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📀 Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note Prezzo
Aacm Great Black Music Ensemble At umbria jazz 2009 I CD MJCD1226 10€
Abrams Richard Muhal Orchestra Blu blu blu I CD BLACK SAINT 120117-2 15€
Adams John Fearful symmetries/thr wound dresser D CD 10€
Amsterdam Percussion Group/josep Vicent African circle E CD S 10€
Anga' Echu mingua CD 12€
Arcado Sting Trio S/t D CD SMART PACK 10€
Arditti String Quartet A.schoenberg : weihnachtsmusik & transcriptions F CD 25€
Art Ensemble Of Soweto American-south africa A CD 15€
Ayler Albert Live in europe 1964-66 EU CD LANDSCAPE LS2 802 15€
Baker Chet Plays the best of lerner & loewe D CD 20 BIT REMASTERED DI 10€
Berg Bob Virtual reality JP CD DENON 13€
Blakey Art And The Jazz Messengers Drum suite F CD S 10€
Bourelly Jean Paul Jungle cowboy D CD SMART PACK 10€
Brahem Anouar/john Surman/dave Holland Thimar D CD 10€
Braxton Anthony Six composition (quartet)1984 I CD BLACK SAINT 120086-2 15€
Brecker Michael W/de Johnette, Haden, Kirkland, Me S/t D CD 10€
Burton Gary Quartet Real life hits D CD ECM 10€
Cables George Quartet Live in bollate I CD 10€
Cables George Trio A letter to dexter I CD 10€
Caine Uri Bedrock 3 D CD 10€
Caine Uri/ Gustav Mahler Dark flame D CD 10€
Carter Betty Live in montreal EU DVD 10€
Castellano Pierluigi Noi, my, us I CD 15€
Classical Jazz Quartet Play tchaicovsky I CD 10€
Cobham Billy Powerplay A CD DIGITAL MASTER 10€
Cold Sweat 4 play D CD SMART PACK 10€
Coleman Ornette Who's crazy ? JP DCD FREEDOM TKCB-70319 60€
Coleman Steve Featuring The Groups The Council Of Genesis & the opening of the way EU DCD BMG RCA VICTOR 74321 15€
Corea Chick The song of singing US CD BONUS TRACKS 10€
Darriau Matt Paradox Trio W/bojan Z. S/t I CD 8€
Davis Miles 1958 miles JP CD 15€
Dawkins Ernest Chicago 12 A black op'era - live in paris US CD DIGIPACK 20€
Deodato Lounge '64 I CD 10€
Doc Cheatham & Nicholas Payton S/t D CD 12€
Doran/helias/previte/thomas Corporate art D CD SMART PACK 10€
Ellington Duke W/d.d. Bridgewater Prelude to a kiss D CD 15€
Eskelin Ellery Forms D CD OPEN MINDS 2403-2 12€
Eubanks Robin Karma D CD SMART PACK 10€
Farmer/byrd 2 trumpets D CD 10€
Fitkin Graham/smith Quartet/s.sutherland Slow/huoah/frame D CD 10€
Garbarek Jan Madar D CD 10€
Garner Erroll London 1964/copenhagen 1970 I VHS S 10€
Glass Philip Solo piano CD SMK87976 10€
Glass Philips Dansepieces A CD 10€
Goodman Benny Usa - europe I VHS S 10€
Goodman Gabrielle Travelin' light D CD SMART PACK 10€
Hall Jim Panorama - live at the village vanguard US CD TELARC 20 CD 83408 10€
Harle John Saxophone works D CD ARGO 433 847-2 12€
Harle John Terror + magnificience D CD W/ELVIS COSTELLO 10€
Heliocentrics & Melvin Van Pebbles The last transmission US DCD 15€
Herborn Peter Traces of trane D CD SMART PACK 10€
Herborn Peter Acute insight D CD SMART PACK 10€
Herborn Peter Something personal D CD SMART PACK 10€
James Bob For the record VHS 10€
Jones Quincy Listen up the lives of… UK VHS 10€
Jones Quincy Big Band Bossanova EU CD 10€
Kenny G Live VHS 10€
Klucevsek Guy And The Bantam Orchestra Cytrus, my love CH CD 10€
Lacy Steve Octet Vespers I CD 12€
Laws Hubert Crying song NL CD S 10€
Loose Tubes Open letter UK CD 10€
Marsalis Ellis Duke in blue US CD 10€
Metheny Pat Group Speaking of now live VHS 10€
Nuttree Quartet Standards I CD 10€
Nyman Michael The piano - the cook, the thief, his wife and her EU DCD 18€
Parker Evan/walter Prati Hall of mirrorrs I CD 15€
Pastorius J./p.metheny/b. Ditmas/p.bley Jaco I CD 15€
Pastorius Jaco A good stitch for golden roads JP CD 20€
Pastorius Jaco Heavy'n jazz D CD CDIP 1036 10€
Pastorius Jaco Live in new york city vol. three US CD 12€
Peterson Oscar Trio O. peterson plays the cole porter songbook D CD S 10€
Peterson Oscar Trio Tristeza on piano D CD S 10€
Porter Gregory Liquid spirit EU CD 12€
Preservation Hall Jazz Band Best of p.h.j.b. US CD 10€
Puente Tito 12 mambos & take five D CD WW 2216 10€
Quarteto Brasil Bossanova/delicado I CD 10€
Rh Factor Distractions EU CD 10€
Santamaria Mongo Soca me nice EU CD 10€
Shankar Touch me there US CD W/FRANK ZAPPA 15€
Stockhausen K./dusapin In the sky i'm walking songs from native americans CA CD 25€
Sugar Loaf Express W/l.ritenour S/t JP CD 18€
Surman John The amazing adventures of john surman I CD 10€
Surman John Private city D CD 10€
Taylor Cecil Live at the cafe' montmartre JP DCD FREEDOM TKCB-70310 30€
Taylor James Quartet Absolute - jtq live - CD - 10€
The Aacm Great Black Music Ensemble At umbria jazz 2009 I CD MJCD 1226 15€
Thomas Gary Till we have faces D CD SMART PACK 10€
Threadgill Henry Very Very Circus Spirit of nuff...nuff I CD BLACK SAINT 120134-2 12€
United Future Organization 3rd perspective UK CD 10€
Vienna Art Orchestra Standing...what? A CD 15€
Vv.aa. The django reinhardt festival - gipsy swing! I CD 10€
Vv.aa. Spirit of malombo - malombo jazz makers, jabula an D DCD PROMO 12€
Warren John - The Rass Project Live The traveller's tale EU CD PROMO DIGIPACK 10€
Waters Patty Sings I CD S 12€
Webster Ben With Duke Ellington Cotton tail CD S 10€
Zorn John Masada Hey JP CD DIW-899 20€