dischi in vinile da collezione

Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note
1994 please stand by… US LP 18
38 specials rock'n roll strategy US LP 15
44 magnum danger NL LP 16
5 guns west bad boys rock n'roll US LP w/insert 16
5x human target JP LP 18
ac/dc nervous shakedown UK EP12" 20
ac/dc highway to hell D LP 20
accept balls to the wall B LP 16
acid black car B MLP 22
adrenalin american heart US LP 18
aerosmith permanent vacation D LP 15
aerosmith draw the line US LP 25
airwaves new day US LP 15
airwaves next stop US LP 15
alaska heart of the storm NL LP ex whitesnack 16
alcatrazz dangerous games US LP 16
ambrosia road island US LP s 18
ambrosia road island D LP 15
ambrosia life beyond l.a. US LP s 18
angel city two minute warning US LP 15
angkor wat when obscenity becomes the norm…awake! US LP 18
anthem no smoke without fire F LP 16
april wine harder…. faster NL LP 16
artch another return UK LP 25
aviary s/t I LP 16
axe nemesis US LP s 16
axe living on the edge YU LP 14
axe attack nightmare F LP 25
axe victims another victim B LP 18
axe witch lord of the flies I LP 20
bachelor of hearts on the boulevard NL LP 16
bachman turner overdrive ii US LP 18
bachman turner overdrive head on US LP s 18
bad company dangerous age D LP s 18
bad steve killing the night B LP 16
baker gurvitz army s/t I LP s swirl vertigo 30
ballantinez charged NL MLP 18
band of joy s/t US LP s 18
bandera knights US LP 16
barren cross rock for the king CA LP 20
big chill halfway to heaven UK LP 16
big mouth quite not right D LP 15
black alice …engangered species… AUS LP 20
black angels kickdown UK LP 18
black lace get it while it's hot B LP s 18
black n blue nasty nasty US LP s 16
black rose boys will be boys LP 15
black sabbath eternal idol I LP 18
black sabbath sabbath bloody sabbath D LP f/o cover 25
black tears the slave NL LP 16
blackfoot siogo I LP 16
blade runner hunted UK LP 25
blitzspeer live NL LP 15
blue blud the big noise F LP 16
blue cheer highlights and lowlive D LP 18
blue oyster cult club ninja NL LP s 18
blue oyster cult on your feet or on your knees NL DLP 25
blue oyster cult some enchanted evenings US LP 18
blue steel no more lonely nights US LP 16
bonfire knock out D LP s 18
boston third stage US LP 15
briar crown of thorns US LP s 18
bride show no mercy US LP 18
britny fox in america US LP 23
cannon thunder and lightning D LP 16
cappanera non c'e' piu' mondo I LP s 25
carnival art s/t UK LP 16
castle blak another dark carnival F LP 18
castle blak babes in toyland F LP 18
celebrity skin good clean fun NL LP 16
cerebus to late to pray US LP s 18
china live NL LP 16
cinderella somebody save me JP EP12" s 16
d.a.m. inside out D LP w/insert 20
dedringer second arising UK LP 18
deep purple smoke on the water D EP12" 16
deep purple highway star - south australia 84 DLP btlg purple vynil 60
deep purple nothing is perfect NL DLP 25
def leppard pyromania I LP 16
def leppard on trough the night I LP 15
def leppard young & wild LP btlg 18
delta rebels down in the dirt US lp 16
demon one helluva night D DLP 20
derringer rick good dirty fun NL LP 14
diamond rexx land of the damned D LP 16
diesel watts in a tank NL LP 14
dirty blonde passion US LP s 18
dirty looks i want more F LP 15
doc holliday modern medicine NL LP 18
dokken back in the streets D LP 15
dokken beast from the east CA DLP 22
doucette the douce is loose again CA LP s 15
doucette mama let him play UK LP 15
dr. know wreckage in flesh US LP s 20
drivin'n'cryin' mystery road I LP s 22
duke jupiter white knuckle ride US LP s 16
earthshaker fugitive UK LP 15
earthshaker s/t JP LP 18
eldopa 1332 us LP w/insert 20
electric food s/t I LP 32
elektradrive due I LP 20
exises s/t US LP s 16
