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📀 Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note Prezzo
7a3 Coolin' in cali' US LP 18€
Absent Friend Here's looking up your address NL LP 15€
Adderley Cannonball W/s. Mendes & Bossa Rio Sextet Groovy samba I LP SNIR-CP 25.011 23€
Agostinho & His Afro-cuban Band Limbo I LP 16€
Alabama Singers Negro spiritual music I LP 10€
Alpert Herb Under a spanish moon CA LP S 15€
Alter Ego S/t I LP S 15€
Amant S/t US LP 16€
Armada Orchestra Philly armada I LP 20€
Ateba Koko S/t F LP 16€
Bailey Philip Chinese wall/inside out NL DLP 18€
Baker Anita Compositions I LP S 15€
Baker Anita Giving you the best that i got CA LP 16€
Bassey Shirley You take my heart away I LP 16€
Bassey Shirley And we were lovers I LP 16€
Bassey Shirley Love, life and feelings US LP 16€
Bassey Shirley Does anybody miss me US LP 16€
Bassey Shirley And i love you so US LP 16€
Ben Jorge S/t I LP 15€
Benson George 20/20 D LP 15€
Benson George Tenderly D LP 14€
Benson George In your eyes US LP 16€
Big Mouth Quite not right D LP 15€
Big Youth Aluta continua JAM LP 18€
Black Stanley And His Orchestra Latin rhytms UK 10" 18€
Bob-a-rela S/t US LP 16€
Boney M Night flight to venus E LP 15€
Booth Ken Call me US LP 18€
Boys Town Gang Disc charge P LP 18€
Boys Town Gang Greatest hits CA DEP12" 25€
Brecker Michael Now you see it…(now you don't) D LP - 16€
Brecker Randy Toe to toe US LP S 16€
Bridgewater Dee Dee All of me I LP - 15€
Brown Dennis Unchallenged UK LP 18€
Burch Vernon Get up US LP 18€
Burning Spear Man in the hills I LP F/O COVER 18€
Butler Billy Sugar candy lady US LP 18€
Butler Jerry It all comes out in my song CA LP S 16€
Caress S/t (1979) US LP 18€
Celebration S/t US LP MW 119L 15€
Chamber Brothers The time has come US LP 25€
Charles Ray The ray charles story vol.4 US LP ATLANTIC 8094 18€
Chi-lites A lonely man US LP 18€
Chocolat's Non stop chocolats I LP 15€
Club 69 Let me be your underwear I DEP12" 15€
Cobra Step aside US LP 18€
Cole Natalie Unforgettable with love US DLP 35€
Commodores Natural high US LP S 16€
Commodores Animal instinct UK EP12" 10€
Commodores Live! CA DLP 20€
Con Funk Shun Loveshine US LP 18€
Con Funk Shun Burnin' love US LP 18€
Crawford Randy Secret combination D LP 15€
Crawford Randy Everything must change US LP 16€
Creach "papa" John Inphasion I LP 18€
Creach Papa John S/t US LP 18€
Crown Height Affair Dance lady dance US LP 16€
D.d. Sound The hootchie cootchie I LP 15€
Da Costa Tico Brasil jerimum I LP W/MANDRAKE 18€
Daniels Eddy Blackwood D LP - 15€
Davis John And The Monster Orchestra Night & day I LP 18€
Dazz Band Keep it live US LP S 18€
Dazz Band On the one US LP 16€
De La Soul De la soul is dead UK LP 25€
Deja' Serious US LP 13€
Derek B Bullet from a gun UK LP 15€
Des'ree What's your sign? UK EP12" 12€
Detroit Spinners Cross fire D LP 14€
Dibango Manu S/t (1978) I LP 18€
Disco Tex & The Sex-o-lettes A piece of the rock US LP S 20€
Domestics Aquarius I EP12" 10€
Don Carlos And Gold Plantation UK LP 18€
Double Exposure Locker room US LP 16€
Douglas Carol Come into my life US LP 15€
Drifters Best of drifters US LP 16€
Duke George I surrender EP12" 10€
Dynamics What a shame US LP 28€
Earth Wind & Fire The best vol.i US LP 14€
Earth Wind & Fire Faces NL DLP 22€
Earth Wind & Fire Touch the world NL LP 15€
Earth, Wind & Fire Raise! NL LP 15€
