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📀 Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note Prezzo
Aida & Cooper Terry Revue Feelin' good I LP - 18€
Black Stone Cherry Kentucky EU LP SEALED WHITE VYNIL 40€
Bland "blue" Bobby Sweet vibrations US LP S 18€
Blues Band Bye bye blues - live I LP 15€
Blues Band Brand loyalty I LP 16€
Blues Band Itchy feet D LP 16€
Bonini Maurizio Shufflin' time I LP 18€
Broonzy Big Bill Antologia del blues vol. 6 I LP CLVLX 424 15€
Broonzy Big Bill Antologia del blues vol. 2 I LP CLVLX 272 15€
Brunning Sunflower Blues Band I wish i would I LP 20€
Buchanan Roy A street called straight US LP 30€
Butterfield Paul Blues Band S/t I LP RIS 180 GR. S 18€
Cale J.j. Really NL LP 18€
Cale J.j. Shades I LP 16€
Catfish Hodge Bout with the blues US LP 18€
Chicken Shack Forty blue fingers freshly packed and ready to ser I LP RE SEALED 20€
Clapton Eric Journeyman D LP S 18€
Clay Otis Trying to live my life without you UK LP 16€
Collins Albert Cold snap I LP 16€
Cooke Shep Concert tour of mars US LP 18€
Cotton James Blues Band S/t US LP VG COND 20€
Cray Robert Band False accusations UK LP 15€
Cray Robert Band Don't be afraid of the dark NL LP 15€
Cray Robert Band Who's been talkin' UK LP 18€
Croker Brendan The great indoor D LP 16€
Diesel Johnny & The Injectors S/t I LP 15€
Dirty Blues Band S/t US LP 50€
Dixon Willie I am the blues I LP CS 9987 RIS. 2015 16€
Dr. Feelgood Let it roll I LP 18€
Duke Tumatoe And Power Trio I like my job! US LP S 16€
Dupree Champin Jack/sonny Boy Williamson Back to the blues I LP JAZ 4035 14€
Dupree Champion Jack Antologia del blues vol. 1 I LP CLVLX 271 14€
Foghat Live CA LP S 25€
Frankfurt City Blues Band …is in town D LP 15€
Franklin Aretha I never loved a man the way i love you I LP RIS 180GR. 15€
Gallagher Rory Stage struck I LP 20€
Gallagher Rory Photo-finish UK LP CHR 1170 20€
Golub Jeff Unspoken words US LP S 15€
Havens Richie This is the hour I EP12" W/PINO DANIELE 14€
Healey Jeff Band Hell to pay NL LP 16€
Hinkley Heroes Volume one I LP - 20€
Hooker John Lee Never get out of this blues alive UK LP RIS. 4 EXTRA TRACKS 25€
Johnson Robert King of delta blues singers I LP S RIS. 20€
Johnson Wilko Watch out! live in london UK LP S 16€
King B.b. Indianola mississipi seeds UK LP RIS. 18€
King B.b. Completely well I LP S RIS. 180 GR F/O CO 20€
King B.b. In london US LP F/O COVER 35€
King B.b. B.b.boogie UK LP 15€
Lefevre Mylon Weak at the knees US LP S 16€
Little Charlie & The Nightcats Captured US LP 16€
Little Feat Feats don't fail me now I LP 16€
Little Feat Time loves a hero D LP 18€
Livin' Blues 1968 - 1978 NL LP F/O COVER 23€
Mayall John Back to the roots F DLP 30€
Mayall John & Bluesbreakers A hard road UK LP FIRS PRESSING STEREO 40€
Mayall John W/ Eric Clapton Blues breakers I LP RIS. DE AGOSTINI 201 18€
Mayall Johnn Jazz blues fusion I LP PRESS. 1972 25€
Memphis Slim Lord have mercy on me F LP 30 AM 6076 15€
Memphis Slim So long F LP 30 AM 6130 15€
Memphis Slim Antologia del blues vol. 3 I LP CLVLX 323 15€
Memphis Slim The real boogie woogie F LP 15€
Miles Buddy Live US DLP 30€
Moby Grape Great grape US LP 25€
Moby Grape Live grape D LP VG COVER 14€
Model T-boogie Special Guest Phil Guy Born to get down I LP 16€
Moore Gary Rockin' every night I LP - 16€
Neville Brothers Yellow moon D LP 15€
Nine Below Zero Don't point your finger NL LP 18€
Potliquor Levee blues F LP 25€
Reed Jimmy Big boss man US LP 25€
Reed Jimmy History of jimmy reed US DLP 25€
Ricks J./camarca G. Been there before I LP 15€
Savoy Brown Blue matter US LP F/O COVER 35€
Siegel Corky & The S.francisco Symphony Orchestra Street music/three pieces for blues band and orche D LP 16€
Siegel Schwall Band The last summer US LP 18€
Smith Richard Band Premium blues UK LP LIM. ED. 16€
T-bone Walker T-bone blues I LP RIS. 180 GR. 20€
Taj Mahal Oooh so good'n blues US LP 2ND PRINT 18€
Taj Mahal Recycling the blues & other related stuff US LP COLUMBIA 31605 35€
Ten Years After Alvin lee and company US LP 30€
Ten Years After Ssssh. US LP RIS 22€
Ten Years After Rock & roll music to the world US LP F/O COVER 30€
Ten Years After S/t I LP RIS. 180 GR. 20€
Thomas Rufus That woman is poison I LP 15€
Thorogood George Born to be bad I LP 14€
Thorogood George & D. S/t D LP 18€
Thorogood George & The D. Move it on over UK LP RIS. 18€
Thorogood George & The Destroyers Maverick NL LP 15€
Trower Robin In city dreams UK LP 16€
Trower Robin Bridge of sighs US LP 25€
Vv.aa. Le roi du blues F BOX 3 LPS 30€
Vv.aa. Il blues jazzistico - jazz blues I LP W/BOOKLET 16€
Waters Muddy Muddy "mississipi" waters live US LP 18€
Wayne Kenny Borned with the blues.. US LP 20€
West, Bruce & Laing Live 'n' kickin' JP LP - 25€
Whitcomb Ian The best of ian whitcomb US LP W/INSERT 18€
Williams Joe/count Basie Orchestra Everyday i have the blues I LP ROULETTE VB-SR 52033 25€
Winter Johnny Saints & sinner I LP 20€
Winter Johnny The progressive blues experiment I LP RIS. VYN. 180GR. 16€
Witherspoon Jimmy Midnight lady called the blues F LP 16€
Zz Top Fandango! I LP 18€
Zz Top Deguello I LP - 16€