dischi in vinile da collezione

Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note
akvarium (aquarium) s/t (1987 white album) RUS LP c60 25129 005 30
allen david now the happiest time... F LP 35
altmayer michael troll vol. ii F LP w/insert 18
amon duul ii made in germany US LP 30
ange guet apens F LP 25
ange le cimetiere des arlequins F LP 25
anima der regt mich auf - a controversy D DLP 50
argent nexus US LP 35
artwoods begin here - live in wales 1964 LP s ris 22
audience the house on the hill CA LP 2nd print 25
auger brian & trinity befour I LP 35
autosalvage s/t US LP 25
barclay james harvest octoberon US LP 22
baumann peter romance 76 I LP 25
beatles the way they were: live at the star club hamburg 1 EU LP col. vyn n.141/300 30
beatles sergent pepper lonely heart club band I LP s ris. f/o cover w/i 20
beatles live at the bbc I TLP s ris. 35
beatles 1967 - 70 I DLP ris. 25
beatles with the beatles I LP s ris. 20
beatles let it be I LP s ris. 20
beck jeff there & back NL LP 18
beggars farm beneath the moon of ilsacon I LP 30
belt & braces roadshow band s/t UK LP w/insert 30
big brother & the holding company cheap thrills US LP 2nd pressing 30
blak christian firra FO LP tutl hjf23 20
blak k. yggdrasil de fire tarne FO LP - 20
blak kristian antifonale FO LP - 25
blegvad peter king strut & other stories EEC LP 20
bloomfield/kooper/stills supersession US LP 25
boffo jean paul jeux de nains F LP 22
brinsley schwarz nervous on the road US LP 20
brooks terry & strange to earth with love I LP 18
budd harold/brian eno plateaux of mirror US LP 25
buffalo springfield s/t D DLP - 30
byrds mr. tambourine man UK LP - 25
byrds further along I LP - 30
byrds younger than yesterday US LP s ris 23
c.o.b. moyshe mcstiff & the tartan lancers of the sacred. I LP ris 30
cale john caribbean sunset I LP 25
camel the snow goose US LP 18
camel stationary traveller P LP 20
camel a live record F DLP 28
canned heat s/t I LP ris. 180 gr. 20
captain beefheart blujeans & moonbeams I LP 23
caravan cunning stunt UK LP 35
carlos walter the well tempered synthesizer I LP 22
cassiber man or monkey D DLP - 25
chamber brothers the time has come US LP - 25
chilli willi & the red hot peppers bongos over balham UK LP 40
chocolate watch band the inner mystique LP ris 25
cold blood first taste of sin US LP 30
colosseum ii electric savage US LP s 20
corea c. return to forever light as a feather I LP w/flora purim 16
corea chick return to forever D LP ecm 1022 st 18
corporation (the) the age of aquarius I LP hbl 20101 20
country joe & the fish electric music for the mind and body US LP 2nd print 25
cousins dave & brian willoughby old school songs US LP 28
cream wheels of fire EU DLP ris. 30
cream live cream I LP ris. 20
curved air second album UK LP 2nd print 30
deep purple highway star - south australia 84 - DLP btlg purple vynil 60
dirty blues band s/t US LP - 50
doors absolutely live US DLP 50
doors absolutely live I DLP 35
downliners sect live in the 80's SW LP transp. vynil 30
dr. brown the land of red and gold UK LP 28
dream theater puppies on acid live 1993 EU DLP s brr 4014 45
electric prunes release of an oath D LP 30
ellis riding on a crest of a slump NL LP 20
eloy planets UK LP 30
eloy metromania D LP 25
embryo africa E LP 25
emerson keith with the nice s/t I DLP 35
emerson lake & palmer pictures at an exhibition I LP f/o cover 25