Earth, Wind & Fire Spirit US LP 18€
Earth, Wind And Fire All'n all NL LP 15€
El Chicano Cinco I LP 18€
Explainer Man from the ghetto US LP 16€
Faltermeyer Harold Axel CA EP12" RIS. 10€
Felder Wilton Secrets US LP S 15€
Ferguson Maynard The conquistador I LP S 15€
First Cousin Jazz Ensemble For the cos of jazz US LP 15€
Fitzgerald Ella Misty blue I LP ST 2888 20€
Four Seasons Who loves you US LP 15€
Four Tops The show must go on I LP 15€
Franklin Aretha Through the storm D LP 14€
Freneticas S/t BRA LP 18€
Fresh Omniverse US LP 14€
Friends Of Distinction Friends & people US LP 18€
Gap Band Vi US LP 14€
Gaye Marvin Romantically yours LP S 15€
Gaynor Gloria Glorious E LP 14€
Giants Ii I LP 16€
Gibbs Joe & Friends The reggae train UK LP 18€
Gibson Brothers By night I LP 16€
Giorgio (moroder) Knights in white satin F LP 18€
Grolnick Don Feat. M.brecker Hearts and numbers US LP 18€
Grusin Dave Mountain dance US LP - 16€
Haywood Leon Energy US LP 15€
Henderson Michael In the night-time US LP 15€
Hooper Stix Touch the feeling US LP 15€
Hot Chocolate 20 hottest hits UK LP 15€
Hot!house Movers & shakers D LP 15€
Houston Cissy Think it over US LP S 15€
Ice Mc Cinema D LP 18€
Ijahman Culture country UK LP 18€
Ijahman & Friends S/t UK LP 18€
Imagination Scandalous I LP 10€
Inner Circle Black roses US LP 18€
Inner Circle Everything is great US LP 18€
Isaacs Gregory All i have is love UK LP 20€
Isley Brothers Masterpiece US LP S 18€
Jabara Paul De la noche :.. US LP 14€
Jackson David Michael I say alittle prayer I EP12" 10€
Jackson Jermaine My name is jermaine I LP 16€
Jackson Jermaine Let me tickle your fancy US LP 18€
Jackson Michael Thriller MEX LP 22€
Jackson Walter Good to see you US LP 15€
James Etta Seven year itch D LP 15€
James Rick Fire it up US LP S 16€
Jarreau Al All fly home D LP 15€
Jarreau Al Glow I LP 15€
Jason Load Experience Feat. Iyona Mainline '90 EP12" 10€
Jestofunk Live I DLP 18€
Johnson Al Back for more US LP 15€
Jones Grace Portfolio I LP 14€
Jr. Walker Hot shot I LP 16€
Jr. Walker & The All Stars Greatest hits vol. 2 F LP 18€
Juvet Patrick Got a feeling US LP 16€
Kalahari Surfers Bigger than jesus UK LP W/INSERT 28€
Kelly Roberta Gettin' the spirit I LP 15€
Kelly Roberta Zodiac lady I LP S 18€
Knight G. & Pips About love NL LP 14€
Kocky Post no bills US LP 20€
Kool & The Gang Stone love US EP12" 10€
Kool & The Gang Greatest hits & more NL LP 14€
Kroma Classics in computers I LP 20€
L.t.d. Togetherness US LP 18€
Labelle Patti The spirit's in it US LP 15€
Late Notes Hallelujah ska UK LP 22€
Lear Amanda Diamonds for breakfast I LP 18€
Lewis Ramsey Urban renewal US LP S 15€
Limelight Disco Symphony Melophonia I LP 15€
Livin' Proof S/t US LP 16€
Lorber Jeff Fusion Water sign US LP 16€
Los Joao Revelation ! I LP 13€
Louis Lil & The World From the mind of lil louis NL LP 18€
Love And Kisses How much, how much i love you US LP 16€
Lucchetta Andrea Go lucky go I EP12" 10€
M'bamina African roll I LP 35€
Macka B Looks are deceiving UK LP 16€
Makeba Miriam Welela I LP 15€
Makeba Miriam African convention D LP S W/H.MASEKELA 16€
Manhattan Transfer Brasil I LP 12€
Manhattan Transfer The offbeat of avenues - LP - 12€
Manilow Barry Swing street CA LP 14€
Mann Herbie Discotheque I LP 18€
Mantronix This should move ya I LP 15€
Mantus Midnight energy I LP 15€
