dischi in vinile da collezione

Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note
10.000 maniacs the wishing chair D LP 20
10.000 maniacs the wishing chair US LP - 25
22 cavegods raised up US LP s 18
27 devils joking smells like fun US LP s 16
27 various yes, indeed US LP w/insert 25
4 big guiitars from texas trash twang and thunder UK LP 16
440's scrubbing satans cadillac US LP 15
6 feet hunder spaghetti face US LP s 16
7 kevins sacred cowbomb D LP 15
a certain ratio to each... UK LP 30
a certain ratio i'd like to see you again I LP 18
a.c. marias one of our girls UK LP 18
a.c. temple belinda backwards UK LP 18
a.p.p.l.e. plutocracy US LP with insert 25
absolute grey green house UK MLP 2nd pressing 16
adam & the ants kings of the wild frontier I LP s 18
adam and the ants kings of the wild frontier US LP 20
alarm strenght CA LP 18
alarm absolute reality UK EP12" 15
alarm declaration NL LP 16
alarm electric folklore live NL MLP 18
alexander willie & boom boom band. meanwhile back in the state US LP 20
alien sex fiend liquid head in tokyo UK LP 22
all about eve scarlet and other stories NL LP 16
almond marc love letter UK EP12" 14
almond marc violent silence D EP12" 15
almond marc jacques UK LP 20
an emotional fish s/t D LP 16
anderson laurie home of the brave I LP s 22
anderson laurie u.s. live i-iv US BOX 5 lps 80
angel dave in flight entertainment DEP12" 22
angkor wat corpus christi F LP 18
angry samoans yesterday started tomorrow US LP s 23
angst cry for happy US LP 18
antena isabelle en cavale B LP s 16
anthony & the johnsons cut the world EU DLP s w/bonus cd 30
art of noise into battle with the art of moise US LP 16
art of noise in no sense? nonsense! I LP s 15
art of noise who's afraid of the… I LP 18
artery the alabama song UK EP12" 14
associates perhaps D LP 18
astley virginia melt the snow UK EP12" 16
astley virginia hope in a darkened heart D LP w/d.sylvian 20
astor peter zoo F LP 18
astor peter submarine UK LP bonus 7" 20
aztec camera backwards & forwards CA MLP s 18
back to the planet messagesafter the bleep.. UK LP 22
bad machine rip your heart US LP 15
bad manners that'll do nicely US ep12" 13
bad manners fat sound E LP 16
bad manners forging ahead I s 20
bad manners gosh it's… I LP s 18
badowsky henry life is a grand ........ NL LP 16
balaam & the angel world of light UK EP12" 15
balaam & the angel day and night UK EP12" 15
balancing act new campfire songs US LP 16
balkan electrique s/t PL LP transp. vynil 20
basement jaxx kish kash UK DLP s 35
bates michael letters to a scattered family B LP 18
batfish boys swamp liquor UK EP12" 13
bauhaus in the flat field UK LP 30
beat what is beat ? D LP 18
beat farmers van go US LP 18
beat farmers tales of the new west UK LP 18
beat farmers the pursuit of happiness CA LP 18
beat farmers van go D LP s 18
beat farmers tales of the new west UK LP - 18
beautiful pea green boat get religion UK LP 16
beautiful south welcome to the beautiful south LP 15
belew adrian twang bar king D LP 18
bevis frond the inner marshland UK LP 50
big country the crossing I LP 18
big drill car no worse for the wear US LP s 20
big pink future this UK LP w/insert 20
birdhouse meglamania I LP s 15
birdhouse burnin' up US MLP 18
black velvet band when justice came D LP 15
blasters over there US LP 25
blondie plastic letters US LP 25
blondie eat to the beat US LP 18
blue murder s/t uk mlp 16
blue rondo bees knees & … D LP 16
boomtown rats mondo bongo US LP s 16
borghesia she is not alone NL EP12" son.youth covers 14
bow wow wow see jungle! see jungle! US LP 20
