dischi in vinile da collezione

Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note
air sexy boy NL CDS 8
antena isabelle jouez le cinq JP CD 8
ash envy UK CDS 6
bad religion stranger than fiction D CDS 3 tracks 10
basement jaxx get me off CDS 5
bjork hidden place CDS 8
bjork cocoon EU CDS 8
black eyed peas hey mama CDS 8
blur out of time I CDS 7
cast mother nature calls UK CD promo metal box 20
codeseven a sense of coalition US CD 10
coldplay unplugged CD btlg 16
coldplay coldplay at the hollywood bowl CD btlg 16
cranberries ticking out CDS 5
cranberries this is the day EU CDS 5
cure live on prospect hill 80 I CD box 12" cover 25
daft punk one more time I CDS 8
dead can dance 2005 24th march italy: milan dcd limited edition 149/ 100
del amitri some others suckers parade uk cd 10
dire straits goin' home live in london 1983 I CD btlg 20
duran duran save a prayer I CD btlg 25
everything but the girl walking wounded EU CD promo diff. cover 12
finitribe brand new UK CDS promo picture cd 12
foo fighters all my life EU CDS promo 6
fuzztones boom D LP sonics tribute 15
gadjits what we never met us CD 10
garbage cherry lips CDS s 8
garbage breaking up the girl CDS s 8
garbage shut your mouth CDS s 8
gomez machismo e.p. EU CDS 7
gorillaz clint eastwood EU CDS 8
grant lee buffalo fuzzy UK CDS 4 tracks 10
green day waiting D CDS s 8
hothouse flowers an emotional time UK CDS lim. ed. collectors 10
jam video snap UK LASERDISC 20
joy division substance 1977 - 80 D CD 10
joy division love will tear us apart UK CDS 1995 12
ka-spel edward tanith and the lion tree D CD 13
korn here to stay DVD VIDEO 8
kramer wayne the hard stuff US CD 8
lacuna coil comalies D CD 10
lee mark obvious...lee D CD 13
limp bizkit significant over EU CD 10
limpbizkit eat you alive EU CDS s 8
love child okay? US CD s 12
lunch lydia widowspeak I DCD 18
madness madstock! VHS 10
madonna like a prayer , live in europe 1990 I CD on stage cd 12084 bt 30
manic street preachers the return of the preachers CD 12
manonegra casa babylon F CD s 15
manson marilyn genesis of the devil UK CD s btlg 16
moby max collection vol. 3 I CD 10
moby we are all made of stars E CDS 8
momus stars forever DCD 14
nicolette dj-kicks : nicolette - DCD - 10
nine rain rain of fire CD 8
nirvana piper 1989 - live in rome I CD btlg 50
oasis stop crying your heart out A CDS s 8
offspring splinter CD s 8
orange 9mm. driver not included D CD - 10
pearl jam indianapolis indiana august 18 2000 DCD btlg 20
pearl jam tokyo, japan march 3rd 2003 DCD btlg 20
pearl jam spin the black circle CDS cb 602 10
pearl jam north america 2003 mansfield july 11th 2003 TCD btlg 25
pearl jam 25.6.00 parkbuhne wuhlheide berlin germany DCD btlg 24
pearl jam north america 2003 san antonio texas april 5th 200 DCD btlg 25
pearl jam "brixton" recorded live in 1993 I DCD btlg 25
pearl jam north america 2003 holmdel, nj july 14th 2003 DCD btlg 25
pearl jam given to fly A CDS 3 tracks 10
pearl jam alive - 1992 european tour I CD btlg 15
portishead all mine UK CDS 10
pulp a little soul UK CDS 2 tracks promo 10
pulp thi is hardcore UK CDS 2 cd promo 18
r.e.m. i'll take the rain D CDS s 8
r.e.m. animal EU CDS s 8
r.e.m. bittersweet me D CDS s 8
r.e.m. begin the begin I CD btlg 25
r.e.m. this film is on VHS 10
r.e.m. e-bow the letter CDS s 10
r.e.m. imitation of life D CDS s 8
radiohead glastonbury '97 CD wr008 btlg 15
red hot chili peppers live rare & remix box EU BOX s 23
red hot chili peppers my friend D CDS 4 tracks 10
red hot chily peppers universally speaking D CDS s 8
red hot chily peppers by the way D CDS s 8
ridgway stan goin' southbound CD 3" 10
scheer infliction I CD 10
seether disclaimer ii EU CD s cd + dvd 12
shivaree bossa nova (the luckiest girl) EU CDS 8
shivaree john, 2/14 EU CDS 8
skunk anansie secretly I CDS s 10
smashing pumpkins 1979 NL CDS 6 tracks 10
smashing pumpkins stand inside your love EU CDS 10
smith patty when doves cry US CDS s promo 10
soundgarden pretty noose CDS 4 tracks 10
sting fragile CDS s 10
stone temple pilots plush CDS 4 tracks 10
strokes the modern age EU CDS s promo 10
strokes last nite EU CDS 8
suede saturday night UK CDS 8
suede trash A CDS 8
sway mmm..prepared to be swayed EC CD 15
telescopes as approved by the committee US CD 10
television s/t (1992) US CD 10
thomas david & the pale orchestra mirror man I CD 10
throbbing gristle's enterntainment through pain UK CD 10
tica no coast jp CD 10
tica weight-less JP CD 10
tong/cox/sasha/oakenfold essential mix UK DCD 20
travis flowers in the window CDS 8
travis sing CDS s promo 8
u2 vertigo 05 live from chicago DVD s 12
u2 i will follow I CD viva cd 7507 btlg l 15
u2 best of live vol. ii I CD btlg 25
u2 vertigo UK CDS s 10
u2 zoolandia vol.1 I VHS s 10
verve lucky man I CDS 10
vv.aa. counterforce. a collection of deep beats UK CD 15
vv.aa. communicate - live at thames poly UK CD 10
vv.aa. new rose story 1980 - 2000 BOX 4 cd + booklet 22
vv.aa. white riot - a tribute to clash CD s 10
vv.aa. the smiths is dead CD therapy? 12
vv.aa. salt tank st5 peel sessions UK CD 12
vv.aa. fire and ice music from iceland DCD promo ime 001 50
vv.aa. ska mania 24 heavy skanking tracks! UK CD 10
ymo (yellow magic orchestra) technodon I CD 15