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📀 Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note Prezzo
Alba S/t UK LP 50€
Albion Country Band Battle of the field US LP 25€
Albion Country Band Battle of the field UK LP VG COVER 20€
Amazing Blondel A foreign field that is forever england LP PICTURE DISC 40€
An Triskell Musiques celtiques F LP 20€
Anderson Alistair. Steel skies US LP 18€
Ashley Steve Speedy return US LP 23€
Bailey Roy Leaves from a tree UK LP 15€
Battlefield Stand easy UK LP 23€
Battlefield Band S/t UK LP 20€
Battlefield Band At the front UK LP 23€
Belt & Braces Roadshow Band S/t UK LP W/INSERT 30€
Bensusan Pierre Spices NL LP 16€
Black Mary S/t IR LP 20€
Blowzabella In colour UK LP 22€
Blueberry Hellbellies Flabbergasted UK LP 20€
Bogle Eric When the wind blows UK LP 16€
Brady Paul Full moon D LP 15€
Brady/browne/irvine/lunny/molloy The gathering US LP 25€
Brigand Same old songs,same old habits CA LP 20€
Bunratty Singers Music and song from the mediaeval banquet, bunratt UK LP 16€
C.o.b. Moyshe mcstiff & the tartan lancers of the sacred. I LP RIS 30€
Caddick Bill The wild west show UK LP 20€
Calliope Dances US LP 16€
Capercaillie Crosswinds IR LP 40€
Carthy M. Dave Swarbrick But two came by UK LP 25€
Carthy Martin Beacause it's there UK LP 25€
Chieftains 2 D LP - 18€
Clannad S/t (1973) IR LP 30€
Clannad Sulaman D LP F/O COVER 25€
Clannad Crann ull UK LP 30€
Cock And Bull Concrete routes sacred cows UK LP 18€
Cock And Bull Band Eyes closed and rocking UK LP 18€
Court Players An anthology of medieval & renaissance.. UK LP 18€
Crow Combat folk songs D LP 16€
Cunningham Phil The palomino waltz US LP 20€
Cunningham Phil Airs & graces UK LP 20€
Cut And Dry Band Cut and dry # 2 UK LP 25€
Dab Hand High rock and low glen UK LP 25€
Dan Ar Bras The earth's lament F LP 20€
Dando Shaft An evening with ... UK LP 35€
Davies Penny & Roger Ilott Restless AUS LP RESTLESS RRP 001 100€
Dayhills Irish Band S/t US LP 18€
De Danann Selected jigs reels and songs D LP 20€
Digance Richard Trading the boards UK LP 25€
Dubliners Greatest hits F LP 15€
Dubliners A parcel of rogues F LP 18€
Dubliners The second album of the very best of the dubliners UK LP 16€
Ewen Patrick Beggin' i will go F LP 25€
Fairport Convention Farewell farewell UK LP F/O COVER 30€
Fairport Convention Live at the l.a. troubadour UK LP - 25€
Fairport Convention Red & gold UK LP 20€
Fairport Convention Live convention P LP 18€
Fairport Convention In real time US LP 20€
Fairport Convention A moveable feast US LP 25€
Fairport Convention Unhalfbricking I LP RIS. 15€
Fairport Convention Babbacomb lee I LP W/INSERT 20€
Grossman S./j. Renbourn Under the volcano I LP 18€
Grossman Stefan Thunder on the run I LP 18€
Grossman Stefan & John Renbourn S/t I LP S 18€
Hart Tim/prior Maddy Sings folk songs from old england vol. 1 UK LP CREST 23 25€
Hill Noel And Tony Linnane S/t IR LP 25€
Hometown Band S/t CA LP S 18€
House Band S/t UK LP 18€
Hutchings Ashley All Stars As you like - live UK LP 16€
Ideal Band A measure of freedom UK LP 16€
Incredible String Band "u" GR DLP - 38€
Irvine Andy/paul Brady S/t (1976) IR LP 30€
Jackson G./mac Innes M. Cairistiona UK LP 20€
Jansch Bert Heartbreak I LP GOL 1035 18€
Jumpleads The stag must die UK LP 20€
Le Musicien De Provence Natale provenzale I LP 15€
Lochan S/t UK LP 50€
Mac Coll Ewan/peggy Seeger Naming of names UK LP 16€
Maclean Dougie Snaigow UK LP 25€
Magical String Above the tower US LP 18€
Magna Carta Songs from wasties orchard I LP RIS. AKARMA 35€
Magna Carta Lord of the ages NL LP - 25€
Malicorne S/t F LP 25€
Malicorne Quintessence I LP 25€
Malicorne S/t D LP 25€
Malicorne S/t F LP 25€
Martyn John Sunday's child I LP 18€
Matthews Ian Journey from gospel oak LP RIS 18€