extreme tragic comic EP12" picture disk 18
faith no more midlife crisis UK EP12" 4 tracks pict.disk 18
faith no more falling to pieces D EP12" partially live 12
fang a mi ga sfafas? US LP s 16
fastway s/t NL LP 16
fate s/t CA LP s 18
feudal grind four sons of king henry v UK LP 16
firm mean businness I LP 15
fist danger zone US LP 15
fist tracker B LP 15
flotsam & jetsam no place for disgrace NL LP 15
force 10 s/t US LP s 14
franke & the knockout below the belt US LP 18
frehley's comet second sighting US LP s 18
frehley's comet live + 1 US LP 14
funhouse generation generator US LP s 16
gbh a fridge too far F LP - 15
genocide submit to genocide US LP s 18
georgia satellites open all night US LP 18
gillan & glover accidentally on purpose UK LP 16
gillan ian band child in time I LP 18
gillan ian band live at budokan I DLP s 25
girl sheer greed NL LP 15
giuffria silk+steel US LP 16
god b.c. eargasm in eden US LP 18
golub jeff unspoken words US LP s 15
goodman tim footsteps US LP 18
gothic slam killer istinct LP 16
gowan strange animal CA LP 16
grand funk what's funk ? US LP s 18
grand theft s/t I LP ris. 18
gravestone victim of chains D LP 18
guillotine bring down the curtains US LP s 16
hagar sammy standing hampton NL LP s 15
hagar sammy live loud & clear UK LP 18
hagar sammy three lock box NL LP 14
hagar sammy s/t US LP s 15
hagar/schon/aaronson/shrieve through the fire US LP s 15
hansen kay heading for tomorrow LP 18
harsh reality grimm facts US LP 18
haunted garage possession park UK LP 16
haywire nuthouse I LP s 18
heart dog & butterfly NL LP 14
heart s/t UK LP ris 14
heavy pettin rock ain't dead UK LP 16
heavy the world what in the world? US LP s 40
helix white lace & black leather UK LP 18
helix no rest for the wicked US LP s 16
helix walkin' the razor edge US LP 16
hellcats s/t US LP s 16
hellion s/t UK MLP 16
heretic torture knows no boundary US LP s 20
heretics goat milk fudge D LP 15
highway chile storybook heroes NL LP 16
hoax ego eater F LP 15
hollyrock legalize freedom US LP 20
hollyrock ii new improved! US LP 20
honeymoon suite monsters under the bed D LP 15
howe ii high gear US LP s 16
hunt the thrill of the kill US LP 16
hydra vain rather death than false of faith UK LP s 23
icon right between the eyes US LP s 16
iggy pop t.v. eye I LP 18
impellitteri s/t US MLP s 16
iron sheiks do you sell beer here? AU LP w/insert 18
ironmaiden s/t F LP 20
james gang passin' thru US LP - 25
jersey dogs don't worry,get angry! US MLP s 16
jett joan the hit list I LP 16
jo jo gunne where is the show ? US LP 18
jo jo gunne jumpin' the gunne US LP f/o cover 25
journey captured NL DLP 25
judas priest priest…live! NL DLP 25
judas priest unleashed in the east NL LP 16
keel the final frontier US LP 16
keel s/t CA LP 16
kid dynamite s/t US LP 18
killer young blood D LP 16
killer dwarfs big deal US LP s 16
kinetic dissent i will fight no more forever NL LP 16
king of the sun s/t D LP 16
king's x s/t D LP 18
kinghorse s/t US LP s 18
kiss crazy nights US LP 15
kramer wayne dangerous madness US LP s 20
krank hideous us LP s 20
krokus change of address I LP s 16
krokus hardware I LP s 16
krokus in concert DLP btlg 30
laaz rockit live at queen's hall UK LP 18
landslide bad reputation UK LP s 18
lawnmower death/metal duck mower lib. front/quak 'em all LP 16
leather shock waves NL LP 18
led zeppelin coda I LP 22
led zeppelin remastered D TLP 45
lee alvin pump iron! I LP 23
leonard deke kamikaze UK LP 18
liar set the world on fire US LP s 16
lixx loose on you UK MLP 16
loudness disillusion UK LP 18
loudness lightning strikes US LP 16
louisiana's leroux s/t US LP 16
love brad s/t I LP s 15
loverboy get lucky NL LP 14
loverboy s/t CA LP 15