emerson, lake & palmer love beach I LP 20
eno brian fractal zoom D LP w/moby 22
eno brian here comes the warm jets I LP 40
eno brian music for films UK LP 32
eno brian ambient 1 music for airport US LP 35
erickson roky openers UK LP 30
erickson roky & aliens i think of demons UK LP 50
fairport convention live at the l.a. troubadour UK LP 25
family a song for me D LP 2nd print 25
fasciano mario/rick wakeman black knights at the court of ferdinand iv I LP s 20
flairck variations on a lady F LP 25
flash out of our hands US LP f/o cover 30
flock s/t US LP 30
flyte reaction spectral footwear UK LP 35
focus 3 US DLP special cover 40
focus mother focus US LP 30
fugs refuse to be burnt out F LP 20
full moon euphoria UK LP 35
full moon a live encounter UK LP 25
fungus lies ende leid NL LP 25
fuzzy duck s/t I LP ris s 25
gabriel peter plays live I DLP 28
gabriel peter s/t CA LP 18
gabriel peter no self control TLP btlg 40
galaxy s/t US LP repro 20
geesin ron right through UK LP 30
genesis wind & wuthering I LP 20
genesis a trick of the tail I LP 20
genesis trespass I LP 20
gentle giant the missing piece P LP 20
gentle giant the power and the glory I LP 25
ghost in stormy nights US DLP 25
godz contact high wit da godz I LP ris 20
golden avatar a change of heart UK LP 18
grateful dead reckoning CA LP 30
grateful dead live at the shrine auditorium 8/9/10/11 nov. 1967 I DLP 35
great society live at the matrix UK DLP 40
gtr when the heart rules the mind EP12" 10
guru guru kanguru D LP s ris 30
hammill peter the margin live UK DLP 35
hammill peter in a foreign town I LP 20
hard stuff bulletproof I LP gatefold cover 60
harmonium s/t F LP 35
harper roy bullinamingvase UK LP 35
hendrix jimi the cry of love UK LP f/o cov. 60
hi-fi moods for mallards US LP ex pavlov dog 16
hinkley heroes volume one I LP 20
hinze chris barocco con fuoco D LP s 18
hollies hollies' greatest vol. 2 UK LP pcs 7148 20
hot tuna final vinyl US LP - 25
hot tuna oppkorv US LP nice price 16
humble pie go for the throat US LP s 25
hutka jaroslav stuj, brizo zelena CS LP 20
illusion out of the mist US LP 25
illusion out of the mist US LP 25
iman califato independiente s/t I LP 40
incredible string band "u" GR DLP 38
incredible string band seasons they change I DLP ris. orizzonte 25
itziar s/t E LP ris 20
james gang passin' thru US LP 25
jefferson airplane early flight US LP vg cover 30
jethro tull heavy horse US LP 23
jethro tull broadsword I LP 18
john's children smashed blocked! I LP 25
joplin janis kozmic blues CA LP 28
joy of cooking castles US LP 30
july dandelion seeds UK LP ris 25
kantner p./g. slick sunfighter US LP f/o cover/no booklet 25
kantner paul/slick grace/freiberg david baron von taoolboth & the chrome nun I LP 20
leaves all the good that's happening US LP repro ? ex cover 20
leaves 1966 F LP 23
livin' blues 1968 - 1978 NL LP -f/o cover 23
lloyd webber andrew variations US LP w/bonus 7" 22
locomotiv gt mindenki H LP 18
lodge john natural avenue UK LP 25
loose gravel s/t F MLP 18
magic mushroom band eyes of the angel UK LP 25
magma 1.001° centigrades F LP s ris 180 gr. 25
magna carta songs from wasties orchard I LP ris. akarma 23
magna carta lord of the ages NL LP 25
mahavishnu orchestra between nothingness & etrnity -live NL LP 2nd print 20
mallard in a different climate UK LP 20
mandragora head first NL LP - 25
mariani s/t I LP repro 35
