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La collezione in vinile · Catalogo New wave, punk, paisley underground

📀 Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note Prezzo
10.000 Maniacs The wishing chair US LP - 25€
10.000 Maniacs The wishing chair D LP 20€
22 Cavegods Raised up US LP S 18€
27 Devils Joking Smells like fun US LP S 16€
27 Various Yes, indeed US LP W/INSERT 25€
4 Big Guiitars From Texas Trash twang and thunder UK LP 16€
440's Scrubbing satans cadillac US LP 15€
6 Feet Hunder Spaghetti face US LP S 16€
7 Kevins Sacred cowbomb D LP 15€
A Certain Ratio To each... UK LP 35€
A Certain Ratio I'd like to see you again I LP 18€
A.c. Temple Belinda backwards UK LP 18€
A.p.p.l.e. Plutocracy US LP WITH INSERT 25€
Absolute Grey Green house UK MLP 2ND PRESSING 16€
Adam And The Ants Kings of the wild frontier US LP 20€
Alarm Strenght CA LP 18€
Alarm Electric folklore live NL MLP 18€
Alarm Absolute reality UK EP12" 15€
Alarm Declaration NL LP 16€
Alexander Willie & Boom Boom Band. Meanwhile back in the state US LP 20€
Alien Sex Fiend Liquid head in tokyo UK LP 22€
All About Eve Scarlet and other stories NL LP 16€
Almond Marc Love letter UK EP12" 14€
Almond Marc Jacques UK LP 20€
Almond Marc Violent silence D EP12" 15€
American Music Club Engine UK LP VG COVER 16€
American Music Club Everclear US LP 40€
An Emotional Fish S/t D LP 16€
Anderson Laurie Big science D LP 18€
Anderson Laurie U.s. live i-iv US BOX 5 LPS 80€
Anderson Laurie Home of the brave I LP S 22€
Angel Dave In flight entertainment DEP12" 22€
Angkor Wat Corpus christi F LP 18€
Angry Samoans Yesterday started tomorrow US LP S 23€
Angst Cry for happy US LP 18€
Antena Isabelle En cavale B LP S 16€
Anthony & The Johnsons Cut the world EU DLP S W/BONUS CD 30€
Art Of Noise In no sense? nonsense! I LP S 15€
Art Of Noise Into battle with the art of moise US LP 16€
Art Of Noise The ambient collection UK LP 18€
Artery The alabama song UK EP12" 14€
Associates Fourth drawer down D LP 18€
Associates Perhaps D LP 18€
Astley Virginia Hope in a darkened heart D LP W/D.SYLVIAN 20€
Astley Virginia Melt the snow UK EP12" 16€
Astor Peter Submarine UK LP BONUS 7" 20€
Astor Peter Zoo F LP 18€
Aztec Camera Backwards & forwards CA MLP S 18€
Back To The Planet Messagesafter the bleep.. UK LP 22€
Bad Manners That'll do nicely US EP12" 13€
Bad Manners Fat sound E LP 16€
Bad Manners Gosh it's… I LP S 18€
Bad Manners Forging ahead I S 20€
Badowsky Henry Life is a grand ........ NL LP 16€
Balaam & The Angel World of light UK EP12" 15€
Balaam & The Angel Day and night UK EP12" 15€
Balancing Act New campfire songs US LP 16€
Balkan Electrique S/t PL LP TRANSP. VYNIL 20€
Basement Jaxx Kish kash UK DLP S 35€
Bates Martyn Letters to a scattered family B LP 18€
Batfish Boys Swamp liquor UK EP12" 13€
Bauhaus Third uncle/ziggy stradust UK EP12" BEG 83 T 20€
Bauhaus In the flat field UK LP U ED. 55€
Beat What is beat ? D LP 18€
Beat Farmers Van go US LP 18€
Beat Farmers Tales of the new west UK LP - 18€
Beat Farmers Tales of the new west UK LP 18€
Beat Farmers Van go D LP S 18€
Beat Farmers The pursuit of happiness CA LP 18€
Beautiful Pea Green Boat get religion UK LP 16€
Beautiful South Welcome to the beautiful south LP 15€
Belew Adrian Twang bar king D LP 18€
Bevis Frond Miasma UK LP 50€
Bevis Frond The inner marshland UK LP 40€
Big Black Headache US EP12" 18€
Big Country The crossing NL LP 18€
Big Country The crossing I LP 18€
Big Drill Car No worse for the wear US LP S 20€
Big Pink Future this UK LP W/INSERT 20€
Birdhouse Meglamania I LP S 15€
Birdhouse Burnin' up US MLP 18€
Black Velvet Band When justice came D LP 15€
Blasters Over there US LP 25€
Blondie Plastic letters US LP 25€
Blondie Eat to the beat US LP 18€
Blubbery Hellbellies Flabbergasted UK LP 18€
Blue Murder S/t UK MLP 16€
Blue Rondo Bees knees & … D LP 16€
Boomtown Rats Mondo bongo US LP S 16€
Borghesia She is not alone NL EP12" SON.YOUTH COVERS 14€
Bow Wow Wow See jungle! see jungle! US LP 20€
Box Crow bar UK EP12" 15€
Bragg Billy Back to basics UK DLP 22€
Bragg Billy Workers playtime I LP 18€
Brains Electronic eden US LP 16€
Brigade The dividing line US LP 18€
Brown Steven Brown plays tenco I MLP 18€
Buffalo Tom Let me come over I LP 20€
Burke Patrick Silence and timing LP 18€
Bush Kate The sensual world I LP 15€
Byrne David The catherine wheel US LP 16€
Call Scene beyond dreams US LP 18€
Camper Van Beethoven Our beloved revolutionary sweetheart UK LP 22€
Capitol Punishment Bulwark against oppression D LP 16€
Captain Sensible One christmas catalogue UK EP12" 14€
Carlos Peron Impersonator ii B LP 18€
Carmel The drum is everything US LP 20€
Carnival Art Thrumdrone UK LP 16€
Cassiber Man or monkey D DLP 25€