box crow bar UK EP12" 15
bragg billy workers playtime I LP 18
bragg billy back to basics UK DLP 22
brains electronic eden US LP 16
brigade the dividing line US LP 18
brown steven brown plays tenco I MLP 18
buffalo tom let me come over I LP 20
burke patrick silence and timing LP 18
bush kate hounds of love UK EP12" 16
bush kate the sensual world I LP 15
byrne david the catherine wheel US LP 16
call scene beyond dreams US LP 18
camper van beethoven our beloved revolutionary sweetheart UK LP 22
capitol punishment bulwark against oppression D LP 16
captain sensible one christmas catalogue UK EP12" 14
carlos peron impersonator ii B LP 18
carmel the drum is everything US LP 20
cassiber man or monkey D DLP 25
cast all change UK DLP lim. edition 45
cave nick & the bad seeds your funeral….my trial I LP w/insert 27
celebration s/t US LP s 22
celibate rifles kiss kiss bang bang AUS LP s 20
cervenka exene old wives' tales US LP 16
cervenka exene running sacred I LP w/sleeves 16
charlatans over rising I EP12" 15
charlatans weirdo UK EP12" 15
charlatans some friendly UK LP w/white plastic cov. 25
charleie couture poemes rock I LP 15
chemical people soundtracks US LP 14
chesterfield kings the berlin wall of sound CA LP 25
chilton alex feudalists tarts F MLP 15
china crisis what price paradise I LP s 16
china crisis the highest high EP12" 13
china crisis christian UK EP12" 13
chris d./divine horseman time stand still F LP 18
christian death all the love, all the hate part one :all the love F LP 25
chronics it's too late B LP 18
church seance AUS LP 30
church s/t F LP 20
cinecyde let's talk I LP 18
city kids s/t F LP 20
city kids the orphan's parade I LP 20
clash london calling EU DLP ris sony 2015 30
clash the story of clash YU DLP 30
clash cut the crap UK LP 20
clash/big audio dynamite ii should i stay or shouls i go/rush/protex blue/rush NL EP12" 16
classix noveau night people I LP 18
claw hammer ramwhale US LP 16
claytown troupe through the veil I LP s 18
close lobsters foxheads stalk this land UK LP 22
cocteau twins head over heels UK LP 25
cocteau twins victorialand UK LP 20
cocteau twins heaven or las vegas I LP 18
cocteau twins blue bell knoll I LP 18
cole lloyd & commotions rattlesnakes NL LP 16
cole lloyd & commotions the lost weekend UK EP12" 13
collins paul beat s/t NL LP 30
collins' paul beat the kids are the same NL LP 20
come eleven : eleven US LP 30
communards disenchanted UK EP12" 12
concrete blonde free US LP 18
contenders/backstabbers live in the big sleazy I EP12" 15
cope julian droolian US LP 35
copeland stewart the equalizer & other cliffhangers US LP ex police 16
cosmic dropouts groovy things US LP 35
costello elvis almost blue UK LP 18
costello elvis out of our idiot UK LP 18
costello elvis accidents DLP btlg 35
costello elvis & the attractions armed forces US LP 2nd print 18
cowboy junkies whites off earth now !! US LP 25
cowboy mouth cowboys and indians US LP 16
cowboys international the original sin US LP ex clash 16
cowboys international the original sin CA LP ex clash 18
crawling walls inner limits US LP 25
creepers sleeper a retrospective UK DLP 25
cretones snap!snap! US LP s 15
cripples what's in a name US MLP s 15
crusaders fat, drunk and stupid US LP s 16
cud purple love balloon UK EP12" lim.ed. w/insert 16
cult electric I LP s 20
culture club waking up with the house on fire LP s pict. disc 20
cure faith I LP 20
cure boys don't cry US LP 35
cure the walk NL MLP 20
cwill beyond reality CH LP w/booklet 16
d.a.f. the gun D EP12" 13
