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📀 Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note Prezzo
Ackles David Five & dime US LP 20€
Acuff Roy Back in the country US LP 15€
Acuff Roy Smoky mountain memories US LP 15€
Alias James Cody U.f.b. unidentified flying burrito CA LP 35€
Allen Terry & The P.m.band Bloodlines US LP 25€
Alpha Band Interviews UK LP 16€
America History US LP 15€
America Hideaway US LP - 15€
America Live US LP 15€
America Hearts US LP 15€
Andersen Eric The best of I LP ORIZZONTE 10€
Andersen Eric Midnight son NL LP 16€
Andersen Eric Be true to you US LP 18€
Andersen Eric Sweet surprise US LP 18€
Andersen Eric Tight in the night US LP W/LYRIC INSERT 18€
Armstrong F. And the music... US LP 14€
Atkins Chet Me and my guitar F LP 15€
Auldridge Mike Dobro US LP 22€
Axton Hoyt Live! US DLP 28€
Axton Hoyt Fearless US LP 18€
Back Pocket Buzzard bait US LP 20€
Baez Joan From every stage US DLP 20€
Baker Duck When you wore a tulip UK LP 18€
Balasevic Dorde Panta rei YU LP 15€
Band Music from big pink I LP RIS GATEFOLD DE AGOS 25€
Bare Bobby As is US LP 16€
Becaud Gilbert Et maintenant F EP7" 10€
Becaud Gilbert Don juan F EP7" 10€
Beeching Jenny No more sad goodbyes I LP 15€
Bellamy Brothers Two and only US LP 16€
Bellamy Brothers Strong weakness US LP S 16€
Bellamy Brothers Best D LP 15€
Bennett Duster Bright lights.. D LP RIS. VG COVER 14€
Berline Byron & Sundance Fiddler's dream I LP 15€
Bernelle Agnes Father's lying dead on the ironing UK LP S 18€
Blue Ridge Rangers S/t US LP 25€
Blue Ridge Rangers S/t D LP 16€
Bluegrass Cardinals The shining path US LP 16€
Bo Deans Love & hope & sex & dreams CA LP 16€
Bo Deans Home US LP 16€
Bon Iver 22 a million LP W/BOOKLET 35€
Breakfast Special S/t US LP 18€
Bromberg David Band Midnight on the water US LP 18€
Browne Jackson Running on empty I LP 16€
Browne Jackson Late for the sky I LP 16€
Bruce Ed One to one I LP S 15€
Buckley Jeff Sketches for my sweetheart the drunk TLP 80€
Buckley Tim Dream letter - live in london 1968 UK DLP 40€
Burnett 't' Bone S/t US LP 16€
Burnett T-bone Trap door US LP 16€
Burnette T-bone Truth decay US LP TAK-7080 18€
Bush S./munde A. Sam & alan together again for the first time US LP 22€
Byrds Birdy I 10" RIS. AKARMA 20€
Byrds Preflyte NL LP VG COND. 20€
Byrds Further along I LP 30€
Byrds Younger than yesterday US LP RIS. SEALED 45€
Carroll Jim Band Catholic boy NL LP 25€
Carroll Jim Band Dry dreams US LP 18€
Chapin Harry Short stories US LP 16€
Chapin Harry Verity & balderdash US LP 16€
Chapin Harry On the road to kingdome come D LP 15€
Chapman Tracy S/t YU LP 14€
Chapman Tracy S/t D LP 14€
Chapman Tracy Crossroads D LP S 14€
Clark Guy The best of guy clark I LP 14€
Clark Petula The other man's grass is always greener CA LP 18€
Clayton Lee Naked child US LP 18€
Clayton Lee The dream goes on NL LP 15€
Clement Jack All i want to do in life US LP 16€
Clements Vassar Hillbilly jazz rides again US LP 16€
Cockburn Bruce Big circumstance D LP S 18€
Cockburn Bruce In the falling dark CA LP 22€
Cockburn Bruce Sunwheel dance CA LP 20€
Cockburn Bruce Dancing in the dragon jaws CA LP 18€
Cohn Marc S/t D LP 15€
Colina Michael Rituals D LP 15€