Matthews Southern Comfort Later that same year US LP 30€
Mc Tell Ralph Bridge of sighs UK LP 20€
Mcgarrigle K. & A. French record US LP 15€
Mctell Ralph Water dreams UK LP 25€
Mctell Ralph Songs from alphabet zoo UK LP 20€
Mctell Ralph Blue skies black heroes UK LP 22€
Mctell Ralph Ralph albert & sidney I LP 18€
Mctell Ralph The ferryman LP 20€
Melusine Leve toi et danse! F LP 18€
Metamora Morning walk US LP 20€
Molloy Matt S/t IR LP 23€
Molloy/brady/peoples S/t IR LP 25€
Moore Barry Treaty stone IR LP 35€
Moore Christy The time has come D LP 18€
Moore Christy/d.lunny/jimmy Faulkner Live in dublin UK LP W/INSERTS 35€
Morrison Van & The Chieftains Irish heartbeat NL LP 18€
Morton Mandy And Spriguns Magic lady I LP RIS. AKARMA SEALED 80€
Moving Hearts Live hearts IR LP 18€
Moving Hearts The storm I LP 16€
Na Fili Chanter's tune UK LP 30€
Ni Dhomhnaill Triona Triona IR LP F/O COVER 25€
Nightnoise Something of time US LP 20€
O'connor Martin The connachtman's rambles IR LP VG COVER 15€
Oisin Over the moore to maggie UK LP 25€
Oisin Bealoideas IR LP 25€
Oller/yvert Entre 2 I LP 18€
Orchestre Super Moth Salt of the earth (song of praise) UK EP12" 15€
Ossian Light on a distant shore UK LP 20€
Ossian borders UK LP W/INSERT 25€
Pentangle S/t US LP 35€
Pentangle Open the door US LP 25€
Pentangle In the round I LP - 20€
Pentangle Sweet child I DLP 35€
Pentangle Reflection UK LP 35€
Pererin Haul ar yr eira E LP RIS 26€
Petrie Robin & Danny Carnahan Continental drift US LP 16€
Planxty Cold blow and the rainy night UK LP 30€
Planxty Cold blow and the rainy night US LP - 25€
Planxty The collection IR LP 18€
Planxty Thr well below the valley UK LP 20€
Planxty Words & music D LP 18€
Pogues The rest of the best D LP S 16€
Prior Maddy & June Tabor Silly sisters UK LP W/LYRICS SHEET 20€
Relativity Gathering pace US LP W/INSERT 23€
Renbourn John Faro annie I LP 25€
Renbourn John Group A maid in bedlam I LP 25€
Renbourn John Group The enchanted garden I LP 25€
Scotch Measures S/t UK LP 25€
Spaellimenninir I' hoydolum DK LP 25€
Spillane Davy Atlantic bridge UK LP 18€
Spirit Of The West Labour day CA LP 16€
Spirit Of The West Tripping up the stairs US LP 18€
Steeleye Span Original master UK DLP 25€
Steeleye Span Rocket cottage US LP 20€
Steeleye Span A storm force of ten US LP 20€
Stewart Al Past present and future US LP 25€
Stewart Al Modern times NL LP 18€
Stivell Alan Legende I LP 15€
Stivell Alan Journeč a la maison I LP 20€
Stivell Alan Chemins de terre I LP 18€
Stivell Alan Reflets F LP 20€
Stivell Alan Renaissance de la arpe celtique F LP 20€
Stockton's Wing S/t IR LP 25€
Stockton's Wing Take a chance IR LP 20€
Suleskaer Music from the north DK LP 28€
Sweeneys Men The tracks of sweeneys UK LP TRA SAM 40 2ND PRESS 40€
Tannahill Weavers Are ye sleeping maggie UK LP 23€
Tannahill Weavers Passage NL LP 25€
Tannahill Weavers The old woman's dance UK LP 25€
Tannahill Weavers S/t UK LP 25€
Tara Rigs of the time D LP 20€
Thompson Danny Whatever UK LP 18€
Thompson Richard Hand of kindness F LP 16€
Tiger Moth S/t UK LP 25€
Trembling Bells Abandoned love UK LP 20€
Trembling Bells The constant pegeant UK LP 20€
Trembling Bells Carbeth UK LP 20€
Tri Yann An naoned F LP 30€
Truss And Bucket Band S/t UK LP 18€
Vv.aa. Morris on UK LP RIS. 18€
Vv.aa. Great master of the piobaireachd (pibroch) UK DLP 15€
Vv.aa. Anti-nuclear 12" single UK EP12" W/INSERT 20€
Vv.aa. The auld meal mill & thirteen other scottish songs UK LP 20€
Vv.aa. Granuaile IR LP 15€
Vv.aa. A night at the auld meal mill 1984 UK LP 20€
Vv.aa. Canti e danze della vandea I LP 15€
Vv.aa. Son of morris on US LP 26€
Wallochmore Ceilidh Band Full throttle! UK LP 25€
Wikstrom Lasse & Gredes Logdans i byn UK LP 18€
Wolfe Tones Rifles of the i.r.a. IR LP W/INNER SLEEVE 23€