damned anything UK LP f/o cover 18
damned eloise UK EP12" 14
danny & dusty the lost weekend UK LP 30
danny & dusty the lost weekend US LP 35
danse society seduction UK MLP 20
das damen entertaining friends D LP s 16
das damen jupiter eye US LP 16
deep reduction 2 US LP s col. vinyl 18
deepwater s/t i lp w/insert 16
dehumanizers european tour 87 F LP 15
deity guns electricity - live in italy I LP 28
del amitri change everything NL LP 15
del amitri be my downfall UK 10" 16
del amitri kiss this thing goodbye UK 10" lim. ed. 16
del fuegos stand up NL LP 18
del fuegos the longest day F LP 18
del fuegos s/t US LP 18
del-lords frontier days UK LP 18
deltabonds got fun if you want it ! 10" 15
depeche mode people are people CA LP 18
depeche mode love in itself D EP12" 14
depeche mode shake the disease UK EP12" 14
depeche mode behind the wheel UK EP12" w/insert 18
depeche mode behind the wheel UK EP12" 18
design for living slowly shouting UK LP 16
destination zero suiciety D LP 18
devo q:are we not men? a:we are devo! I LP 25
devo duty now for the future UK LP blue cov. 20
devo freedom of choice I LP 18
devo total devo I LP s 16
dexys midnight runners don't stand me down I LP 15
dexys midnight runners searching for the young sou rebels I LP 18
dickies the incredible shrinking dickies UK LP blue vynil 45
die kreuzen gone away US LP 16
died pretty lost F LP 16
died pretty free dirt F LP f/o cover 30
dire straits on the road to philadelphia LP btlg 35
divine horsemen handful of sand F MLP 18
dmz relics US LP s color vynil 25
doctors mob sophomore slump US LP s 15
doctors of madness late night movies all night brainstorms F LP 25
domino anna mysteries of america NL LP 16
dread zeppelin 5,000,000 I LP - 18
dream sindycate ghost stories CAN LP s 22
dream sindycate the days of wine and roses F LP diff. cover 35
dream sindycate live at the raji UK DLP 40
dream syndicate the day of wine and roses US LP - 40
dream syndicate medicine show NL LP 50
dream syndicate ghost stories I LP s 22
dream syndicate SW LP 25
dream syndicate out of the grey SW LP 28
droogs want something CA LP 18
drum theatre home(is where the heart is) UK EP12" 10
dub sex splintered faith F LP 18
duran duran arena I LP w/poster 15
duran duran notorious I LP 14
durutti column without mercy CA LP 25
durutti column the guitar and other machines I LP 25
durutti column deux triangles B EP12" 18
dury ian & the blockheads do it yourself UK LP ris. 15
dury ian & the blockheads laughter P LP s 15
echo & the bunnymen ocean rain I LP 18
echo & the bunnymen songs to learn and sing I LP 16
eddie and the hot rods life on the line I LP 32
emotional play stranger in my home town UK EP12" 18
empire expensive sound UK LP ex gen x 16
endino's earthworm US LP s 25
europeans live UK LP 13
everything but the girl night and day UK EP12" 14
everything but the girl eden I LP 16
faith brothers eventide UK LP s 16
falco tav & the panther burns disapperaing angels US 10" s 16
fartz world full of hate US LP s 35
feelies time for a witness NL LP 25
fine young cannibals suspicious minds UK EP12" 10
finitribe grossing 10k UK LP 15
finkers fresh set -o- prints E DLP 25
fischer z red skies over paradise YU LP 14
fischer z red skies over paradise I LP 14
fishbone the reality of my surroundings D DLP 20
five go down the sea singing in braille UK MLP s 14
flatliners s/t D 10" pict disk 14
fleshtones hexbreaker! NL LP 25
flowerpot men alligator bait UK EP12" 15
flowerpot men jo's so mean to josephine F EP12" 13
flying lizard dizzy miss lizzie UK EP12" 14