low max s/t D MLP 15
lucifer friends banquet US LP 20
lucifer's friend sneak me in I LP 15
m.o.d. surfin' m.o.d. NL LP 15
mac alpine/aldridge/rock/sarzo project : driver NL LP 16
mad max rollin' thunder NL LP 16
magnum mirador UK LP poster+ep+blue vynil 23
maineeaxe going for gold CA LP s 18
make - up howling will JP LP 20
mardones benny never run never hide US LP promo 16
mardones benny s/t D LP 15
marsden bernie look at me now NL LP 16
masi downtown dreamers US LP 16
mc coy think hard B LP 16
midas touch presage of disaster D LP s 16
molly hatchet no glory NL LP 14
molly hatchet s/t I LP 14
money trust me UK LP 16
moore gary rockin' every night I LP 16
moore gary we want moore! I DLP 25
moore vinnie. mind's eye US LP 16
morse steve high tension wires D LP s 16
motorhead anthology F DLP 22
mucky pup now NL LP 18
munich s/t D LP 18
necracedia now i see clearly US LP 15
nevada beach zero day UK LP 16
nevada beach s/t US LP 16
nightwing black summer US LP s 18
norum john total control NL LP ex europe 14
not fragile who dares wins UK LP 20
nova aldo subject NL LP 14
nova aldo s/t US LP 16
nugent t. & amboy dukes call of the wild US LP 18
nugent ted double live - gonzo! US LP 25
obliteration obscured within UK LP w/insert 20
omnitron masterpeace SW LP 25
onslaught let there be rock UK LP 16
osborne ozzie paranoid - live at the sun plaza hall japan 82 DLP btlg 50
osbourne ozzy recorded live 83 san bernardino LP btlg transp.vyn. 35
oxenkiller monster of steel US LP s 18
paganini weapon of love NL LP 15
paganini it's a long way to the top D LP 15
page james patrick session man vol.2 US LP s 22
pendemia narcotic religion UK LP 15
pet hate bad publicity UK LP 15
pets wet behind the ears US LP 14
pezband s/t US LP 16
pezband cover to cover US LP 15
phasslayns cut it up NL LP s 15
pinera mike forever US LP 18
plant robert now and zen I LP s 18
player spies of life US LP 16
point blank airplay US LP s 16
point blank the hard way US LP 16
point blank airplay US LP 16
point blank on a roll US LP 16
poison flesh & blood I LP 15
potter m. band in concert D LP 15
private life s/t US MLP s 16
queensryche empire US DLP 25
queensryche the warning I LP 15
queensryche rage for order I LP 16
quiet riot metal health NL LP 15
rage run for the night I LP vg cov. 14
railway climax NL LP 16
ratt out of the cellar D LP s 16
ratt invasion of your privacy D LP 16
raven life's a bitch D LP s 16
raven stay hard D LP s 16
razor baby too hot to handle D LP 15
reckless no frills D LP 14
red baron baronoia US LP 18
red dogs sweet little ruby UK EP12" 10
red rider don't fight it US LP 16
red warriors lesson 1 JP LP s 18
riggs s/t US LP 16
rock goddess hell hath no fury US LP s 15
rods heavier than thou US LP 16
rods live UK LP s 16
rogue male animal man UK LP 16
rogue male belfast UK EP12" 14
rollers elevator US LP s 16
rose tattoo assault and battery D LP s 16
royal air force fasten seat belts I LP 18
rush exit…stage left F DLP 25
rush permanent waves I LP 16
sabu heartbreak D LP 15
saffan mark & the keepers s/t US LP 14
saga in transit D LP 15
saga silent knight D LP 15
saga wildest dreams D LP 14
saints anger danger metal B LP 18
sam the band play it again sam US LP 15
samson don't get mad get even NL LP 15
santers racing time D LP 16
satriani joe flying in a blue dream UK LP 18
satrox heaven sent CH LP 15
saxon strong arm of the law I LP 15
saxon strong arm metal F LP s 16
saxon the eagle has landed I LP s 16
saxon power and the glory I LP 15
scanner terminal earth D LP 18
scarecrow condemned to... D LP s 25
scat opera four gone confusion UK LP 18
schenker michael group rock will never die UK LP 16
scissormen nitwit? UK LP 16
seducer s/t NL LP 16
