dischi in vinile da collezione

Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note
7a3 coolin' in cali' US LP 18
absent friend here's looking up your address NL LP 15
adderley cannonball w/s. mendes & bossa rio sextet groovy samba I LP snir-cp 25.011 23
agostinho & his afro-cuban band limbo I LP 16
alabama singers negro spiritual music I LP 10
alpert herb under a spanish moon CA LP s 15
alter ego s/t I LP s 15
amant s/t US LP 16
armada orchestra philly armada I LP 20
ateba koko s/t F LP 16
bailey philip chinese wall/inside out NL DLP 18
baker anita giving you the best that i got CA LP 16
baker anita compositions I LP s 15
bassey shirley does anybody miss me US LP 16
bassey shirley you take my heart away I LP 16
bassey shirley and we were lovers I LP 16
bassey shirley love, life and feelings US LP 16
bassey shirley and i love you so US LP 16
ben jorge s/t I LP 15
benson george in your eyes US LP 16
benson george tenderly D LP 14
benson george 20/20 D LP 15
big mouth quite not right D LP 15
big youth aluta continua JAM LP 18
black stanley and his orchestra latin rhytms UK 10" 18
bob-a-rela s/t US LP 16
boney m night flight to venus E LP 15
booth ken call me US LP 18
boys town gang disc charge P LP 18
boys town gang greatest hits CA DEP12" 25
brecker michael now you see it…(now you don't) D LP - 16
brecker randy toe to toe US LP s 16
bridgewater dee dee all of me I LP - 15
brown dennis unchallenged UK LP 18
burch vernon get up US LP 18
burning spear man in the hills I f/o cover 18
butler billy sugar candy lady US LP 18
butler jerry it all comes out in my song CA LP s 16
caress s/t (1979) US LP 18
celebration s/t US LP mw 119l 15
chamber brothers the time has come US LP 25
charles ray the ray charles story vol.4 US LP atlantic 8094 18
chi-lites a lonely man US LP 18
chocolat's non stop chocolats I LP 15
club 69 let me be your underwear I DEP12" 15
cobra step aside US LP 18
cole natalie unforgettable with love US DLP 35
commodores natural high US LP s 16
commodores animal instinct UK EP12" 10
commodores live! CA DLP 20
con funk shun loveshine US LP 18
con funk shun burnin' love US LP 18
crawford randy everything must change US LP 16
crawford randy secret combination D LP 15
creach "papa" john inphasion I LP 18
creach papa john s/t US LP 18
crown height affair dance lady dance US LP 16
d.d. sound the hootchie cootchie I LP 15
da costa tico brasil jerimum I LP w/mandrake 18
daniels eddy blackwood D LP - 15
davis john and the monster orchestra night & day I LP 18
dazz band keep it live US LP s 18
dazz band on the one US LP 16
de la soul de la soul is dead UK LP 25
deja' serious US LP 13
derek b bullet from a gun UK LP 15
des'ree what's your sign? UK EP12" 12
detroit spinners cross fire D LP 14
dibango manu s/t (1978) I LP 18
disco tex & the sex-o-lettes a piece of the rock US LP s 20
domestics aquarius I EP12" 10
don carlos and gold plantation UK LP 18
double exposure locker room US LP 16
douglas carol come into my life US LP 15
drifters best of drifters US LP 16
duke george i surrender EP12" 10
dynamics what a shame US LP 28
earth wind & fire touch the world NL LP 15
earth wind & fire faces NL DLP 22
earth wind & fire the best vol.i US LP 14
earth, wind & fire raise! NL LP 15
earth, wind & fire spirit US LP 18
earth, wind and fire all'n all NL LP 15
el chicano cinco I LP 18
explainer man from the ghetto US LP 16
faltermeyer harold axel CA EP12" ris. 10
felder wilton secrets US LP s 15
ferguson maynard the conquistador I LP s 15
first cousin jazz ensemble for the cos of jazz US LP 15
fitzgerald ella misty blue I LP st 2888 20
four seasons who loves you US LP 15
four tops the show must go on I LP 15
franklin aretha through the storm D LP 14
freneticas s/t BRA LP 18
fresh omniverse US LP 14
friends of distinction friends & people US LP 18
gap band vi US LP 14
gaye marvin romantically yours LP s 15
gaynor gloria glorious E LP 14
giants ii I LP 16
gibbs joe & friends the reggae train UK LP 18
gibson brothers by night I LP 16
giorgio (moroder) knights in white satin F LP 18
grolnick don feat. m.brecker hearts and numbers US LP 18
grusin dave mountain dance US LP - 16
haywood leon energy US LP 15
henderson michael in the night-time US LP 15
hooper stix touch the feeling US LP 15
hot chocolate 20 hottest hits UK LP 15