fortunate sons rising UK LP 16
fortune tellers fortune told for free F LP 15
forty-fives fight dirty US LP s 16
fountainhead drain US LP 16
foxx john enter the angel UK EP12" 13
fra lippo lippi songs I LP vg cover 14
fra lippo lippi light and shade UK LP s 22
frankie goes to hollywood welcome to the pleasure dome UK EP12" 14
friday gavin and the m.s. each man kills the things he loves I LP 18
fura dels bauls erg E LP 25
fuzztones heart on hold US LP 25
galaxy trio in the harem ! US 10" 16
gallon drunk tonite … the singles bar UK LP 25
gang green you got it US LP 16
gas huffer just beautiful music US LP w/booklet 18
gaye bikers on acid drill your own hole UK LP 20
gbh a fridge too far F LP 15
gene loves jezebel immigrant CA LP 16
gene loves jezebel sweetes things LP 15
gene loves jezebel promise US LP s 16
giant sand the love songs UK LP w/insert 26
go-betweens part company UK EP12" 13
godfathers unreal world UK LP 18
gorl robert night full of tension UK LP w/a.lennox 18
green day insomniac US LP 30
green on red too much fun I LP 18
green on red here comes the snakes I LP s 18
green on red this time around I LP 18
green on red here comes the snakes I LP 18
green on red s/t NL LP 25
green on red no free lunch UK LP sp. cov. 20
green on red scapegoats I LP 18
green on red this time around UK LP 7" bonus 22
green on red gas food lodging I LP 20
green on red the killer inside me I LP 18
green on red gravity talks UK LP 35
grid crystal clear - the orb remixes UK EP12" transp. vynil 20
grief kittystra 4 F. LP 16
gruppo sportivo pop! goes the brain I LP 14
guadalcanal diary jamboree D LP 16
guadalcanal diary walking in the shadows of the big man D LP 18
guana batz rough edges I LP 20
gun club fire of love F LP 25
hagen nina unbehagen I LP 18
hagen nina band unbehagen NL LP 18
hagen nina bans unbehagen I LP 18
happy family the man on your street LP w/lyrics sheet 18
happy mondays bummed I LP 15
hart grant intolerance US LP ex husker du 16
hash palace great and bare it D LP 16
headache my disco/grinder US EP12" 13
heaven 17 s/t (1982) US LP 18
heavy the world what in the world? US LP s 40
high beams hallucination US LP 15
hitchcock r. & egyptians queen elvis US LP 18
hitchcock robin globe of frogs US LP 18
hitchcock robyn element of ligt US LP 20
hitchcock robyn invisible hitchcock UK LP - 20
hitchcock robyn & egypitians globe of frogs D LP - 16
hitchcock robyn & egypitians perspex island NL LP - 18
hitchcock robyn & the egyptians queen elvis D LP 18
hitchcock robyn and the egyptians element of light UK LP 23
hollow men broken stuff AUS LP 18
hollyfaith purrrr UK LP 16
hoodoo gurus magnum cum louder US LP 16
hoodoo gurus blow your cool ! UK LP 16
hoodoo gurus kinky D LP s 26
hootie & the blowfish old man & me (when i get to heaven) US EP10" orange vynil 15
hot dogs ! the powerhouse E LP 16
hothouse flowers home LP 16
hothouse flowers people D LP 15
house of love s/t (1988) UK LP 18
house of love you don't understand UK 10" 18
house of love s/t UK LP 18
housemartins london hull 4 UK LP 16
housemartins now thats what.. I DLP s 15
houston penelope birdboys US LP ex avengers s 22
hugo largo mettle UK LP - 16
hugo largo mettle US LP 18
human league reproduction I LP 18
humungus a reason to care… US LP w/insert 18
husker du flip your wig UK LP 25
huxton creepers 12 days to paris LP 15
iggy pop t.v. eye I LP - 18
illegal state of mind nothing's really important D LP 16
in the nursery elegy UK EP12" 14
in the nursery counterpoint UK LP 18
in the nursery compulsion UK EP12" 14