Cast All change UK DLP LIM. EDITION 75€
Cave Nick & The Bad Seeds Your funeral….my trial I LP W/INSERT 27€
Celebration S/t US LP S 22€
Celibate Rifles Kiss kiss bang bang AUS LP S 20€
Cervenka Exene Old wives' tales US LP 16€
Cervenka Exene Running sacred I LP W/SLEEVES 16€
Charlatans Some friendly UK LP W/WHITE PLASTIC COV. 25€
Charlatans Weirdo UK EP12" 15€
Charlatans Over rising I EP12" 15€
Charlatans Between 10th and 11th I LP 30€
Charleile Couture Poemes rock I LP 27€
Chemical People Soundtracks US LP 14€
Chesterfield Kings The berlin wall of sound CA LP 25€
Chilton Alex Feudalists tarts F MLP 15€
China Crisis Christian UK EP12" 13€
China Crisis What price paradise I LP S 16€
Chris D./divine Horseman Time stand still F LP 18€
Christian Death All the love, all the hate part one :all the love F LP 25€
Chronics It's too late B LP 18€
Church S/t F LP 20€
Church Seance AUS LP 30€
Cinecyde Let's talk I LP 18€
City Kids The orphan's parade I LP 20€
City Kids S/t F LP 20€
Clash London calling EU DLP RIS SONY 2015 30€
Clash The story of clash YU DLP 45€
Clash Cut the crap UK LP 20€
Clash/big Audio Dynamite Ii Should i stay or shouls i go/rush/protex blue/rush NL EP12" 16€
Classix Noveau Night people I LP 18€
Claw Hammer Ramwhale US LP 16€
Claytown Troupe Through the veil I LP S 18€
Close Lobsters Foxheads stalk this land UK LP 22€
Cocteau Twins Head over heels UK LP 25€
Cocteau Twins Victorialand UK LP 25€
Cole Lloyd & Commotions The lost weekend UK EP12" 13€
Cole Lloyd & Commotions Rattlesnakes NL LP 16€
Collins Paul Beat S/t NL LP 30€
Collins' Paul Beat The kids are the same NL LP 20€
Come Eleven : eleven US LP 25€
Concrete Blonde Free US LP 18€
Contenders/backstabbers Live in the big sleazy I EP12" 15€
Copeland Stewart The equalizer & other cliffhangers US LP EX POLICE 16€
Cosmic Dropouts Groovy things US LP 35€
Costello Elvis Almost blue UK LP 20€
Costello Elvis Accidents DLP BTLG 35€
Costello Elvis Out of our idiot UK LP 18€
Costello Elvis Almost blue D LP 18€
Costello Elvis & The Attractions Blood & chocolate LP 25€
Costello Elvis & The Attractions Armed forces US LP 2ND PRINT 18€
Cowboy Junkies Whites off earth now !! US LP 25€
Cowboy Mouth Cowboys and indians US LP 16€
Cowboys International The original sin US LP EX CLASH 16€
Cowboys International The original sin CA LP EX CLASH 18€
Crawling Walls Inner limits US LP 25€
Creepers Sleeper a retrospective UK DLP 25€
Cretones Snap!snap! US LP S 15€
Cripples What's in a name US MLP S 15€
Crusaders Fat, drunk and stupid US LP S 16€
Cud Purple love balloon UK EP12" LIM.ED. W/INSERT 16€
Cult Electric I LP S 25€
Culture Club Waking up with the house on fire LP S PICT. DISC 20€
Cure Boys don't cry US LP 60€
Cure The walk NL MLP 20€
Cwill Beyond reality CH LP W/BOOKLET 16€
D.a.f. The gun D EP12" 13€
Damned Anything UK LP F/O COVER 18€
Damned Eloise UK EP12" 14€
Danny & Dusty The lost weekend US LP 30€
Danny & Dusty The lost weekend UK LP 25€
Danse Society Seduction UK MLP 20€
Das Damen Jupiter eye US LP 16€
Das Damen Entertaining friends D LP S 16€
Deep Reduction 2 US LP S COL. VINYL 20€
Deepwater S/t I LP W/INSERT 16€
Deity Guns Electricity - live in italy I LP 28€
Del Amitri Change everything NL LP 15€
Del Amitri Kiss this thing goodbye UK 10" LIM. ED. 16€
Del Amitri Be my downfall UK 10" 16€
Del Fuegos Stand up NL LP 18€
Del Fuegos S/t US LP 18€
Del Fuegos The longest day F LP 18€
Del-lords Frontier days UK LP 18€
Deltabonds Got fun if you want it ! 10" 15€
Depeche Mode Behind the wheel UK EP12" W/INSERT 18€
Depeche Mode Behind the wheel UK EP12" 18€
Depeche Mode Love in itself D EP12" 14€
Design For Living Slowly shouting UK LP 16€
Destination Zero Suiciety D LP 18€
Devo Duty now for the future UK LP BLUE COV. 25€
Devo Total devo I LP S 20€
Devo Q:are we not men? a:we are devo! I LP 30€
Devo Freedom of choice I LP 25€
Dexys Midnight Runners Searching for the young sou rebels I LP 18€
Dickies The incredible shrinking dickies UK LP BLUE VYNIL 45€
Died Pretty Lost F LP 16€
Died Pretty Free dirt F LP F/O COVER 30€
Divine Horsemen Handful of sand F MLP 18€
Dmz Relics US LP S COLOR VYNIL 25€
Doctors Mob Sophomore slump US LP S 15€
Doctors Of Madness Late night movies all night brainstorms F LP 25€
Domino Anna Mysteries of america NL LP 16€
Dread Zeppelin 5,000,000 I LP - 18€
Dream Sindycate The days of wine and roses F LP DIFF. COVER 35€
Dream Sindycate Live at the raji UK DLP 40€
Dream Sindycate Ghost stories US LP S 22€
Dream Syndicate Ghost stories I LP S 25€
Dream Syndicate Medicine show NL LP 35€
Dream Syndicate Out of the grey SW LP 28€
Droogs Want something CA LP 18€
Drum Theatre Home(is where the heart is) UK EP12" 10€
Dub Sex Splintered faith F LP 18€