Collins Judy Sanity and grace US LP 15€
Collins Judy Bread and roses US LP S 18€
Commander Cody & The Lost Planet Airmen Sleazy roadside stories US LP 18€
Commander Cody Band Lose it tonight D LP 16€
Cooder Ry Get rhythm D LP 15€
Cooder Ry Boomers story I LP 18€
Cooder Ry Paris texas - original soundtrack I LP 16€
Cooder Ry The long riders US LP 18€
Cooder Ry Borderline D LP 15€
Cooder Ry Jazz D LP 16€
Cooder Ry Get rhythm US LP - 18€
Coppin Johnny Get lucky UK LP 15€
Corn Bread It's hot US LP RED VYNIL 16€
Cougar John American fool D LP 15€
Cougar John The kid inside US LP RHINO RECORDS 20€
Cougar Mellencamp John Uh-huh US LP 18€
Cougar Mellencamp John The lonesome jubilee NL LP 16€
Country Gazette Don't give up your day job I LP 14€
Country Gentlemen Good as gold US LP 16€
Country Gentlemen Sit down young stranger US LP 16€
Coyne Kevin Rough live NL LP 7" BONUS S. 20€
Crazy Horse S/t UK LP 20€
Crazy Horse Crazy moon I LP 20€
Creenshaw Marshall Field day D LP 16€
Creenshaw Marshall S/t US LP 23€
Creenshaw Marshall S/t I LP 16€
Crosby,stills & Nash S/t I LP F/O COV. W/LYR. SHEE 20€
Cross Mike Carolina sky US LP 15€
Cruzados S/t US LP 16€
Daigrepont Bruce Stir up the roux UK LP 15€
Daniels Charlie Band Nightrider US LP 20€
Daniels Charlie Bands Me and the boys UK LP 25€
Daniels Charly Uneasy rider US LP S 18€
Daniels Charly Band Saddle tramp US LP 18€
Darrow Chris Fretless US LP 16€
Darrow Chris/max Buda Eye on the storm US LP 23€
Db Cooper Buy american US LP 18€
De Grassi Alex Southern exposure US LP 18€
De Ville Willie Miracle NL LP 15€
De Ville Willie Miracle YU LP 16€
Del Fuegos Smoking in the fields US LP 16€
Del Rey Lana Nfr! EU LP 50€
Denver John Greatest hits volume 2 US LP 15€
Dependables Klatu berrada niktu US LP 16€
Detroit S/t F LP RIS. 18€
Diamond Neil September morn I LP 15€
Dillard/hartford/dillard (permanent wave) US LP 18€
Dobson Richard True west US LP 30€
Donovan Open road I LP 30€
Doobie Brothers Livin on the fault line D LP 15€
Doobie Brothers One step closer US LP S 18€
Dr.fankhauser W/j.cippolina & j.murray F LP 16€
Dry Branch Fire Squad Fannin' the flames US LP 16€
Duncan Lesley Sing children sing NL LP W/ELTON JOHN 20€
Dylan Bob Infidels I LP 16€
Dylan Bob Desire NL LP 16€
Dylan Bob A rare batch of little white wonder I LP 18€
Dylan Bob Highway 61 revisited I LP RIS. DE AGOSTINI 15€
Dylan Bob Street legal NL LP W/LYRIC INSERT 16€
Dylan Bob Self portrait I DLP S RIS. VINILE 180 GR 25€
Dylan Bob Another side of bob dylan I LP S RIS. VINILE 180 G 18€
Dylan Bob Saved I LP 16€
Dylan Bob S/t (1967) NL LP RIS. 18€
Dylan Bob Under the red sky NL LP 16€
Dylan Bob Empire burlesque NL LP 16€
Dylan Bob With The Band Royal albert hall,london '66 I LP BTLG S 16€
Eagles Desperado I LP 16€
Edwards Jonathan The natural thing US LP 15€
Ely Joe S/t US LP 25€
Ely Joe Dawn on the drag US LP 18€
Ely Joe Musta notta gotta lotta US LP 20€
Ely Joe Hi-res US LP 20€
Ely Joe Band Live shots US LP 18€
Engelhardt Toulouse Tollusions US LP 15€
Fahey John Live in tasmania US LP 25€
Faithfull Marianne Blazing away I LP S 18€
Fardon Lee The god given right I LP 18€
Fardon Lee Storie of adventure UK LP 16€
Ferron Testimony US LP 15€