marillion real to reel I LP 15
mark - almond other people rooms US LP 16
mark-almond rising US LP f/o cover 30
max creek windows US LP s 35
maximalist! maximalist! B LP 23
mayall john blues from laurel canyon US LP f/o cover 35
mc laughlin john best of... US LP 14
mclaughlin john extrapolation I LP ris. 15
michaels lee barrel US LP 25
mormos great wall of china F LP reissue 25
mothers (zappa frank) just another band from l.a. I LP 30
mott the hoople live US LP 30
move shazam' US LP 2nd print 25
murder in the cathedral s/t F LP w/insert 28
new york rock & roll ensemble reflections US LP 35
nice five bridges US LP f/o cover 30
nice intermezzo I LP s ris 18
nico the end.. UK LP vg cover 25
nico drama of exile NL LP 30
nico abschied LP 25
nico the end I LP 30
niemen czeslaw niemen vol.1 PL LP 20
nova local nova1 NL LP s 28
oldfield mike ommadawn I LP 15
oldfield mike pictures in the dark UK EP12" 15
oldfield mike tubular bells I LP 15
oldfield mike boxed I BOX s 4 lps 35
oldfield mike hergest ridge I LP 14
oldfield mike incantations I DLP s 26
one come US LP 40
oregon moon and mind US LP - 18
ozric tentacles strangeitude UK LP 30
pacific gas & electric s/t US LP 25
page james patrick session man vol.2 US LP s 22
palmer bruce the cycle is complete US LP ris 25
paper garden the paper garden presents… US LP ris 28
parameter galactic ramble I LP ris lim. ed. 345/400 35
parson alan project tales of mistery and… I LP 13
parson alan project i robot I LP 13
parson alan project let's talk about me D EP12" 12
parson alan project pyramid I LP 13
patto s/t I LP ris. akarma 35
peel david & lower east side have a marijuana US LP 30
pendragon the jewel LP 28
pentangle reflection UK LP - 35
pentangle in the round I LP 20
pererin haul ar yr eira E LP ris 26
petals parahelion US LP 35
phenomena ii dream runner I LP s 16
phillips shawn second contribution US LP f/o cover 35
phillips shawn collaboration US LP 2nd print f/o cover 30
phillips shawn second contribution CA LP ris 20
phillips shawn transcendence US LP 25
pink fairies never never land EEC LP ris. lim. edition 25
plastic ono band give peace a chance/remember love I 7" 10
queen live at wembley stadium I TLP s ris. 3lps 28
rabin trevor can't look away D LP ex yes 15
ramatam s/t US LP 28
rapp tom familiar songs US LP vg cover 18
refugee s/t P LP 25
renaissance turn off the cards US LP 25
renaissance prologue US LP vg cover 25
renaissance camera camera LP s 18
renaissance illusion D LP s 2nd print 20
return to forever music magic I LP 18
rolling stones aftermath US LP ris 20
roxy music viva! - the live roxy music album US LP 28
roxy music country life I LP f/o cov. 25
roxy music stranded UK LP ilps 9252 35
roxy music the high road US MLP s 18
roxy music viva ! - the live roxy music album F LP 25
roxy music s/t D LP f/o cover w/insert 40
rundgren todd a cappella CA LP 18
rush a show of hands NL DLP - 28
saint steven s/t LP repro 30
samrat swara the truth about suzanne D LP 30
santana s/t (1971) I LP f/o cover 30
santana caravanserai US LP quadraph0nic 25
santana carlos devadip/turiya alice coltrane illuminations UK LP 20
savoy brown blue matter US LP f/o cover 35
saxon sky fire wall a groovy thing F LP 20
schoener eberhard/sting/andy summers music from "video magic" and "flashback" D LP 16
schulze klaus dune D LP 20
seatrain the marblehead messenger US LP f/o cover 30