infidels 9:25 and seven seconds US LP 25
inmates true live stories F LP 20
inmates meet the beatles - live in paris F LP 30
inmates five F LP 18
innocence mission s/t D LP 18
inspiral carpets she comes in the fall UK EP12" 13
inspiral carpets life UK LP 25
it's immaterial life's hard and then you die I LP 15
jackie papers im in love US MLP s 15
jackson joe blaze of glory US LP s 15
jackson joe body and soul NL LP 14
jam the gift I LP 20
jam dig the new breed UK LP 22
james gold mother NL LP 16
james seven NL LP 16
james strip-mine D LP 16
james stutter D LP 16
jamiroquai space cowboy UK EP12" 14
jamiroquai love foolosophy I EP12" 15
japan tin drum I LP 20
jazz butcher hamburg D LP 18
jazz butcher a scandal in bohemia UK LP 25
jazz butcher sex and travel UK LP 20
jazz butcher condition blue UK LP 20
jazz butcher cult of the basement UK LP 20
jesus & mary chain just like honey UK EP12" 18
jesus & mary chain barbed wire kisses D LP 18
jesus & mary chain automatic D LP 18
jesus & mary chain april skies UK EP12" 14
jesus & mary chain happy when it rains UK EP12" 14
jesus & mary chain darklands YU LP 18
jesus & mary chain automatic D LP f/o cover 20
jet bumpers it's a sexy burnout D LP 14
jimmy and the mustangs s/t US LP 16
jingo de lunch b.y.e. D LP picture disk 18
johansen david in style US LP 18
johansen david here comes the night US LP 18
jon & nightriders charge of nightriders US LP - 15
junkyard dogs good livin' platter US 10" 22
kalahari surfers bigger than jesus UK LP 18
karn m. w/d. sylvian buoy I EP12" 13
karn mick dream of reason produce monster I LP s 18
killdozer little baby buntin' US LP s 18
killing joke outside the gate LP s 20
killing joke night time LP 20
knitters poor little critter... US LP 18
knox plutonium express UK LP 28
kode iv faust B EP12" 10
kode iv silicon civilisation LP 15
krysa bigbitovej podraz CZ LP 18
kuepper ed today wonder D LP 16
kusworth dave & b.h. wives weddings & roses UK LP 25
la costa rasa autopilot UK LP 20
laika sounds of the satellites UK DLP w/insert 40
lambrettas ambience LP 25
lanois daniel acadie US LP 25
larry martin factory law and order I LP 18
late notes hallelujah ska UK LP 22
leather nun lust games UK LP 16
leaving trains sleeping underwater survivors US LP 18
leaving trains transportational d.vices US LP 18
left last train to hangerstown US LP s 18
legendary pink dots the lovers NL LP 25
leroi brothers open all night US LP 15
les godzillas greedangelamento 10" 14
let's active big plans for everybody UK LP 15
let's active every dog has his day US LP s 15
letters here comes that feeling again… UK LP 16
level 42 true colors D LP 14
lewie jonah s/t US LP s 15
lili drop n NL LP 18
lime spiders the cave comes alive! US LP 30
live skull positraction US LP 16
live wire pick it up UK LP 15
living colour vivid NL LP 15
living daylights any way you want UK LP s 16
living in texas the history of rock & roll I LP s 15
london animal games I LP ris 20
long ryders state of our union US LP 23
long ryders 10-5-60 US LP 22
long ryders two fisted tales I LP - 18
long ryders native sons US LP 25
lost minds express jerky motion UK LP 18
lotus eaters no sense of sin I LP 22
loud d generation album 1 UK LP 18
lounge lizards big heart I LP 18
lounge lizards big heart D LP - 18
love and rockets express UK LP w/poster 30
love battery out of focus D EP12" sub pop 13
love tractor this ain't no outerspace ship CA LP 15
lovich lene flex I LP 15
lucas steve double cross ? LP ex "x" 15
lynnfield pioneers emergo US LP 20
madness one step beyond I LP 18