hot!house movers & shakers D LP 15
houston cissy think it over US LP s 15
ice mc cinema D LP 18
ijahman culture country UK LP 18
ijahman & friends s/t UK LP 18
imagination scandalous I LP 10
inner circle black roses US LP 18
inner circle everything is great US LP 18
isaacs gregory all i have is love UK LP 20
isley brothers masterpiece US LP s 18
jabara paul de la noche :.. US LP 14
jackson david michael i say alittle prayer I EP12" 10
jackson jermaine my name is jermaine I LP 16
jackson jermaine let me tickle your fancy US LP 18
jackson michael thriller MEX LP 22
jackson walter good to see you US LP 15
james etta seven year itch D lp 15
james rick fire it up US LP s 16
jarreau al glow I LP 15
jarreau al all fly home D LP 15
jason load experience feat. iyona mainline '90 EP12" 10
jestofunk live I DLP 18
johnson al back for more US LP 15
jones grace portfolio I LP 14
jr. walker hot shot I LP 16
jr. walker & the all stars greatest hits vol. 2 F LP 18
kelly roberta zodiac lady I LP s 18
kelly roberta gettin' the spirit I LP 15
knight g. & pips about love NL LP 14
kocky post no bills US LP 20
kool & the gang greatest hits & more NL LP 14
kool & the gang stone love US EP12" 10
kroma classics in computers I LP 20
l.t.d. togetherness US LP 18
labelle patti the spirit's in it US LP 15
late notes hallelujah ska UK LP 22
lear amanda diamonds for breakfast I LP 18
lewis ramsey urban renewal US LP s 15
limelight disco symphony melophonia I LP 15
livin' proof s/t US LP 16
lorber jeff fusion water sign US LP 16
los joao revelation ! I LP 13
louis lil & the world from the mind of lil louis NL LP 18
love and kisses how much, how much i love you US LP 16
lucchetta andrea go lucky go I EP12" 10
m'bamina african roll I LP 35
macka b looks are deceiving UK LP 16
makeba miriam african convention D LP s w/h.masekela 16
makeba miriam welela I LP 15
manhattan transfer brasil I LP 12
manhattan transfer the offbeat of avenues - LP - 12
manilow barry swing street CA LP 14
mann herbie discotheque I LP 18
mantronix this should move ya I LP 15
mantus midnight energy I LP 15
marley ziggy & the melody makers look who's dancing US EP12" remix by jazzie b 12
mass production in a city groove US LP 18
may april if you want me to stay D EP12" 10
mazarati s/t CA LP s 18
mc coy van the real mc coy US LP 18
mc crae george rock your baby I LP 16
mc ferrin bobby simple pleasures I LP 15
mccoy van the disco kid UK LP 16
mccrae george s/t I LP 14
mcferrin bobby s/t (1982) D LP 15
mckee maria show me heaven EP12" 10
meco star wars and other.. US LP 14
meng syndicate sonar system B EP12" 10
mezzoforte observations I LP 14
mfsb summertime I LP 18
micki & joyce hold up I LP 18
midnight star greatest hits US LP 16
minnelli liza live at the olympia in paris NL LP ris 16
miracles don't cha love it I LP - 14
miracles the city of angels US LP 14
mistake be free I EP12" 10
misty in roots the midas touch UK EP12" 13
mitchell brenda don't you know I LP 14
movie cops call the cops I EP12" 10
musical youth pass the dutchie D LP 15
narada michael walden awakening D LP 15
o'jays let me touch you US LP s 20
o'jays family reunion US LP 18
o'jays live in london I LP ex cover 15
ohio players pleasure US LP 18
one way lady US LP 16
outbar when the bad men come UK EP12" 10
page gene close encounters US LP 15
paul billy only the strong survive US LP 16
paul billy only the strong survive US LP 16
perfecta s/t F LP 18
persuasions no frills UK LP 14
phillips ester w/beck for all we know UK LP 18
phillips esther w/beck what a diff'rence a day makes I LP 15
pickett wilson right track US LP s 16
pizarro backstabbers I EP12" 10
pointer sisters hot together US LP s 15
pointer sisters steppin US LP 16
pointers sisters special things I LP 16
poussez ! leave that boy alone ! US LP 18
powers p.j. thandeka LP 15
prince love sexy US LP s 18
proce love is everything NL EP12" 10
progress busy making progress LP 14
public enemy welcome to the terrordome UK EP12" 14
queen samantha s/t I LP 14
rah band mistery I LP s 18
rah band going up LP 20
ranks shabba as raw as ever LP 16
rare earth back to earth I LP 15
rare earth band together US LP 16
raw stylus pushing against the flow US DLP 20
red princess move your feet B EP12" 10
redding otis otis blue/otis redding sings soul EU LP blue vyn. 180 gr. 20