Durutti Column Without mercy CA LP 25€
Durutti Column Vini reilly I LP 50€
Durutti Column Deux triangles B EP12" 18€
Dury Ian & The Blockheads Do it yourself UK LP RIS. 15€
Dury Ian & The Blockheads Laughter P LP S 15€
Echo & The Bunnymen Songs to learn and sing I LP 20€
Echo & The Bunnymen Ocean rain I LP 25€
Eddie And The Hot Rods Life on the line I LP 32€
Emotional Play Stranger in my home town UK EP12" 18€
Empire Expensive sound UK LP EX GEN X 16€
Endino's Earthworm US LP S 25€
Europeans Live UK LP 13€
Everything But The Girl Night and day UK EP12" 14€
Everything But The Girl Eden I LP 16€
Faith Brothers Eventide UK LP S 16€
Falco Tav & The Panther Burns Disapperaing angels US 10" S 16€
Fartz World full of hate US LP S 35€
Feelies Time for a witness NL LP 30€
Finitribe Grossing 10k UK LP 15€
Finkers Fresh set -o- prints E DLP 30€
Fischer Z Red skies over paradise YU LP 14€
Fischer Z Red skies over paradise I LP 14€
Fishbone The reality of my surroundings D DLP 30€
Five Go Down The Sea Singing in braille UK MLP S 14€
Flatliners S/t D 10" PICT DISK 14€
Fleshtones Hexbreaker! NL LP 25€
Flowerpot Men Alligator bait UK EP12" 15€
Flowerpot Men Jo's so mean to josephine F EP12" 13€
Flying Lizard Dizzy miss lizzie UK EP12" 14€
Fortunate Sons Rising UK LP 16€
Fortune Tellers Fortune told for free F LP 15€
Forty-fives Fight dirty US LP S 16€
Fountainhead Drain US LP 16€
Foxx John Metamatic I LP 18€
Foxx John Enter the angel UK EP12" 13€
Foxx John The garden I LP 18€
Fra Lippo Lippi Light and shade UK LP S 22€
Fra Lippo Lippi Songs I LP VG COVER 14€
Frankie Goes To Hollywood Welcome to the pleasure dome UK EP12" 14€
Friday Gavin And The M.s. Each man kills the things he loves I LP 18€
Fura Dels Bauls Erg E LP 25€
Fuzztones Nine months later D EP12" 18€
Fuzztones Heart on hold US LP 25€
Galaxy Trio In the harem ! US 10" 16€
Gallon Drunk Tonite … the singles bar UK LP 25€
Gang Green You got it US LP 23€
Gang Of Four Hard D LP 15€
Gas Huffer Just beautiful music US LP W/BOOKLET 18€
Gaye Bikers On Acid Drill your own hole UK LP 20€
Gbh A fridge too far F LP 15€
Gene Loves Jezebel Sweetes things LP 15€
Gene Loves Jezebel Promise US LP S 16€
Gene Loves Jezebel Immigrant CA LP 16€
Giant Sand The love songs UK LP W/INSERT 26€
Go-betweens Part company UK EP12" 13€
Godfathers Unreal world UK LP 18€
Gorl Robert Night full of tension UK LP W/A.LENNOX 18€
Green Day Revolution radio D LP W/INSERT 20€
Green Day Insomniac US LP 70€
Green On Red Too much fun I LP 25€
Green On Red This time around I LP SEALED 28€
Green On Red Scapegoats UK LP 20€
Green On Red The killer inside me UK LP 20€
Green On Red The killer inside me GR LP 16€
Green On Red Here comes the snakes I LP S 18€
Green On Red Here comes the snakes I LP 18€
Green On Red This time around UK LP 7" BONUS 22€
Green On Red No free lunch UK LP SP. COV. 20€
Green On Red S/t NL LP 25€
Green On Red Scapegoats I LP SEALED 25€
Green On Red Gas food lodging I LP 20€
Green On Red Scapegoats UK LP S 25€
Grid Crystal clear - the orb remixes UK EP12" TRANSP. VYNIL 20€
Grief Kittystra 4 F. LP 16€
Gruppo Sportivo Pop! goes the brain I LP 14€
Guadalcanal Diary Walking in the shadows of the big man D LP 18€
Guadalcanal Diary Jamboree D LP 16€
Guana Batz Rough edges I LP 20€
Hagen Nina Unbehagen I LP 18€
Hagen Nina Band Unbehagen NL LP 18€
Happy Family The man on your street LP W/LYRICS SHEET 18€
Hart Grant Intolerance US LP EX HUSKER DU 16€
Hash Palace Great and bare it D LP 16€
Heaven 17 S/t (1982) US LP 18€
Heavy The World What in the world? US LP S 40€
High Beams Hallucination US LP 15€
Hitchcock R. & Egyptians Queen elvis US LP 18€
Hitchcock Robin Globe of frogs CA LP 25€
Hitchcock Robyn Element of light US LP 20€
Hitchcock Robyn Invisible hitchcock UK LP - 20€
Hitchcock Robyn Groovy decoy UK 18€
Hitchcock Robyn & Egypitians Perspex island NL LP - 18€
Hitchcock Robyn & Egypitians Globe of frogs D LP - 16€
Hitchcock Robyn & The Egyptians Queen elvis D LP 18€
Hitchcock Robyn And The Egyptians Element of light UK LP 23€
Hollow Men Broken stuff AUS LP 18€
Hollyfaith Purrrr UK LP 16€
Hoodoo Gurus Magnum cum louder US LP 16€
Hoodoo Gurus Kinky D LP S 26€
Hoodoo Gurus Blow your cool ! UK LP 16€
Hootie & The Blowfish Old man & me (when i get to heaven) US EP10" ORANGE VYNIL 15€
Hothouse Flowers Home LP 16€
Hothouse Flowers People D LP 15€
House Of Love S/t (1989) UK LP 30€
House Of Love You don't understand UK 10" 18€
House Of Love S/t (1988) UK LP 35€
Housemartins London hull 4 UK LP 16€
Housemartins Now thats what.. I DLP S 15€
Houston Penelope Birdboys US LP EX AVENGERS S 22€
Hugo Largo Mettle US LP 18€
Hugo Largo Mettle UK LP - 16€
Human League Reproduction I LP 18€
Humungus A reason to care… US LP W/INSERT 18€