madness absolutely CA LP s 20
madness mistakes DLP btlg 35
madonna hard candy US CD BOX s 35
magic mushroom band spaced out UK LP 25
mallinder steve pow wow plus UK LP 25
mallrats fall in love all over again with… D LP 14
mandragora head first NL LP 25
maniacs bring back the night F LP 15
march april sometimes when i stretch mlp s 14
marshmallow overcoat try on... US LP 18
marsupials the four of us are dying US LP 20
martha & the muffins this is the ice age CA LP 20
matchbox crossed line I LP s 16
mazzy star she hangs brightly US LP 80
mccarthy banking, violence.. UK LP 20
mekons honky tonkin' I LP 16
mekons honky tonkin' UK LP 18
melted americans evil monkey bowl NL LP 15
membranes everythings brilliant UK MLP s 15
membranes pulp beating 1984… UK MLP 15
membranes the gift of life UK LP 15
men they couldn't hang the domino club EEC LP s 15
men they couldn't hang greenback dollar UK EP12" 12
men they couldnt hang night of a thousand candle UK LP 18
mental overdrive s/t B MLP vg cover 10
mercier descloux lizzy s/t NL LP 16
midnight oil diesel and dust NL LP 14
mighty ions face rakin' rock D LP yellow. vynil 16
mighty wah! a word to the wise guy UK LP e. p. bonus 20
miller roger win! instantly! US LP 15
miners of muzo make my day EEC LP w/insert 16
minimal compact the figure one cuts I LP 18
minimal compact live NL LP 18
minimal compact raging souls NL LP 18
mink de ville return to magenta US LP 2nd print 16
mink de ville le chat blue D LP 16
mink de ville le chat bleu US LP 20
miranda sex garden madra I LP s 18
miss alans smack the horse US LP 16
mock turtles two sides UK LP 20
modern english i melt with you US EP12" 18
momus tender pervert UK LP bonus 7" 20
morrissey ouija board, ouija board UK EP12" 15
motorpsycho it's a love cult DLP 35
motors s/t UK LP 16
mould bob black sheets of rain US LP ex husker du 22
mucky pup now NL LP 18
multicoloured shades house of wax D LP col.vyn 18
nails dangerous dreams US LP 15
naked angels pornocracy I LP 15
naked prey 40 miles from nowhere US LP 16
name what's in a name? UK LP 18
nations on fire death of the pro-lifer US LP 16
necracedia now i see clearly US LP 15
negativland u2 US LP 40
nelson billy vistamix US LP 20
nerf herder s/t US LP s 40
nervous eaters eat this! E LP 16
new order low-life US LP 18
new order brotherhood UK LP 24
new order thieves like us I EP12" 14
new order the perfect kiss UK EP12" 14
new york dolls red patent leader F LP 25
new york dolls too much too soon NL LP 25
nitzer ebb i give to you UK EP12" 13
nitzer ebb ebbhead stumm 88 UK LP 18
nitzer ebb warsaw ghetto D EP12" 13
nitzer ebb godhead UK DEP12" 18
nitzer ebb ligtning man UK EP12" 13
nitzer ebb control im here UK EP12" 13
nomads big sound 2000 LP 20
nooten pieter/michael brook sleeps with the fishes UK LP 25
numan gary living ornaments '79 and '80 UK BOX 2 lps w/insert 25
o.m.d. organisation I LP 14
oblivian greg & the tip-tops head shop US LP 30
ocean colour scene s/t UK LP 30
officiels bravo le futur F EP12" white vinyl 15
olympic sideburns dixie truck stop! AUS LP 16
olympic sideburns s/t F LP ep12"bonus 25
only ones live UK LP 25
only ones remains F LP 20
opal happy nightmare baby US LP 40
open mind spiritual lovers UK LP 22
ophelias oriental head US LP 16
orange roughies knuckle sandwich US LP 16
outpatients vs. dastupids s/t I LP 16
outskirts of infinity scenes from the dreams of angels UK LP w/insert 35
outskirts of infinity lord of the dark skies UK LP w/insert 30
p.i.l happy? I LP s 20
p.i.l. album GR LP 20
p.i.l. the flowers of romance I LP 20
