dischi in vinile da collezione

Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note
aida & cooper terry revue feelin' good I LP - 18
blues band brand loyalty I LP 16
blues band bye bye blues - live I LP 15
blues band itchy feet D LP 16
bonini maurizio shufflin' time I LP 18
broonzy big bill antologia del blues vol. 2 I LP clvlx 272 15
broonzy big bill antologia del blues vol. 6 I LP clvlx 424 15
brunning sunflower blues band i wish i would I LP 20
buchanan roy a street called straight US LP 30
butterfield paul blues band s/t I LP ris 180 gr. s 18
cale j.j. shades I LP 16
canned heat s/t I LP ris. 180 gr 20
catfish hodge bout with the blues US LP 18
clapton eric just one night I DLP 20
clapton eric journeyman D LP s 18
clay otis trying to live my life without you UK LP 16
collins albert cold snap I LP 16
cooke shep concert tour of mars US LP 18
cotton james blues band s/t us LP vg cond 20
cray robert band who's been talkin' UK LP 18
cray robert band don't be afraid of the dark NL LP 15
cray robert band false accusations UK LP 15
croker brendan the great indoor D LP 16
diesel johnny & the injectors s/t I LP 15
dirty blues band s/t US LP 50
dr. feelgood let it roll I LP 18
duke tumatoe and power trio i like my job! US LP s 16
dupree champin jack/sonny boy williamson back to the blues I LP jaz 4035 14
dupree champion jack antologia del blues vol. 1 I LP clvlx 271 14
foghat live CA LP s 25
frankfurt city blues band …is in town D LP 15
franklin aretha i never loved a man the way i love you I LP ris 180gr. 15
gallagher rory stage struck I LP 20
golub jeff unspoken words US LP s 15
havens richie this is the hour I ep12" w/pino daniele 14
healey jeff band hell to pay NL LP 16
hinkley heroes volume one I LP - 20
hooker john lee never get out of this blues alive UK LP ris. 4 extra tracks 25
hopkins lightnin' blues in my bottle I LP jaz 4038 15
johnson robert king of delta blues singers I LP s ris. 20
johnson wilko watch out! live in london UK LP s 16
king b.b. b.b.boogie UK LP 15
king b.b. in london US LP f/o cover 35
king b.b. indianola mississipi seeds UK LP ris. 18
king b.b. completely well I LP s ris. 180 gr f/o co 20
lee alvin pump iron! I LP - 23
lefevre mylon weak at the knees US LP s 16
little charlie & the nightcats captured US LP 16
little feat time loves a hero D LP 18
little feat feats don't fail me now I LP 16
livin' blues 1968 - 1978 NL LP f/o cover 23
mayall john back to the roots F DLP 30
mayall john & bluesbreakers a hard road UK LP stereo 45
mayall johnn jazz blues fusion I LP press. 1972 25
memphis slim antologia del blues vol. 3 I LP clvlx 323 15
memphis slim lord have mercy on me F LP 30 am 6076 15
memphis slim the real boogie woogie F LP 15
memphis slim so long F LP 30 am 6130 15
miles buddy live US DLP 30
moby grape great grape US LP 25
moby grape live grape D LP vg cover 14
model t-boogie special guest phil guy born to get down I LP 16
moore gary rockin' every night I LP - 16
neville brothers yellow moon D LP 15
potliquor levee blues F LP 25
rainey ma the immortal ma rainey I LP lpd 7801 18
reed jimmy big boss man US LP 25
ricks j./camarca g. been there before I LP 15
savoy brown street corner talking US LP f/o cover vg cover 25
savoy brown blue matter US LP f/o cover 35
savoy brown a step further US LP - 35
siegel corky & the s.francisco symphony orchestra street music/three pieces for blues band and orche D LP 16
siegel schwall band the last summer US LP 18
smith richard band premium blues UK LP lim. ed. 16
t-bone walker t-bone blues I LP ris. 180 gr. 20
taj mahal recycling the blues & other related stuff US LP columbia 31605 35
taj mahal oooh so good'n blues US LP 2nd print 18
ten years after alvin lee and company US LP 30
ten years after s/t I LP ris. 180 gr. 20
ten years after ssssh. US LP ris 22
ten years after rock & roll music to the world US LP f/o cover 30
thomas rufus that woman is poison I LP 15
thorogood george born to be bad I LP 14
thorogood george & d. s/t D LP 18
thorogood george & the d. move it on over UK LP ris. 18
thorogood george & the destroyers maverick NL LP 15
trower robin bridge of sighs US LP 25
trower robin in city dreams UK LP 16
vv.aa. le roi du blues F BOX 3 lps 30
vv.aa. tennessee blues vol.1 I LP s 14
waters muddy muddy "mississipi" waters live us lp 18
wayne kenny borned with the blues.. US LP 20
west, bruce & laing live 'n' kickin' JP LP - 25
whitcomb ian the best of ian whitcomb US LP w/insert 18
winter johnny the progressive blues experiment I LP ris. vyn. 180gr. 16
winter johnny saints & sinner I LP 20
witherspoon jimmy midnight lady called the blues F LP 16
zz top deguello I LP - 16
zz top fandango! I LP 18