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📀 Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note Prezzo
Albion Morris Band Still dancing after these years UK CD 10€
Anuna S/t US CD 10€
Anuna Omnis US CD 10€
Any Old Time Crossing IR CD 8€
Ceol Mor Celtic passage CA CD 15€
Chalot Veronique E Il Suo Gruppo Antiche ballate provenzali e bretoni I CD 10€
Danu' S/t EU CD 10€
Flook Rubai UK CD 8€
Gwalarn A-hed an amzer F CD 13€
Levellers Truth & lies D CD 8€
Lyonesse Tristan de lyonesse I CD 20€
Lyonesse Cantique I CD 18€
Mccarthy Kay Canti notturni dall'irlanda I CD 10€
Pele A - live - a live - o CD 10€
Pogues Poguevision EU DVD 10€
Renbourn John Live in italy I CD 10€
Saor Patrol Full throttle UK CD 10€
Saor Patrol Full boar UK CD 12€
Spirit Of Eden The sun and the moon and the stars US CD 10€
St. John Bridget Thank you for…plus UK CD 20€
Taylor Allan Lines F CD 18€
Thompson Richard And Linda Lonely hearts EC DCD BTLG 20€
Waterson Lal Teach me to be on summer's morning UK CD S W/BOOK 20€