pajama slave dancers surfin sex machine i LP 16
paladins s/t US LP 18
parker graham howlin wind I LP 16
parker graham struck by lightning US LP s ep12" bonus 18
parker graham another grey area US LP s 16
parker graham the real macaw YU LP 15
parker graham & the rumours live sparks LP btlg 30
parker graham & the rumours stick to me US LP 18
pastels sittin'pretty UK LP 32
pele fireworks LP 15
penetration danger signs UK EP12" 15
pere ubu worlds in collision LP 18
pere ubu 390 degrees of simulated stereo LP s 22
pere ubu the tenement year NL LP 18
pet shop boys please I LP 13
pet shop boys actually I LP 13
petals parahelion US LP 35
photos s/t CA LP 18
pigalle anne everything could be so perfect.. LP s 15
pigbag sunny day I EP12" 14
pinsky zoo the city can't have it back LP 18
piu piu nougat NL MLP 16
plan 9 anytime anyplace anywhere NL MLP 16
plan 9 sea hunt CA LP s 18
plan 9 anytime anyplace anywhere US MLP 20
planning by numbers 1 catch the beat UK LP 20
plasticland wonder wonderful wonderland EEC LP 23
play dead into the fire - live F LP 18
playdead isabel UK ep12" 15
playdead propaganda UK EP12" 15
playn jayn i love you like i love myself F EP12" 14
plimsouls everywhere at once NL LP 18
plus ones on the list US LP s 14
pocafera nylon CH LP 15
pogues the rest of the best D LP s 16
pogues poguetry in motion UK EP12" 18
poi dog pondering wishing like a mountain and thinking like the sea NL LP 15
police reggatta de blanc I LP 16
police live in paris DLP btlg 60
pontiac brothers fiesta en la biblioteca US LP 16
pop iggy blah blah blah LP s 20
popinjays bang up to date with the…. UK LP 16
porno for pyros s/t D LP s 30
posies dear 23 US LP 20
prefab sprout jordan the comeback NL LP 14
prefab sprout steve mcqueen GR LP 15
pressure company live in sheffield 19 jan '82 UK MLP cabaret voltaire 20
pretenders learning to crawl I LP 16
pretty green s/t CA LP 13
prime movers spooked US LP s 16
primeval unknown s/t US LP 15
primevals dig d LP 15
primevals eternal hotfire F LP 15
primitives pure D LP 18
primitons happy all the time UK LP 18
proclaimers sunshine on leith D LP s 18
professionals i didn't see it coming I LP 18
prostitutes can't teach kids responsability US LP 18
psychedelic furs midnight to midnight US LP 16
psychedelic furs mirror moves US LP 18
psychedelic furs book of days NL LP 15
psychic tv good vibrations/roman p. UK EP12" 15
psychotic pineapple where's the party ? US LP 35
quine r./maher f. basic UK LP 16
r.e.m. out of time D LP 22
r.e.m. green D LP 20
radio birdman ritualism LP csr 01 30
rage saviour I LP 15
rain parade crashing dream I LP 16
rain parade beyond the sunset UK MLP 18
rain parade welcome to paisleyland LP btlg 30
ramones leave home I LP 20
ramones the late show cbgb's 77 LP btlg 30
rave ups the book of your regrets US LP s 15
real kids better be good US LP 20
real kids s/t (1991) US LP ris 25
real kids s/t F LP ris. 25
red guitar slow to fade I LP 15
red lorry yellow lorry blow I LP 18
redd kross third eye D lp 20
reininger b.l. broken fingers I LP 20
reininger b.l. night air I LP 20
reininger blaine l. byzantium B LP s 20
reininger l.b. book of hours B? LP ex tuxedo moon 20
replacements don't tell a soul D LP 18
residents intermission US MLP s 35
residents nibbles UK LP 30
rexanthony menticide I EP12" 20
richman jonathan back in your life US LP 18
richman jonathan & m.l. jonathan sings! US LP 20
richman jonathan & modern lovers modern lovers 88 US LP 20
richman jonathan & modern lovers rockin' and romance NL LP 18
ridgway stan end of the line F EP12" 14