Fingers Akimbo Cowtowns and other planets US LP 18€
Flying Burrito Bros. Cabin fever US LP 16€
Flying Burrito Bros. Live from tokyo I LP SEALED 25€
Flying Burrito Brothers The last of the red hot burritos US LP 30€
Fogelberg Dan Souvenirs/nether lands NL DLP 15€
Fogerty John Centerfield US LP 23€
Fogerty John Centerfield YU LP 15€
Forbert Steve Jackrabbit slim US LP 18€
Free Hot Lunch! Penguin love US LP S 15€
Gibbs Terri The lady US LP 15€
Gill Vince The thing that matter US LP 18€
Gillette Steve Alone... direct I LP S 15€
Gillette Steve A little warmth US LP 15€
Griffith Nanci Late night grande hotel D LP 15€
Griffith Nanci Last of the true believers UK LP 15€
Griffith Nanci One fair summer evening US LP 16€
Griffith Nancy The last of the true believers CA LP 16€
Grossman Stefan Thunder on the run I LP - 18€
Grossman Stefan Thunder on the run I LP S 18€
Haggard Merle Christmas present (something old, something new) US LP RIS. 16€
Haggard Merle Back to the barrooms I LP 15€
Haggard Merle & Willie Nelson Poncho & lefty US LP 18€
Hamilton Iv George Canadian pacific UK LP 18€
Hancock Butch Own & own UK DLP 25€
Hancock Butch West texas waltz & dust-blown tractor tunes US LP 40€
Hardin Tim The best of tim hardin UK LP 18€
Hardy Jack The nameless one D LP 20€
Hardy Jack The hunters US LP W/INSERT 20€
Hardy Jack Two of swords F LP 20€
Harris Emmylou Elite hotel I LP 16€
Harris Emmylou Quarter moon in a ten cent town D LP 15€
Hartford John Headin' down into... US LP 16€
Head Over Heels Don't you wonder D LP 15€
Heart Of Gold Band S/t US LP 16€
Hedges Michael Watching my life go by D LP 18€
Hiatt John All of a sudden US LP 18€
Hiatt John Two bit monster I LP S 18€
Hiatt John Stolen moments US LP 20€
Hicks D. & Hot Licks Original recordings UK LP 16€
Hicks Dan It happened one bite UK LP RIS. 16€
Highwoods String Band N.3 special US LP 16€
Hot Tuna Pair a dice found NL LP 16€
Hot Tuna Final vinyl US LP 25€
Hutka Jaroslav Stuj, brizo zelena CS LP - 20€
Indigo Girls S/t NL LP 15€
Isaak Chris S/t US LP 18€
Jackson Carl Banjo hits US LP S 16€
Jackson Harry The cowboy : le ballate e le canzoni I DLP ALBATROS USA FOLK & 20€
Jason & The Scorcher Fervor US MLP 20€
Jason & The Scorchers White lies UK EP12" 12€
Jason & The Scorchers Fervor US MLP S EMI 1984 20€
Jason & The Scorchers Fervor US MLP PRAXIS RECORD 1983 30€
Jason & The Scorchers Shop it around UK EP12" 12€
Jayne K. Between heaven and hell D EP12" 12€
Jeffreys Garland One - eyed jack US LP 16€
Jeffreys Garland American boy & girl US LP 16€
Jeffreys Garland Guts for love NL LP 16€
Jennings Waylon Are you ready for the country US LP S BEST BUY 16€
Jennings Waylon Greatest hits (1979) US LP 16€
John Elton Rock of the westies US LP S 16€
John Elton A single man US LP S 16€
John Elton Here and there US LP 16€
Jon & Nightriders Charge of nightriders US LP 15€
Khin Greg Again US LP 16€
King Carole Really rosie US LP S 18€
Kingfish Trident US LP - 18€
Kingston Trio Midnight special D LP 15€
Kleinow S.p./skip Battin/ricky Mantoan Live in italy I LP S 30€
Kottke Leo Mudlark US LP S RIS. 16€
Kottke Leo 1971 - 1976 US LP 16€
Kottke Leo A shout toward noon US LP 16€