seeds a web of sound US LP ris 20
serpent power s/t US LP ris 22
shadowfax s/t US LP 20
shadowfax the odd get even D LP 18
shadowfax shadowdance NL LP 20
shadowfax the dream of children US LP 20
sky 3 I LP 14
sky s. saxon fire wall destiny and children US LP s 26
sky saxon masters of psychedelia F LP vg cover 18
slick grace manhole I LP 25
soft machine fifth I LP 25
soft machine land of cockaine UK LP 30
soft machine six UK DLP 35
sonics here are the sonics!!! US LP ris 22
sons of champlin welcome to the dance US LP 25
sopwith camel the miracolous hump returns... US LP 40
southwind ready to ride US LP 25
spirit clear UK LP ris. 20
spirit spirit of 84 US LP s 20
spirit spirit of '76 US DLP 35
spirit twelve dreams of dr. sardonicous US LP f/o cover ris. 20
spirit s/t (1973) US DLP 45
spooky tooth spooky two US LP 2nd print 25
spriguns time will pass UK LP ris w/insert 25
spriguns revel weird and wild UK LP ris w/insert 25
starcastle fountains of light US LP - 30
stark everything & nothing UK LP 18
steppenwolf at your birthday party UK LP 40
steppenwolf for ladies only us LP f/o cover w/insert 35
steppenwolf monster US LP f/o cover 25
stoneground s/t US LP 30
strawbs hero and heroine D LP 25
strawbs burning for you US LP 25
summers a./r.fripp i advance masked D LP - 18
sweet thursday s/t US LP f/o cover 35
sweet tooth electric magic UK LP 25
tangerine dream electronic meditation US LP ris. 25
tangle edge in search of a new dawn N LP 40
ten years after s/t I LP ris. 180 gr. 20
ten years after alvin lee and company US LP - 30
ten years after ssssh. US LP ris 22
ten years after rock & roll music to the world US LP f/o cover 30
ten years after a space in the time US LP 2nd print 25
third ear band magic music I LP 38
thornton & mandragora while the green man sleeps UK LP 25
tolonen jukka summer games LP love lrlp91 40
tonto's expading head band zero time UK LP ris 22
traffic s/t I LP ris. 25
traffic shoot out at the fantasy factory I LP shaped cover 30
trapeze s/t (1970) US LP f/o cover 35
trashmen great lost album! US LP ris 25
tyrannosaurus rex hot love/woodland rock I 7" 15
u.s.a. s/t UK LP 2nd print 25
umela hmota barbara CZ LP 30
uriah heep innocent victims US LP 20
uriah heep the magician's birthday US LP f/o cover 30
utopia oops! wrong planet US LP 18
utopia another live I LP 18
utopia oblivion I LP s 18
val p. val well D LP 18
vanilla fudge near the beginning I LP 28
velvet underground & nico s/t EU LP verve 371 710-8 ris 25
violet hour the fire sermon NL LP 22
vv.aa. flash fearless versus the zorg women parts 5 & 6 I LP w/insert 25
vv.aa. chocolate soup for diabetics vol. 3 - LP ris 20
vv.aa. chocolate soup for diabetics vol. 2 LP ris 18
west, bruce & laing live 'n' kickin' JP LP - 25
west,bruce & laing why dontcha D LP ris 18
whitcomb ian the best of ian whitcomb US LP w/insert 18
who meaty beaty big and bounty US LP 30
who live at leeds US LP 2nd print 25
wizard the original wizard EEC LP ris. 30
yamashta stomu go too I LP 20
yes yessongs E TLP 30
yggdrasil/christian blak concerto grotto FO LP tutl hjf 18 23
youngbloods the earth UK LP ris. 20
youngbloods elephant mountain UK LP ris 20
youngbloods s/t UK LP ris 20
zappa frank joe's garage act i NL LP 30
zappa frank apostrophe I LP w/lyrics sheet 30
zappa frank joe's garage act ii & iii I DLP 40
zappa frank boulez conducts zappa - the perfect stranger D LP 35