. Counterforce. a collection of deep beats UK CD 15€
Vv.aa. Flesh, fangs & filigree UK CD BOX 3 CD DTKBOX 60 20€
Vv.aa. New rose story 1980 - 2000 BOX 4 CD + BOOKLET 22€
Vv.aa. Fire and ice music from iceland DCD PROMO IME 001 50€
Vv.aa. Salt tank st5 peel sessions UK CD 12€
Vv.aa. Future sound of buenos aires EU CD PROMO 10€
Vv.aa. Communicate - live at thames poly UK CD 10€
Vv.aa. Love and other catastrophes AUS CD 10€
Vv.aa. The smiths is dead CD THERAPY? 12€
Vv.aa. Compiled By Bill Brewster After dark UK CD PROMO 10€
Weller Paul Interview discc CD PROMO 10€
Ymo (yellow Magic Orchestra) Technodon I CD 15€