Kottke Leo/peter Lang/john Fahey S/t UK LP 18€
Kris & Rita Natural act US LP 15€
Kweskin Jim & The Jug Band See reverse side for title US LP VSD 79234 30€
Lang K.d. And The Reclines Absolute torch and twang D LP 16€
Lawrence Eddie Up the road US LP S 16€
Lawson D. & Quicksilver Once & for always US LP 15€
Leadon Bearnie/m. Georgiades Natural progression US LP EX EAGLES 15€
Lee Cooper Wilma S/t US LP 15€
Lettermen And i love her US LP CAPITOL SF-712 16€
Lewis Jerry Lee Live at the international, las vegas US LP RIS. 18€
Lewis Jerry Lee The "killer" rocks on UK LP RIS. 18€
Lewis Jerry Lee The greatest live show on earth UK DLP RIS. 23€
Lind Bob The elusive US LP 15€
Lindley David El rayo x US LP 18€
Lindley David & El Rayo X S/t D LP 15€
Loggins & Messina Full sail US LP GATEFOLD COV. 16€
Loggins Dave Personal belongings UK LP 16€
Lone Justice S/t I LP 16€
Lone Justice Shelter I LP 16€
Lone Justice S/t NL LP 16€
Lonesome Strangers Lonesome pine US LP 16€
Los Lobos ...and a time to dance UK LP 18€
Los Lobos El fronte norteno DLP BTLG 25€
Los Lobos Live in u.s.a. 1985 (pict. disc) I? LP BTLG 20€
Los Lobos La pistola y el corazon US LP S 23€
Lovin' Spoonful Do you believe in magic US LP 25€
Lucky Seven Get lucky F LP 16€
Mack Leroy Hound dog ramble US LP 16€
Mack Lonnie Roadhouses & dance halls US LP 16€
Manring Michael Toward the center of the night US LP - 20€
Marshall Tucker Band Just us US LP S 16€
Marshall Tucker Band A new life US LP CP 0124 GATEFOLD CO 25€
Martyn John Glorious fool I LP W/P.COLLINS 16€
Mas Caroline Modern dreams US LP 16€
Mas Caroline S/t CA LP 16€
Mason Proffit Rockfish crossing US LP 23€
Matthews Southern Comfort Later that same year US LP - 30€
Mc Leod Rory Footsteps and heartbeats UK LP 16€
Mcghee Wes Long nights and banjo music LP W/INSERT 18€
Mcghee Wes Zacatecas UK LP 18€
Mcghee Wes Airmail UK LP 18€
Mcghee Wes Landing lights UK LP 16€
Mcghee Wes …thanks for the chicken! UK DLP 25€
Mcguinn R./c. Hillman/g.clark City US LP 16€
Mclauchlan Murray Day to day dust US LP 16€
Mclauchlan Murray Whispering rain CA LP 15€
Meisner Randy S/t US LP S 15€
Mellencamp John The lonesome jubilee NL LP 15€
Mink De Ville Each song is a beat of my heart D MLP 18€
Minus Rich Collection F LP 16€
Mitchell Joni Chalk mark in a rain storm LP 16€
Mitchell Joni Mingus D LP 16€
Morrison Van Live in milano/11-6-83 DLP BTLG WIND RECORDS V 40€
Morrison Van Live at the roxy LP BTLG NO LABEL WHITE 40€
Morrison Van His band and the street choir I LP PRESSING 1971 40€
Morrison Van Moondance US LP F/O COVER 30€
Morrison Van Sugar was tough LP BTLG NUMB. ED. N. 11 50€
Morrison Van Next dispatch:"the way it all came down" LP BTLG PACIFIC HIGH S 80€
Morrison Van Astral weeks EU LP S RIS 25€
Morrison Van Band Mr. thomas presents live DLP BTLG FRANKFURT KONGR 40€
Muldaur Maria Waitress in a donut shop US LP 15€
Muleskinner S/t US LP 18€
Murphey Michael Blue sky night thunder US LP 16€
Murphey Michael Peaks valleys honky tonks & alleys US LP JE 35742 18€
Murphey Michael Flouring free forever US LP 16€
Murphey Michael Martin The heart never lies NL LP 14€
Murphey Michael Martin Americana US LP 18€
Murphy Elliott Lost generation US LP 20€