Huxton Creepers 12 days to paris LP 15€
Illegal State Of Mind Nothing's really important D LP 16€
In The Nursery Compulsion UK EP12" 14€
In The Nursery Counterpoint UK LP 18€
Infidels 9:25 and seven seconds US LP 25€
Inmates Meet the beatles - live in paris F LP 30€
Inmates Five F LP 18€
Inmates True live stories F LP 20€
Innocence Mission S/t D LP 18€
Inspiral Carpets Life UK LP 25€
Inspiral Carpets She comes in the fall UK EP12" 13€
It's Immaterial Life's hard and then you die I LP 15€
Jackie Papers Im in love US MLP S 15€
Jackson Joe Body and soul NL LP 14€
Jackson Joe Blaze of glory US LP S 15€
Jam The gift I LP 20€
Jam Dig the new breed UK LP 22€
James Strip-mine D LP 16€
James Gold mother NL LP 16€
James Stutter D LP 16€
Jamiroquai Love foolosophy I EP12" 15€
Jamiroquai Space cowboy UK EP12" 14€
Japan Tin drum I LP 20€
Jazz Butcher Hamburg D LP 18€
Jazz Butcher Condition blue UK LP 20€
Jazz Butcher A scandal in bohemia UK LP 25€
Jazz Butcher Sex and travel UK LP 20€
Jazz Butcher Cult of the basement UK LP 20€
Jesus & Mary Chain Darklands YU LP 25€
Jesus & Mary Chain Automatic D LP 18€
Jesus & Mary Chain Barbed wire kisses D LP 18€
Jesus & Mary Chain Automatic D LP F/O COVER 20€
Jet Bumpers It's a sexy burnout D LP 14€
Jimmy And The Mustangs S/t US LP 16€
Jingo De Lunch B.y.e. D LP PICTURE DISK 18€
Johansen David In style US LP 18€
Johansen David Here comes the night US LP 18€
Jon & Nightriders Charge of nightriders US LP - 15€
Junkyard Dogs Good livin' platter US 10" 22€
Karn M. W/d. Sylvian Buoy I EP12" 13€
Karn Mick Dream of reason produce monster I LP S 18€
Katrina & The Waves S/t US LP 18€
Killdozer Little baby buntin' US LP S 18€
Killing Joke Night time LP 20€
Killing Joke Outside the gate LP S 20€
Knitters Poor little critter... US LP 18€
Knox Plutonium express UK LP 28€
Kode Iv Faust B EP12" 10€
Kode Iv Silicon civilisation LP 15€
Krysa Bigbitovej podraz CZ LP 18€
Kuepper Ed Today wonder D LP 16€
Kusworth Dave & B.h. Wives weddings & roses UK LP 25€
La Costa Rasa Autopilot UK LP 20€
Laika Sounds of the satellites UK DLP W/INSERT 40€
Lambrettas Ambience LP 25€
Lanois Daniel Acadie US LP 25€
Larry Martin Factory Law and order I LP 18€
Late Notes Hallelujah ska UK LP 22€
Leaving Trains Transportational d.vices US LP 18€
Leaving Trains Sleeping underwater survivors US LP 18€
Left Last train to hangerstown US LP S 18€
Legendary Pink Dots The lovers NL LP 25€
Leroi Brothers Open all night US LP 15€
Les Godzillas Greedangelamento 10" 14€
Let's Active Big plans for everybody UK LP 15€
Let's Active Every dog has his day US LP S 15€
Letters Here comes that feeling again… UK LP 16€
Level 42 True colors D LP 14€
Lewie Jona On the other hand there is a fist US LP S 15€
Lili Drop N NL LP 18€
Lime Spiders The cave comes alive! US LP 30€
Live Skull Positraction US LP 16€
Live Wire Pick it up UK LP 15€
Living Colour Vivid NL LP 15€
Living Daylights Any way you want UK LP S 16€
Living In Texas The history of rock & roll I LP S 15€
London Animal games I LP RIS 20€
Long Ryders Two fisted tales I LP - 18€
Long Ryders State of our union US LP 23€
Long Ryders Native sons US LP 25€
Long Ryders 10-5-60 US LP 22€
Lords Of The New Church Is nothing sacred? NL LP 18€
Lost Minds Express jerky motion UK LP 18€
Lotus Eaters No sense of sin I LP 22€
Loud D generation album 1 UK LP 18€
Lounge Lizards Big heart D LP - 18€
Lounge Lizards Big heart I LP 18€
Lounge Lizards Live in tokyo - big hearts D LP 18€
Love And Rockets Express UK LP W/POSTER 30€
Love Battery Out of focus D EP12" SUB POP 13€
Love Tractor This ain't no outerspace ship CA LP 15€
Lovich Lene Stateless I LP 15€
Lovich Lene Flex I LP 15€
Lucas Steve Double cross ? LP EX "X" 15€
Lynnfield Pioneers Emerge US LP 20€
Madness Absolutely CA LP S 20€
Madness Mistakes DLP BTLG 35€
Madonna Hard candy US CD BOX S 35€
Mallrats Fall in love all over again with… D LP 14€
Mandragora Head first NL LP 25€
Maniacs Bring back the night F LP 15€
March April Sometimes when i stretch MLP S 14€
Marshmallow Overcoat Try on... US LP 25€
Marsupials The four of us are dying US LP 20€
Martha & The Muffins Trance and dance I LP 20€
Martha & The Muffins This is the ice age CA LP 20€
Matchbox Crossed line I LP S 16€
Mazzy Star She hangs brightly US LP 150€
Mccarthy Banking, violence.. UK LP 20€
Mclaren Malcom And Bootzilla Orchestra Waltz darling UK LP 16€
Mekons Honky tonkin' UK LP 18€
Mekons Honky tonkin' I LP 16€
Melted Americans Evil monkey bowl NL LP 15€
Membranes Everythings brilliant UK MLP S 15€
Membranes Pulp beating 1984… UK MLP 15€
Memory Tapes Player piano UK LP SEALED 20€
Men They Couldn't Hang Greenback dollar UK EP12" 12€
Men They Couldn't Hang The domino club EEC LP S 15€