Marley Ziggy & The Melody Makers Look who's dancing US EP12" REMIX BY JAZZIE B 12€
Mass Production In a city groove US LP 18€
May April If you want me to stay D EP12" 10€
Mazarati S/t CA LP S 18€
Mc Coy Van The real mc coy US LP 18€
Mc Crae George Rock your baby I LP 16€
Mc Ferrin Bobby Simple pleasures I LP 15€
Mccoy Van The disco kid UK LP 16€
Mccrae George S/t I LP 14€
Mcferrin Bobby S/t (1982) D LP 15€
Mckee Maria Show me heaven EP12" 10€
Meco Star wars and other.. US LP 14€
Meng Syndicate Sonar system B EP12" 10€
Mezzoforte Observations I LP 14€
Mfsb Summertime I LP 18€
Mfsb Love is the message I LP 16€
Micki & Joyce Hold up I LP 18€
Midnight Star Greatest hits US LP 16€
Minnelli Liza Live at the olympia in paris NL LP RIS 16€
Miracles The city of angels US LP 14€
Miracles Don't cha love it I LP - 14€
Mistake Be free I EP12" 10€
Misty In Roots The midas touch UK EP12" 13€
Mitchell Brenda Don't you know I LP 14€
Movie Cops Call the cops I EP12" 10€
Musical Youth Pass the dutchie D LP 15€
Narada Michael Walden Awakening D LP 15€
O'jays Let me touch you US LP S 20€
O'jays Family reunion US LP 18€
O'jays Live in london I LP EX COVER 15€
Ohio Players Pleasure US LP 18€
One Way Lady US LP 16€
Outbar When the bad men come UK EP12" 10€
Page Gene Close encounters US LP 15€
Paul Billy Only the strong survive US LP 16€
Paul Billy Only the strong survive US LP 16€
Perfecta S/t F LP 18€
Persuasions No frills UK LP 14€
Phillips Ester W/beck For all we know UK LP 18€
Phillips Esther W/beck What a diff'rence a day makes I LP 15€
Pickett Wilson Right track US LP S 16€
Pizarro Backstabbers I EP12" 10€
Pointer Sisters Hot together US LP S 15€
Pointer Sisters Steppin US LP 16€
Pointers Sisters Special things I LP 16€
Poussez ! Leave that boy alone ! US LP 18€
Powers P.j. Thandeka LP 15€
Prince Love sexy US LP S 18€
Proce Love is everything NL EP12" 10€
Progress Busy making progress LP 14€
Public Enemy Welcome to the terrordome UK EP12" 14€
Queen Samantha S/t I LP 14€
Rah Band Mistery I LP S 18€
Rah Band Going up LP 20€
Ranks Shabba As raw as ever LP 16€
Rare Earth Back to earth I LP 15€
Rare Earth Band together US LP 16€
Raw Stylus Pushing against the flow US DLP 20€
Red Princess Move your feet B EP12" 10€
Redding Otis Otis blue/otis redding sings soul EU LP BLUE VYN. 180 GR. 30€
Righteous Brothers Souled out US LP V/V6-5031 18€
Righteous Brothers Sayin somethin US LP V/V6-5010 18€
Ritchie Family Life is music I LP 14€
Robinson Smokey Superstar series vol. 18 I LP S 18€
Robinson Smokey Being with you US LP S 16€
Rockets Radio station/starvision I EP12" EXTENDED VERSION 14€
Rodrigues Jair Eu sou o samba I LP S 16€
Rose Royce Greatest hits D LP 16€
Ross Diana Eaten alive EP12" 10€
Ross Diana The force behind the power I LP 14€
Ross Diana At caesar palace I LP 15€
Ross Diana "ross" I LP 14€
Ross Diana Last time i saw him I LP 15€
Ross Diana 20 golden greats I LP 14€
Ross Diana Baby it's me US LP 16€
Ross Diana Mahogany I LP 20€
Rubicon America dreams US LP 16€
Sabu Sabu martinez afro temple I LP S RIS 14€
Saint Paul Lara Brava lara! I LP - 16€
Sample Joe The hunter US LP - 15€
Sample Joe Roles US LP 15€
Sample Joe Voices in the rain US LP FLORA PURIM 15€
Sayer Leo Thunder in my heart I LP 14€
Scott Tony Get into it UK EP12" 10€
Seventh Avenue Midnight in manhattan US LP 15€
Shango (1969) S/t I LP DIFF. COVER 20€