Murray Ann Snowbird US LP 18€
N.r.p.s. Keep on keepin' on US LP 18€
Nelson Rick Memphis sessions US LP 18€
Nelson Willie Pretty paper US LP 16€
New Grass Revival S/t (1986) US LP - 18€
New Grass Revival When the storm is over US LP 20€
New Lost City Ramblers 20th anniversary concert US LP 15€
New Lost City Ramblers Songs from the depression I LP S 16€
New Riders Of The Purple Sage Before time began US LP S 16€
Newman Randy Good old boys US LP 18€
Newman Randy Trouble in paradise D LP 14€
Nile Willie Golden down I LP 18€
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Will the circle be unbroken I TLP 30€
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Workin' hard P LP 16€
Nixon Mojo/skid Roper Root hog or die US LP 18€
Notting Hillbillies Missing…presumed having a good time NL LP W/M.KNOPFLER 15€
Nunn Gary P. Home with the armadillo US LP 16€
O' Keefe Danny The day to day US LP S 16€
Osborne Brothers Once more with the... US LP 15€
Parsons Green Birds of a feather US LP 18€
Paxton Tom Something in my life US LP 16€
Paxton Tom The marvellous toy & ... D LP 14€
Paxton Tom Even a gray day US LP 16€
Petty Tom & Heartbreakers Easy rider DLP BTLG 30€
Petty Tom & The Heartbreakers Pack up the plantation - live! US DLP 35€
Petty Tom And The Heartbreakers Hard promises US LP 20€
Pinkard & Bowden Writers in disguise US LP 15€
Pinkard & Bowden Pg - 13 US LP 15€
Poco Cantamos I LP 18€
Poco Deliverin' US LP F/O COVER 20€
Poco Ghost town D LP S 18€
Principato Tom Hot stuff! US LP S 16€
Prine John Pink cadillac US LP S 16€
Prine John S/t US LP 30€
Prine John Aimless love US LP 20€
Rabin Buzz Cross country cowboy US LP 25€
Rave Ups The book of your regrets US LP S 15€
Reader Eddie Mirmama D LP 16€
Redbone Leon From branch to branch US LP 18€
Rice Tony Unit Still inside US LP 20€
Rich Charlie Behind closed doors US LP 18€
Richard Zachary Mardi gras US LP 25€
Richard Zachary Zack-attack F LP 16€
Richard Zachary Vent d'ete' CA LP 20€
Ricky S/t I LP S 20€
Riders In The Sky Prairie serenade US LP 15€
Ringer Jim Endangered species US LP S 22€
Rivers Johnny Slim slo sliders US LP 18€
Roberts Rick Windmills US LP 16€
Roberts Rick She is a song US LP FLYING BURRITO BROS 15€
Robertson Robbie Storyville D LP 18€
Rogers Sandy Fool for love - original soundtrack D LP - 15€
Roland Paul Duel I LP 16€
Ronstadt Linda Prisoner in disguise I LP - 15€
Ronstadt Linda Different drum US LP - 15€
Ronstadt Linda Heart like a wheel US LP - 15€
Ronstadt Linda Hand sown US LP 20€
Rowan Chris & Lorin Livin' the life I LP S 15€
Rowan Peter S/t (1977) US LP 18€
Rowan Peter Medicine trail US LP 16€
Rush Tom Ladies love outlaws US LP 18€
Russel Calvin Crack in time LP TEST PRESSING MPO EN 30€
Russel Tom Band Road to bayamon EEC LP 18€
Sam And Alan Together again for the... US LP 22€
Sampson Don Coyote US LP 18€
Sea Of Bees Songs for the ravens UK LP SEALED 20€
Seeger Pete Sings american favorite ballads 1 I LP S W/BOOKLET 16€
Seeger Pete Sings american favorite ballads 5 I LP S W/BOOKLET 16€
Seeger Pete Pete seeger's greatest hits US LP S 16€
Sexton Charlie Pictures for pleasure US LP S 15€
Shocked Michelle Arkansas traveler NL LP 16€
Shocked Michelle Short sharp shocked I LP 15€