Men They Couldnt Hang Night of a thousand candle UK LP 18€
Mental Overdrive S/t B MLP VG COVER 10€
Mercier Descloux Lizzy S/t NL LP 16€
Merdzo Robert Darwin waltzes D LP 18€
Midnight Oil Diesel and dust NL LP 14€
Mighty Ions Face rakin' rock D LP YELLOW. VYNIL 16€
Mighty Wah! A word to the wise guy UK LP E. P. BONUS 20€
Miners Of Muzo Make my day EEC LP W/INSERT 16€
Minimal Compact The figure one cuts I LP 18€
Minimal Compact Raging souls NL LP 18€
Minimal Compact Live NL LP 18€
Mink De Ville Return to magenta US LP 2ND PRINT 16€
Mink De Ville Where angels fear to tread I LP 18€
Mink De Ville Le chat bleu US LP 20€
Mink De Ville Le chat blue D LP 16€
Miranda Sex Garden Madra I LP S 18€
Miss Alans Smack the horse US LP 16€
Mock Turtles Two sides UK LP 20€
Modern English I melt with you US EP12" 18€
Momus Tender pervert UK LP BONUS 7" 20€
Morrissey Ouija board, ouija board UK EP12" 15€
Morrissey Viva hate UK LP 30€
Motorpsycho It's a love cult DLP 35€
Motors S/t UK LP 16€
Mould Bob Black sheets of rain US LP EX HUSKER DU 22€
Mucky Pup Now NL LP 18€
Multicoloured Shades House of wax D LP COL.VYN 18€
Nails Dangerous dreams US LP 15€
Naked Angels Pornocracy I LP 15€
Naked Prey 40 miles from nowhere US LP 16€
Name What's in a name? UK LP 18€
Nations On Fire Death of the pro-lifer US LP 16€
Necracedia Now i see clearly US LP 15€
Negativland U2 US LP 40€
Nelson Billy Vistamix US LP 20€
Nerf Herder S/t US LP S 40€
Nervous Eaters Eat this! E LP 16€
New Order Thieves like us I EP12" 14€
New Order The perfect kiss UK EP12" 14€
New Order Low-life US LP 18€
New York Dolls Red patent leader F LP 25€
New York Dolls Too much too soon NL LP 25€
Nitzer Ebb I give to you UK EP12" 13€
Nitzer Ebb Ligtning man UK EP12" 13€
Nitzer Ebb Warsaw ghetto D EP12" 13€
Nitzer Ebb Ebbhead stumm 88 UK LP 18€
Nitzer Ebb Control im here UK EP12" 13€
Nitzer Ebb Godhead UK DEP12" 18€
Nomads Big sound 2000 LP 50€
Nooten Pieter/michael Brook Sleeps with the fishes UK LP 25€
Numan Gary Living ornaments '79 and '80 UK BOX 2 LPS W/INSERT 25€
O.m.d. Organisation I LP 14€
Oblivian Greg & The Tip-tops Head shop US LP 60€
Officiels Bravo le futur F EP12" WHITE VINYL 15€
Olympic Sideburns S/t F LP EP12"BONUS 25€
Olympic Sideburns Dixie truck stop! AUS LP 18€
Only Ones Live UK LP 25€
Only Ones Remains F LP 20€
Opal Happy nightmare baby US LP 100€
Open Mind Spiritual lovers UK LP 22€
Ophelias Oriental head US LP 16€
Orange Roughies Knuckle sandwich US LP 16€
Outpatients Vs. Dastupids S/t I LP 16€
Outskirts Of Infinity Lord of the dark skies UK LP W/INSERT 35€
Outskirts Of Infinity Scenes from the dreams of angels UK LP W/INSERT 35€
P.i.l Happy? I LP S 20€
Pajama Slave Dancers Surfin sex machine I LP 16€
Paladins S/t US LP 20€
Parker Graham Another grey area US LP S 16€
Parker Graham Struck by lightning US LP S EP12" BONUS 18€
Parker Graham The real macaw YU LP 15€
Parker Graham Howlin wind I LP 16€
Parker Graham & The Rumours Stick to me US LP 18€
Parker Graham & The Rumours Live sparks LP BTLG 30€
Pele Fireworks UK LP 20€
Penetration Danger signs UK EP12" 15€
Pere Ubu 390 degrees of simulated stereo LP S 22€
Pere Ubu Worlds in collision LP 18€
Pere Ubu The tenement year NL LP 18€
Petals Parahelion US LP 35€
Photos S/t CA LP 18€
Pigalle Anne Everything could be so perfect.. LP S 15€
Pigbag Sunny day I EP12" 14€
Piu Piu Nougat NL MLP 16€
Piucci Matt & Tim Lee Gone fishin' US LP 16€
Plan 9 Sea hunt CA LP S 18€
Plan 9 Anytime anyplace anywhere NL MLP 16€
Plan 9 Anytime anyplace anywhere US MLP 20€
Planning By Numbers 1 Catch the beat UK LP 20€
Plasticland Wonder wonderful wonderland EEC LP 23€
Play Dead Into the fire - live F LP 18€
Playdead Propaganda UK EP12" 15€
Playdead Isabel UK EP12" 15€
Playn Jayn I love you like i love myself F EP12" 14€
Plimsouls Everywhere at once NL LP 18€
Plus Ones On the list US LP S 14€
Pocafera Nylon CH LP 15€
Pogues The rest of the best D LP S 16€
Pogues Poguetry in motion UK EP12" 18€
Poi Dog Pondering Wishing like a mountain and thinking like the sea NL LP 15€
Police Live in paris DLP BTLG 60€
Police Outlando d'amour D LP 18€
Pontiac Brothers Fiesta en la biblioteca US LP 16€
Pop Iggy Blah blah blah LP S 20€
Pop Iggy T.v. eye - live 1977 I LP 18€
Popinjays Bang up to date with the…. UK LP 16€
Posies Dear 23 US LP 30€
Prefab Sprout Steve mcqueen GR LP 15€
Prefab Sprout Jordan the comeback NL LP 14€
Pressure Company Live in sheffield 19 jan '82 UK MLP CABARET VOLTAIRE 20€
Pretenders Learning to crawl I LP 16€
Pretty Green S/t CA LP 13€
Prime Movers Spooked US LP S 16€
Primeval Unknown S/t US LP 15€
Primevals Dig D LP 15€
Primevals Eternal hotfire F LP 15€
Primitives Pure D LP 18€
Primitons Happy all the time UK LP 18€