Shinehead Unity US LP 18€
Silver Convention S/t I LP 15€
Sin Ritchie Night time lady I LP 10€
Sly & Robbie/king Tubby Sly & robbie meet king tubby UK LP S 20€
Sos Band Sands of time NL LP 14€
Soul En Obra Everybody says love I EP12" 10€
Soul Reaction S/t US LP S 16€
Sphinx Judas iscariot I LP 16€
Spinners Happiness is being with… US LP S 15€
Spinozza S/t US LP 16€
Spyro Gyra Incognito US LP 15€
Spyro Gyra Carnaval US LP - 16€
Spyro Gyra Stories without words D LP 16€
Steps Ahead Magnetic US LP - 15€
Steps Ahead Modern times D LP - 15€
Stewart Amii Try love I LP 15€
Stylistics Heavy US LP S 16€
Summer Donna the wanderer US LP S 15€
Summer Donna Live and more I DLP 20€
Summers B. & Summers Heat Seventeen US LP S 18€
Summers Bill & Summers Heat Call it what you want NL LP W/INSERT 16€
Sweet Cream Do a dance for love US EP12" S 10€
Sylvers Disco fever US LP 16€
Sylvers The best of the sylvers US LP 16€
Sylvester Call me I LP S 15€
Sylvester M-1015 I LP 14€
T.j.m. S/t US LP 16€
Tabou Combo The masters I LP 16€
Tabou Combo Superstars S/t (1987) F LP 16€
Tabou Combo Superstars S/t (1980) F LP - 16€
Tavares Love storm NL LP 16€
Taxi Gang Feat. Sly And Robbie The sting US LP 18€
Technotronic Body to body LP - 14€
Temptations Bare back I LP 14€
Temptations Masterpiece I LP - 14€
Temptations Hear to tempt you US LP 15€
Temptations 1990 I LP 16€
Tex Joe The best of joe tex US LP 15€
Third World You've got the power US LP 18€
Third World Hold on to love LP S 16€
Thomas Rufus That woman is poison I LP - 15€
Three Degrees S/t NL LP 16€
Time Zone Feat. John Lydon & Afrika Bambaata World destruction UK EP10" B.LASWELL 12€
Top Amplitude Top amplitude B EP12" 30€
Trent D'arby Terence Introducing the hard line.. YU LP 13€
Twilight Star I LP 25€
Two Man Sound Disco samba I LP 13€
Two Tons O' Fun S/t US LP 16€
Undisputed Truth S/t D LP 18€
Vannelli Gino A pauper in paradise NL LP S 15€
Vannelli Gino Storm at sunup US LP - 18€
Vannelli Gino A pauper in paradise I LP - 14€
Vaughan Sarah The entertainers I LP ENT LP 13.006 15€
Village People Live and sleazy F DLP 22€
Vv.aa. Do brasil vol.4 I LP S 14€
Vv.aa. Love is the answer I LP 14€
Vv.aa. The art of blending ep NL EP12" 10€
Vv.aa. Further adventures of north UK EP12" 10€
Vv.aa. Hustle, bus stop and line dance US LP 15€
Vv.aa. The original golden oldies vol.1 UK LP 16€
Vv.aa. Sufferer's choice UK LP 15€
Vv.aa. Greensleeves saampler 5 UK LP 15€
Walden Michael Narada Divine emotion D LP S 16€
Warwick Dionne No night so long I LP 14€
Warwick Dionne Friends I LP S 15€
Warwick Dionne Sings cole porter D LP 15€
Warwick Dionne Greatest hits 1979 - 1990 D LP 15€
Washington Dinah Back to the blues US LP ROULETTE R 25189 22€
Washington Dinah '63 US LP ROULETTE SR 25220 18€
Washington Grover Jr. Wine light D LP 14€
Washington Grover Jr. Inside moves D LP S 14€
Wayne Chris Progress US LP 18€
Whispers I can make it better CA EP12" RIS 10€
White Barry Can't get enough I LP 14€
White Barry The man is back UK LP 15€
Whithney Marva It's my thing LP FAMOUS FLAME RECORDS 18€
Wilson Tony I like your style US LP 15€
Wonder Stevie Characters CA LP S 15€
Yell! Instant replay UK EP12" 10€
Yellowman Galong galong galong! UK LP 18€
Yellowman & Fathead Divorced! (for your eyes only) UK LP 18€
Zager M. Band Let's all chant CA EP12" S 14€
Zapp Vibe US LP 16€
Zener New generation I EP12" 16€