dischi in vinile da collezione

Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note
albion morris band still dancing after these years UK CD 10
anuna omnis US CD 10
anuna s/t US CD 10
any old time crossing IR CD 8
ceol mor celtic passage CA CD 15
chalot veronique e il suo gruppo antiche ballate provenzali e bretoni I CD 10
danu' s/t EU CD 10
flook rubai UK CD 8
gwalarn a-hed an amzer F CD 13
levellers truth & lies D CD 8
lyonesse cantique I CD 18
lyonesse tristan de lyonesse I CD 20
mccarthy kay canti notturni dall'irlanda I CD 10
pele a - live - a live - o CD 10
pogues poguevision EU DVD 10
renbourn john live in italy i CD 10
spirit of eden the sun and the moon and the stars US CD 10
st. john bridget thank you for…plus UK CD 20
taylor allan lines F CD 18
waterson lal teach me to be on summer's morning UK CD s w/book 20