shooting star s/t UK LP 18
shy excess all areas D LP 15
silverwing sittin' pretty F EP12" 12
siren no place like home D LP s 16
slave raider what do you know about rock'n'roll? I LP s 16
spinout s/t US LP s 16
spys s/t US LP 16
squier billy signs of life NL LP 15
starcastle fountains of light US LP 30
starfighters s/t D LP 15
starr's jack rock the american way F LP 15
starr's jack burning starr rock the amerivan way US LP 18
starz violation YU LP 13
status quo never too late I LP 14
status quo red sky UK EP12" 14
status quo live! I DLP 23
steeltower night of the dog B LP s 15
steinman jim bad for good NL LP bonus ep 16
still blind s/t I LP s 20
stone s/t US LP s 16
stoppa roberto specchio delle mie brame I LP 20
stories about us US LP s 16
stradlin izzy pressure drop UK EP12" picture disk 16
streetheart under heaven over hell US LP s 16
striker s/t US LP 15
stryper together as one/soldiers under command NL EP12" 13
stryper interview UK LP picture disk 25
sweet waters edge I LP 16
tafolla joey out of the sun us LP 16
takashi kamikaze killers US LP 16
talas sink your teeth into that UK LP 20
talon never look back D LP 20
taxxi day for night CA LP 14
teenage heads tornado US MLP 15
tender fury if anger were soul,id be james brown NL LP - 18
terry hoax freedom circus D LP 20
thieves seduced by money US LP 15
thin lizzy bad reputation US LP 20
thor jon-mikl recruits wild in the streets NL LP 20
thrasher s/t NL LP 15
tiger,tiger eye of the tiger US LP 18
time zone praise god B EP12" 10
tko below the belt NL LP 15
tnt knights of the new thunders US LP 18
tokyo blade no remorse I LP s 16
topaz s/t US LP 16
touch s/t US LP 18
tracker s/t US LP 16
trapeze s/t (1970) US LP f/o cover 35
trapeze dead armadillos - live in texas P LP 18
treatment s/t UK LP 16
trickster back to zero UK LP 16
trillion s/t I LP 16
triumph progressions of power US LP 16
triumph surveillance CA LP 15
trower robin beyond the mist US LP s 18
tsunami s/t F LP 16
twisted sister love is for suckers I LP s 16
twisted sister you can't stop rock'n'roll D LP s 16
u.d.o. faceless world NL LP 18
u.s.k. s/t CA LP 14
ufo the wild, the willing & the innocent US LP s 18
ufo making contact I LP s 18
ufo no place to run US LP s 18
uriah heep the magician's birthday US LP f/o cover 30
uriah heep innocent victims US LP - 20
victory hungry hearts D LP 18
victory culture killed the native D LP w/poster 16
vincent v. invasion all systems go US LP s 16
vintage urban nothing s/t US LP 15
violet white sweet disease LP 16
virgin steele guardians of the flame F LP 18
vow wow beat of metal motion NL LP s 16
vv.aa. pacific metal project US LP s 16
vv.aa. flash fearless versus the zorg women parts 5 & 6 I LP w/insert 20
vv.aa. mad trax ii beyond metal zone UK DLP 18
vv.aa. stars hear'n aid NL EP12" 12
vv.aa. n.j.rock US LP 16
vv.aa. rock pretty UK LP 16
vv.aa. return of the living dead part ii US LP s 23
vv.aa. hollywood shocks LP 15
w.a.s.p. the last command I LP s 16
w.a.s.p. inside the electric circus I LP 15
warlock triumph and agony D LP 18
wasch! metal goes mountain UK LP bonus 7" 16
waysted save yours player UK LP 16
west, bruce & laing live 'n' kickin' JP LP 25
west,bruce & laing why dontcha D LP ris 18
white cross hammer & nail US LP s 20
whitesnake live…in the heart of the city I DLP 20
whitesnake slip of the tongue US LP 18
wild wild 1 US LP s 16
wishbone ash front page news I LP 15
wizard the original wizard EEC LP ris. 20
wolf peter up to no good! US LP s 16
wrath fit of anger US LP s 18
ya ya scarred NL LP 15
zebra s/t US LP 15
zed holding on D LP 15
ziggurat s/t US LP 16
znowhite all hail to thee US LP 16
zodiac mindwarp elvis died for you F EP12" 14
zon back down to earth NL LP 15