Sill Judee Heart food US LP RE 4MEN WITH BEARDS 30€
Simon Paul Negotiations and love songs 1971-1986 I DLP 18€
Simon Paul Graceland I LP 15€
Simon Paul Graceland YU LP 15€
Skaggs Ricky Don't cheat in our... US LP 15€
Skaggs Ricky Favorite country songs US LP 15€
Souther Hillman Furay Band S/t US LP S 20€
Southern Pacific Killbilly hill US LP 15€
Springsteen Bruce Nebraska NL LP 18€
Springsteen Bruce Chimes of freedom US EP12" 16€
Springsteen Bruce Lucky town LP 15€
Springsteen Bruce The river I DLP W/INSERT 30€
Springsteen Bruce Human touch EP12" S 15€
Stewart Al Indian summer - live I DLP 25€
Stewart Al Russians & americans I LP 15€
Stewart John The lonesome picker rides again US LP 18€
Stewart John In concert US LP 18€
Stewart John Bombs away dreams babies US LP 15€
Stills Stephen Right by you I LP S 18€
Subdudes S/t D LP 16€
Sun Joe Out of your mind D LP 16€
Sun Joe I ain't honky tonkin' no more US LP 16€
Tail Gators Hide your eyes US LP S 18€
Talbot John Michael The lord's supper US LP 16€
Talbot John Michael S/t (1978) UK LP 16€
Thomas Guthrie Once on a while forevet D LP 18€
Thomas Guthrie Like no other I LP S 18€
Tooker Wayne I grew up dreaming (of being a cowboy) I LP AUTOGRAFATO 15€
Traum A. Alger P. From the heart US LP S 20€
Traum Happy Bright morning stars US LP 18€
Travelling Wilburys Vol.3 I LP DYLAN ETC. 30€
Twitty Conway I can't see me without you US LP 15€
Twitty Conway I'm not through loving you yet US LP 15€
Twitty Conway Now much more ca she stand US LP 15€
U.s. Bonds Dance til quarter to three with u.s. bonds D LP 18€
Vega Suzanne Solitude standing D LP 16€
Vega Suzanne Days of open hands US LP S 18€
Visotsky Vladimir Sons are leaving for battle RUS DLP 23€
Vv.aa Chants de la guerre de secession vol. 1 F LP 15€
Vv.aa Stay awake D LP W/T. WAITS 18€
Vv.aa. The outlaws! I LP SERIE COUNTRY MUSIC 15€
Vv.aa. Advanced fingerpicking guitar techniques - school UK LP 25€
Vv.aa. Silly songs and modern lullabies US LP 15€
Vv.aa. United artists for the poet I LP DYLAN COVERS 23€
Vv.aa. Country fame I LP SERIE COUNTRY MUSIC 15€
Vv.aa. More music from mud acres woodstock mountains US LP 16€
Wagoneers Stout & high D LP 15€
Waits Tom The heart of saturday night D LP 35€
Waits Tom Heartattack and vine CA LP 30€
Waits Tom Swordfishtrombones I LP 18€
Waits Tom & Crystal Gayle Coup de coeur NL LP DIFF. COVER 20€
Walker Jimmy Swamp country US LP LPM 177 35€
Wangford Hank Band Live UK LP 15€
Watson Doc & Merle Two days in november US LP 16€
Waylon & Willie Wwii US LP S 16€
Weisberg/mandell Dueling banjos I LP S 15€
White Andy Rave on NL LP 15€
White Andy Himself UK LP 15€
White Buck & The Down Home Folks That down home feeling US LP 16€
White Freddie Long distance runner IR LP W/INSERT 16€
Whites Old familiar feelings US LP 14€
Williams Jr. Hank Habits old and new US LP 18€
Williams Jr. Hank Five o 5 US LP S 15€
Williams Jr. Hank W/m.curb Congregation Sweet dreams US LP S 18€
Yoakam Dwight Hillbilly de luxe US LP 16€
Young Jesse Colin American dreams UK LP 16€
Young Steve To satisfy you US LP 16€
Youngbloods S/t UK LP RIS 20€
Zevon Warren Bad luck streak in dancing school I LP S 20€
Zz Top Deguello I LP 16€