Proclaimers Sunshine on leith D LP S 18€
Professionals I didn't see it coming I LP 18€
Prostitutes Can't teach kids responsability US LP 18€
Psychedelic Furs Midnight to midnight US LP 16€
Psychedelic Furs Book of days NL LP 22€
Psychedelic Furs Mirror moves US LP 18€
Psychic Tv Good vibrations/roman p. UK EP12" 15€
Psychotic Pineapple Where's the party ? US LP 35€
Quine R./maher F. Basic UK LP 16€
R.e.m. Out of time D LP 22€
R.e.m. Green D LP 20€
Radio Birdman Ritualism LP CSR 01 50€
Radiohead Hail to the thief UK DLP 90€
Rage Saviour I LP 15€
Rain Parade Beyond the sunset UK MLP 18€
Rain Parade Welcome to paisleyland LP BTLG 30€
Rain Parade Crashing dream I LP 16€
Ramones S/t EU LP RIS. 2018 18€
Ramones The late show cbgb's 77 LP BTLG 30€
Rave Ups The book of your regrets US LP S 15€
Real Kids S/t F LP RIS. 25€
Real Kids S/t (1991) US LP RIS 25€
Real Kids Better be good US LP 20€
Red Guitar Slow to fade I LP 15€
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Blow I LP 18€
Redd Kross Third eye D LP 30€
Reininger B.l. Night air I LP 20€
Reininger B.l. Broken fingers I LP 20€
Reininger Blaine L. Byzantium B LP S 20€
Reininger L.b. Book of hours B? LP EX TUXEDO MOON 20€
Replacements Don't tell a soul D LP 18€
Replacements Don't tell a soul US LP 20€
Residents Intermission US MLP S 35€
Residents Nibbles UK LP 30€
Rexanthony Menticide I EP12" 20€
Richman Jonathan Back in your life US LP 25€
Richman Jonathan & M.l. Jonathan sings! US LP 20€
Richman Jonathan & Modern Lovers Rockin' and romance NL LP 18€
Richman Jonathan & Modern Lovers Modern lovers 88 US LP 35€
Richman Jonathan & The Modern Lovers S/t (1976) US LP RE RHINO RECORDS 25€
Ridgway Stan End of the line F EP12" 14€
Ridgway Stan The big heat NL LP 18€
Ridgway Stan Calling out to carol I EP12" 13€
Riley M. W/ The Creepers Warts'n'all UK LP FALL S 18€
Rip Pig + Panic Attitude UK LP 28€
Rockpile Seconds of pleasure US LP 16€
Roland Paul Roaring boys F LP W/LYRICS SHEET 18€
Roland Paul A cabinet of curiosities F LP 7" BONUS 25€
Roland Paul & His Electric Band Live in italy 1989 UK? LP BTLG 20€
Rowland Kevin The wanderer NL LP 15€
Ruts D.c. The crack US LP 28€
Ruts Dc Animal now I LP 20€
Sacred Denial Exhumed US LP S 16€
Sade Promise NL LP 15€
Sade Diamond life I LP 15€
Saferon Utopians in exile SW 10" 14€
Saints Live in a mud hat F LP S 16€
Saints Prodigal son UK LP 16€
Scapa Flow Chased by sunset S LP 18€
Scared Stiff Dark street UK LP 18€
Scooter One by one NL LP 18€
Screaming Trees Sweet oblivion NL LP 80€
Screaming Trees Buzz factory US LP BLUE VYN. 60€
Screaming Tribesmen Formaldehyde B LP 15€
Scritti Politti Provision I LP 15€
Scruffy The Cat Moons of jupiter US LP 16€
Scruffy The Cat Tiny days LP 15€
Senseless Things Is it too late ? UK LP S 18€
Sermon Volume US LP S W/POSTER 16€
Servotron Space parts 10" 16€
Severed Heads Come visit the big bigot CA LP 16€
Sex Pistols I swear i was there UK LP BTLG 25€
Sham 69 Tell us the truth I LP RIS. 20€
Shockabilly Live - just beautiful US LP S 18€
Shriekback Oil & golds D LP 18€
Sickidz I could go to hell for you EP12" 15€
Side Effects Raining US EP12" S 15€
Sidewinders Witchdoctor US LP 18€
Sidewinders Auntie ramos pool hall US LP 15€
Siglo Xx Fear and desire US LP 20€
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Dress for excess I LP S 18€
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Flaunt it I LP 25€
Silencers A blues for buddha D LP 15€
Siouxsie And The Banshees Superstition UK LP 35€
Siouxsie And The Banshees Peep show D LP W/INSERT 18€
Sister Of Mercy Vision thing D LP 18€
Sister Of Mercy The reptile house e.p. UK EP12" 15€
Sisters Of Mercy Some girls wander by mistake D DLP 30€
Sisters Of Mercy First and last and always I LP VG COVER 14€
Sisters Of Mercy Floodland YU LP 25€
Skids Fanfare UK LP 18€
Skids The absolute game I LP 16€
Skrapyard Sex is sex US MLP 12€
Slickee Boys Cybernetic dream of pi US LP 18€
Slime Live D LP 15€
Smith Patti Dream of life D LP 18€
Smith Patti Group Wave I LP W/INSERT 20€
Smithereens Green thoughts I LP 14€
Smithereens Beauty and sadness I EP12" 12€
Smiths "strangeways, here we come" UK LP 30€
Smiths The queen is dead P LP 25€
Smiths Rank I LP 40€
Smudge Tea, toast and turmoil CA LP YELLOW VYNIL 18€
Snakefinger Chewing hides the sound F LP 25€
Social Distortion Live at safari sams 1986 LP BTLG 20€
Social Infestation Lasciate ogni speranza US 10" 15€
Sofa Head Acres of geeses UK LP 20€
Soft Boys Invisible hits UK LP 25€
Soft Cell Say hello wave goodbye NL EP12" S 13€
Soft Cell Soul inside US MLP 18€
Soft Cell Bedsitter D EP12" 14€
Sonic Youth Nyc ghost & flowers EU LP GEFFEN 0060254741385 25€
Sonic Youth Dirty boots D MLP 25€
Sonoko La debutante UK LP 18€