righteous brothers sayin somethin US LP v/v6-5010 18
righteous brothers souled out US LP v/v6-5031 18
ritchie family life is music I LP 14
robinson smokey being with you US LP s 16
robinson smokey superstar series vol. 18 I LP s 18
rockets radio station/starvision I EP12" extended version 14
rodrigues jair eu sou o samba I LP s 16
rose royce greatest hits D LP 16
ross diana mahogany I LP 20
ross diana 20 golden greats I LP 14
ross diana last time i saw him I LP 15
ross diana the force behind the power I LP 14
ross diana baby it's me US LP 16
ross diana at caesar palace I LP 15
ross diana "ross" I LP 14
ross diana eaten alive EP12" 10
ross diana diana ross greatest hits UK LP 15
rubicon america dreams US LP 16
sabu sabu martinez afro temple I LP s ris 14
saint paul lara brava lara! I LP - 16
sample joe roles US LP 15
sample joe the hunter US LP - 15
sample joe voices in the rain US LP flora purim 15
sayer leo thunder in my heart I LP 14
scott tony get into it UK EP12" 10
seventh avenue midnight in manhattan US LP 15
shango (1969) s/t I LP diff. cover 20
shinehead unity US LP 18
silver convention s/t I LP 15
sin ritchie night time lady I LP 10
sly & robbie/king tubby sly & robbie meet king tubby UK LP s 20
sos band sands of time NL LP 14
soul en obra everybody says love I EP12" 10
soul reaction s/t US LP s 16
sphinx judas iscariot I LP 16
spinners happiness is being with… US LP s 15
spinozza s/t US LP 16
spyro gyra carnaval US LP - 16
spyro gyra incognito US LP 15
spyro gyra stories without words D LP 16
steps ahead magnetic US LP - 15
steps ahead modern times D LP - 15
stewart amii try love I LP 15
stylistics heavy US LP s 16
summer donna the wanderer US LP s 15
summer donna live and more I DLP 20
summers b. & summers heat seventeen US LP s 18
summers bill & summers heat call it what you want NL LP w/insert 16
sweet cream do a dance for love US EP12" s 10
sylvers the best of the sylvers US LP 16
sylvers disco fever US LP 16
sylvester m-1015 I LP 14
sylvester call me I LP s 15
t.j.m. s/t US LP 16
tabou combo the masters I LP 16
tabou combo superstars s/t (1980) F LP - 16
tabou combo superstars s/t (1987) F LP 16
tavares love storm NL LP 16
taxi gang feat. sly and robbie the sting US LP 18
technotronic body to body LP - 14
temptations hear to tempt you US LP 15
temptations masterpiece I LP - 14
temptations bare back I LP 14
temptations 1990 I LP 16
tex joe the best of joe tex US LP 15
third world hold on to love LP s 16
third world you've got the power US LP 18
thomas rufus that woman is poison I LP - 15
three degrees s/t NL LP 16
top amplitude top amplitude B EP12" 30
trent d'arby terence introducing the hard line.. YU LP 13
twilight star I LP 25
two man sound disco samba I LP 13
two tons o' fun s/t US LP 16
undisputed truth s/t D LP 18
vannelli gino storm at sunup US LP - 18
vannelli gino a pauper in paradise I LP - 14
vannelli gino a pauper in paradise NL LP s 15
vaughan sarah the entertainers I LP ent lp 13.006 15
village people live and sleazy F DLP 22
vv.aa. further adventures of north UK EP12" 10
vv.aa. the art of blending ep NL EP12" 10
vv.aa. do brasil vol.4 I LP s 14
vv.aa. sufferer's choice UK LP 15
vv.aa. love is the answer I LP 14
vv.aa. hustle, bus stop and line dance US LP 15
vv.aa. greensleeves saampler 5 UK LP 15
vv.aa. the original golden oldies vol.1 UK LP 16
walden michael narada divine emotion D LP s 16
warwick dionne sings cole porter D LP 15
warwick dionne no night so long I LP 14
warwick dionne greatest hits 1979 - 1990 D LP 15
warwick dionne friends I LP s 15
washington dinah back to the blues US LP roulette r 25189 22
washington dinah '63 US LP roulette sr 25220 18
washington grover jr. inside moves D LP s 14
washington grover jr. wine light D LP 14
wayne chris progress US LP 18
whispers i can make it better CA EP12" ris 10
white barry can't get enough I LP 14
white barry the man is back UK LP 15
whithney marva it's my thing LP famous flame records 18
wilson tony i like your style US LP 15
wonder stevie characters CA LP s 15
yell! instant replay UK EP12" 10
yellowman galong galong galong! UK LP 18
yellowman & fathead divorced! (for your eyes only) UK LP 18
zager m. band let's all chant CA EP12" s 14
zapp vibe US LP 16
zener new generation I EP12" 16