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📀 Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note Prezzo
Amos Tori Live in montreux 1991 1992 D DCD 14€
Axelroad David Earth rot EU CD S 10€
Berg Lutte Mountain's breath I CD P. DANIELE PRODUCER 10€
Big In Iowa 4 guys in a trab live D CD 10€
Browne Jackson The naked ride home EU CD S 10€
Buckley Jeff Everybody here wants you CDS 13€
C.s.n. & Y. Daylight again EU CD 4 BONUS TRACKS REMAS 10€
Campbell Glenn Presents his greatest hits in concert CD 12€
Colvin Shawn Whole new you EU CD S 10€
Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen Lost in space US CD 15€
Cougar Mellencamp John The live experience - live from lincoln, nebraska I CD BTLG 20€
Daniels Charly Band Blues hat US CD 10€
Dawn Johnson Carolyn Dress tehearsal EU CD 8€
Di Franco Ani Puddle dive D CD 10€
Dylan Bob The bootleg series vol. 1-3 (1961 - 1991) BOX S 3 CD'S 35€
Dylan Bob & Tom Petty Bye bye johnny I CD BTLG 18€
Earle S./t.van Zandt/g.clark Together at the bluebird UK CD 10€
Fogerty John The blue ridge rangers rides again US CD DE LUXW EDITION BONU 10€
Guthrie Woody The woody guthry story UK CD BOX S 4 CD SET 15€
Hardin Tim Reason to believe (the best of) US CD 10€
Hawkins Ronnie Rock & roll resurrection/the giant of roc 'n'roll US CD 10€
Jeff Larson House concert US CD CARDBOARD SLEEVE 10€
Jennings Shooter The other life D CD S DIGIPACK 10€
Jonathan And Leigh Third and main I CD 13€
Knopfler Mark Why aye man EU CDS S 8€
Knopfler Mark And Emmylou Harris All the roadrunning EU CD 10€
Lightfoot Gordon Did she mention my name - back here on earth D CD 10€
Los Lobos Four songs from the neighbourhood UK CDS PROMO 10€
Luft Cara Darlingford CA CD S DIGIPACK 10€
Lundorff Rikke You might see yourself DK CD CARDBOARD SLEEVE GAT 10€
Lundorff Rikke Don't look up DK CD CARDBOARD SLEEVE GAT 10€
Mack Lonnie & Pismo S/t US CD S S21-17964 12€
Minus Rich Still alive in texas F CD 10€
Murray Anne Into indigo UK CD 10€
Olson Carla & Mick Taylor Too hot for snakes US DCD 2008 COLLECTOR'S HOI 40€
Palmer Robert "johnny & mary" I CD BTLG LIVE IN NEW YO 20€
Rancho Deluxe True freedom CD S 12€
Simon Paul P. simon's concert in the park VHS 10€
Snider Todd This land is our land EU CDS 3 TRACKS 10€
Springfield Dusty From dusty...with love UK CD 846 251-2 10€
Springsteen Bruce The rising CDS S 10€
Springsteen Bruce Good rockin' tonight I CD LIVE 5 SONGS 15€
Springsteen Bruce & The E-street Band Live 1975/85 D BOX S 3 CD 35€
Subdudes Primitive streak EC CD S 8€
Taylor Allan Lines F CD 18€
Thibaud Todd Waterfall D CD S 12€
Thompson Richard And Linda Lonely hearts EC DCD BTLG 20€
Vv.aa. Fruted other surfaces US CD 10€
Vv.aa. Commemorativo : tribute to gram parsons I CD FLOR DE MAL 10€
Vv.aa. Utopia americana I CD 15€
Vv.aa. Hymns from home SW CD PROMO 10€
Vv.aa. Byrds parts AUS CD BYRDS SONGS 15€
Vv.aa. Universal soldiers EC TCD S 18€