Sound From the lion's mouth D LP 35€
Sound Shock of daylight US MLP 20€
Soundgarden Outshined live at the palladium hollywood october, EU LP S BTLG RADIO SILENCE 30€
Soundgarden Outshined UK 7" PICTURE-DISC 16€
Soundgarden Ultramega ok US LP W/INSERT 150€
Soup Dragons Lovegod UK LP 16€
Spandau Ballet World parade 84/85 LP BTLG 20€
Spandau Ballet Concert '85 - live in padova DLP BTLG 30€
Spear Of Destiny Grapes of wrath UK LP 20€
Spear Of Destiny World service NL LP 16€
Spear Of Destiny World service UK LP F/O COVER 18€
Specials S/t I LP CHRYSALIS 6307 687 25€
Sporting Bachelors Love letter to joanna US LP S 15€
Squeeze Argybargy NL LP 20€
Stargazers Go go honey UK 10" 14€
Starlings 27 UK EP12" 12€
Starsailor Love is here EU LP 35€
Starsailor Silence is easy EU LP SEALED 45€
Steel Pole Bath Tube The miracle of sound in motion US LP 15€
Stephenson Martin & The Daintees Gladsome humour and blue NL LP 15€
Steppes Stewdio US LP 18€
Steppes Harps & hammers LP 18€
Stereo Mc's Supernatural D LP S 15€
Stewart Dave & S.c. S/t D LP 15€
Stiff Little Fingers Go for it UK LP 16€
Stiff Little Fingers Hanx! UK LP 25€
Sting Love is the seventh wave D EP12" POSTER 16€
Sting Fortress around your heart UK EP12" 14€
Sting The dream of the blue turtles D LP W/INSERT 16€
Sting The soul cages NL LP 14€
Sting The dream of the blue turtles YU LP 15€
Sting The soul cages I LP W/ZUCCHERO 16€
Stone Roses One love US EP12" 20€
Stooges Down on the street , live exit festival 2004 DLP 30€
Stranglers Aural sculpture NL LP S 20€
Stranglers Live (xcert) I LP 18€
Stranglers Off the beaten track UK LP S 20€
Stranglers X cert (live) F LP GATEFOLD COVER 20€
Sturm Und Drang Say cheese NL EP12" 14€
Style Council Our favorite shop YU LP 16€
Style Council Promised land UK EP12" 14€
Style Council Home & abroad - live US LP 18€
Style Council Walls come tumbling down UK EP12" 14€
Subtones Boys want fun D LP MULTICOL. VYN. 35€
Sudden Nikki & The French Revolution Groove UK DLP 35€
Sugarcubes Here,today,tomorrow... I LP S BJORK 23€
Sugarcubes Here today,tomorrow next.. I LP BJORK 18€
Sugarcubes Life's too good US LP BJORK 30€
Sugarcubes Regina I EP12" BJORK 15€
Sugarcubes Hit I EP12" BJORK 15€
Sugarcubes Stick around for joy I LP S BJORK 23€
Suicide S/t CA LP DIFF. COVER 60€
Summers A./r.fripp I advance masked D LP 18€
Sun Dial Reflecter UK LP 35€
Sun Electric 30.7.94 live LP 30€
Super Chunk S/t US LP 20€
Surf Trio Almost summer US LP 25€
Svt S/t US LP 20€
Sylvian D./h. Czukay Flux+mutability I LP 30€
Sylvian David Gone to earth I DLP S 25€
Sylvian David Brilliant trees I LP 20€
Sylvian David/holger Czukay Plight & premonition US LP 20€
T.c. Matic Ye' ye' I LP S 15€
Tail Gators Tore up US LP 18€
Talking Heads True stories I LP 18€
Talking Heads More songs about building and food CA LP 18€
Tall Shirts Great snakes! it's the... tall shirts AUS LP 18€
Tchaicovsky Bram Pressure US LP 18€
Tchaicovsky Bram Strange man changed man D LP 18€
Teardrop Explodes Reward UK EP12" 14€
Teardrop Explodes Everybody wants to shag UK LP 25€
Tears For Fears The seeds of love NL LP 14€
Technotronic Body to body - LP - 14€
Telescopes Taste I LP 15€
Telescopes Taste UK LP 20€
Television Adventure US LP 30€
Television Adventure I LP 23€
Tender Fury If anger were soul,id be james brown NL LP 18€
Test Dept. Totality UK DLP 25€
Thanes Undignified noblemen I LP 20€
That Petrol Emotion Hey venus UK EP12" 13€
That Petrol Emotion End of the millenium psychosis blues US LP S 18€
That Petrol Emotion Manic pop thrill UK LP 20€
That Petrol Emotion Chemicrazy D LP S 18€
The Joykiller S/t US LP S 25€
The The Infected NL LP 16€
They Might Be Giants S/t D LP 20€
Thin White Rope Exploring the axis UK LP 28€
Things S/t US LP 25€
This Mortal Coil It ll end in tears UK LP 35€
Thomas David & W.b. Blame the messenger UK LP S 25€
Thunders Johnny Chinese rocks I LP S 20€
Thunders Johnny In cold blood F LP 12" BONUS 20€
Thunders Johnny Que sera, sera LP 20€
Thunders Johnny Hurt me F LP 25€
Timbuk 3 Greetings from timbuk 3 NL LP S 18€
Tin Huey Contents dislodging during shipment US LP 25€
Titanics S/t US LP S 16€
Tolman Russ Totem poles and glory holes UK LP 16€
Tolman Russ & Totempolemen Goodbye joe F LP 16€
Tom Robinson Band Power in the darkness UK LP 20€
Tom Tom Club S/t I LP 15€
Tom Tom Club Boom boom chi boom boom UK LP 16€
Tourists Reality effects I LP W/A.LENNOX 16€
Tovey Frank Tyranny and the hired hand I LP 16€
Tovey Frank Snakes and ladders CA LP S 20€
Tovey Frank Tiranny and the hired hand UK LP 20€
Toyah Warrior rock - on tour I DLP S 25€
Tragic Error Klatsche in die hande B EP12£ 30€
Trance Induction Electrickery NL DLP 25€
Travis Cut Serial incompetence UK LP 16€
Treepeople Something vicious for tomorrow US LP S 30€
Trenchmouth Construction of new action! US LP S 25€
True Believers S/t US LP 16€
True West Dreams forever LP BTLG 20€
True West West side story US LP 18€
True West Hollywood holiday F LP 18€
True West Drifters US LP 18€
Tsuchiya Masami Rice music UK LP 18€
Turkey Bones And Wild Dogs No way before the week end EEC LP 20€
Twins A wild romance I LP S 15€
Two Line Filler Listener US LP BLUE VYNIL W/INSERT 16€
U.x.a. Illusions of grandeur I LP S RIS 20€
U2 Under a red blood sky I LP 15€
U2 Rattle & hum I DLP 20€
U2 Unforgettable fire I LP 15€
Ub 40 Geffrey morgan I LP 14€
Ultravox Ha!-ha!-ha! I LP 28€
Ultravox Rage in eden E LP 18€
Ultravox Lament I LP S 20€
Ultravox Vienna I LP 23€
Ultravox Ultravox! I LP 30€
Ultravox Monument the soundtrack D LP 18€
Undertones Hypnotised UK LP 25€
Underworld Change the weather LP 20€
Unknowns Dream sequence US LP 15€
Urban Verbs S/t US LP 25€
Urge Overkill Saturation NL LP ORANGE VYNIL 50€
Vandals Slippery when ill US LP 15€
Various Vegetable Favorite ennemy UK 10" RED VYNIL 14€
Vaselines Enter the vaselines US TLP W/INSERT 40€
Venus In Furs Memento mori UK EP12" PICTURE DISC 18€
Verlaine Tom The wonder NL LP 23€
Verlaine Tom Words from the front UK LP 25€
Violent Femmes S/t UK LP 40€
Violent Femmes Hallowed ground UK LP 25€
Violent Femmes S/t US LP 40€
Violent Femmes 3 US LP 25€
Violent Femmes S/t UK LP 2ND PRINT 25€
Vipers Outta the nest ! US LP 30€
Vomit Launch Don't say nein D LP 15€
Voodoo Child Acid tales and mermaids UK LP 30€
Voodoo Queens Chocolate revenge UK LP 15€
Vv.aa Live stiffs UK LP 16€
Vv.aa. Skankin' in the pit US LP S 20€
Vv.aa. Die neue tanz musik ist…da da da D LP 15€
Vv.aa. Punk collection (1977) I LP DEAD BOYS/R.HELL ECC 30€
Vv.aa. Acid jam UK LP 35€
Vv.aa. The belgian garagemania vol.5 B LP 18€
Vv.aa. True stories US LP S 16€
Vv.aa. Indie hits LP SUGARCUBES 16€
Vv.aa. Shangri-la a tribute to kinks UK LP FLESHTONES 25€
Vv.aa. Underground newcastle UK LP 18€
Vv.aa. Until the end of the world D LP 20€
Vv.aa. Lost in the stars - the music of kurt weill D LP 18€
Vv.aa. Punk off! I LP 22€
Vv.aa. Los angeles - the big one US LP S 18€
Vv.aa. The bridge I LP NICK CAVE SONIC YOUT 18€
Vv.aa. Tokyo paris london new york JP LP W/P.I.L. & RIP RIG 20€
Vv.aa. Live at… the rat vol. two I LP S DMZ,REAL KIDS 25€
Vv.aa. English as a second language US DLP S 25€
Vv.aa. These dogs live in the garage ii US LP 18€
Vv.aa. Head start to purgatory US LP 16€
Vv.aa. Border radio CA LP S 18€
Vv.aa. The solna sound S LP RED VYN. 16€
Vv.aa. The music maniac "gimmick" compilation D DLP TRANSP. VYNIL 30€
Vv.aa. Give me some cherry GR LP 18€
Vv.aa. If 6 was 9 NL LP HENDRIX COVERS 20€
Vv.aa. At dianne's place US LP S 18€
Vv.aa. The secret team US LP S 15€
Walking Seeds Bad orb whirling ball UK LP 16€
Wall Of Woodoo Seven days in sammystown NL LP 16€
Wall Of Woodoo Seven days in sammystown UK LP 20€
Was (not Was) What up dog? UK LP 16€
Waterboys This is the sea UK LP 35€
Waterboys A pagan place F LP 16€
Waterlillies Tired of you US EP12" S 10€
Wayward Soul Like junk food kings on diet S LP 15€
Weather Prophets Judgies,juries & horsemen UK LP 20€
Weather Prophets Temperance hotel UK LP 20€
Weather Prophets Mayflower D LP 18€
Weather Prophets Judgies,juries & horsemen US LP 18€
Western Promise Showdown with fate F LP 15€
White Cross When the fabrics torn AUS MLP 16€
White James And The Blacks Sax maniac D LP 20€
Whitenoise Heavy metal CA LP 16€
Wild Seeds Life is grand (life in soul city) US LP 25€
Will Powers Dancing for mental health F LP 16€
Windbreaker A different sort UK LP 16€
Wire The ideal copy US LP 20€
Wire Train Between two words NL LP S 16€
Witchknot Squawk UK LP 20€
Wolfhounds Attitude UK LP 16€
Wolverton Brothers S/t US LP 16€
Wool Budspawn US LP S 18€
Working Week Working nights YU LP 15€
Working Week Companeros I LP 15€
World Of Distortion All the volume…twice the distortion ! US LP 18€
Wygals Honyocks in the whithersoever UK LP 18€
Wynn Stevie Kerosene man I LP 18€
X Ain't love grand US LP 18€
X See how we are CA LP 20€
X -tal Reason is 6/7 of treason US LP 15€
Xtc English settlement US LP 20€
Xtc The big express I LP 20€
Xtc Mummer I LP S 18€
Xtc Drums and wires I LP 20€
Xtc Oranges & lemons US DLP 35€
Xtc English settlement I LP S 18€
Xymox Clan of xymox I LP 16€
Yard Trauma Oh my god I LP 20€
Yazz Remixes! LP 16€
Yeah Yeah Noh Temple of convenience UK MLP 12€
Yello One second D LP 18€
Yesterday's Kids Can't hear nothin' US LP 20€
Zaremba's Peter. Delegation.. Spread the word LP FLESHTONES 16€
Zarkons Riders in the long black parade US LP 22€
Zeitgeist Translate slowly I LP 15€
Zero Down With a lifetime to pay US LP 15€
Zero Zero Am gold LP ORANGE VYNIL 16€