ridgway stan calling out to carol I EP12" 13
ridgway stan the big heat NL LP 18
riley m. w/ the creepers warts'n'all UK LP fall s 18
rip pig + panic attitude UK LP 28
rockpile seconds of pleasure US LP 16
roland paul a cabinet of curiosities F LP 7" bonus 25
roland paul roaring boys F LP w/lyrics sheet 18
roland paul happy families F MLP 18
roland paul & his electric band live in italy 1989 UK? LP btlg 20
rowland kevin the wanderer NL LP 15
ruts d.c. the crack US LP 28
ruts dc animal now I LP 20
sacred denial exhumed US LP s 16
sade promise NL LP 15
sade diamond life I LP 15
saferon utopians in exile SW 10" 14
saints live in a mud hat F LP s 16
saints prodigal son UK LP 16
scapa flow chased by sunset S LP 18
scared stiff dark street UK LP 18
scooter one by one NL LP 18
screaming trees sweet oblivion NL LP 35
screaming trees buzz factory US LP blue vyn. 35
screaming tribesmen blood lust D LP 15
screaming tribesmen formaldehyde B LP 15
screams s/t US LP 16
scritti politti provision I LP 15
scruffy the cat moons of jupiter US LP 16
scruffy the cat tiny days LP 15
senseless things is it too late ? UK LP s 18
sermon volume US LP s w/poster 16
servotron space parts 10" 16
setzer brian live nude guitar US LP 16
severed heads come visit the big bigot CA LP 16
sex pistols anarchy world wide LP 25
sham 69 tell us the truth I LP ris. 20
shockabilly live - just beautiful US LP s 18
shriekback oil & golds D LP 18
sickidz i could go to hell for you EP12" 15
side effects raining US EP12" s 15
sidewinder auntie ramos pool hall US LP 15
sidewinders witchdoctor US LP 18
siglo xx fear and desire US LP 20
sigue sigue sputnik flaunt it I LP 25
sigue sigue sputnik dress for excess I LP s 18
silencers a blues for buddha D LP 15
simple minds sparkle in the rain I LP 14
simple minds life in a day US LP 20
siouxsie and the banshees superstition UK LP 35
siouxsie and the banshees peep show D LP w/insert 18
sister of mercy the reptile house e.p. UK EP12" 15
sister of mercy the reptile house e.p. NL MLP 15
sister of mercy vision thing D LP 18
sisters of mercy floodland YU LP 20
sisters of mercy some girls wander by mistake D DLP 30
sisters of mercy first and last and always I LP vg cover 14
skids fanfare UK LP 18
skids the absolute game I LP 16
skrapyard sex is sex US MLP 12
slickee boys cybernetic dream of pi US LP 18
slime live D LP 15
smith patti dream of life D LP 18
smithereens beauty and sadness I EP12" 12
smithereens green thoughts I LP 14
smiths "strangeways, here we come" UK LP 30
smiths rank I LP 20
smiths the queen is dead P LP 25
smudge tea, toast and turmoil CA LP yellow vynil 18
snakefinger chewing hides the sound F LP 25
social distortion live at safari sams 1986 LP btlg 20
social infestation lasciate ogni speranza US 10" 15
sofa head acres of geeses UK LP 20
soft boys invisible hits UK LP 25
soft cell bedsitter D EP12" 14
soft cell say hello wave goodbye NL EP12" s 13
soft cell soul inside US MLP 18
sonic youth dirty boots D MLP 25
sonoko la debutante UK LP 18
sound shock of daylight US MLP 20
sound from the lion's mouth d LP 30
soundgarden outshined UK 7" picture-disc 16
soundgarden outshined live at the palladium hollywood october, EU LP s btlg radio silence 30
soundgarden ultramega ok US LP w/insert 30
soup dragons lovegod UK LP 16
spandau ballet world parade 84/85 LP btlg 20
spandau ballet concert '85 - live in padova DLP btlg 30
spear of destiny world service UK LP f/o cover 18
spear of destiny world service NL LP 16
spear of destiny grapes of wrath UK LP 20
specials more US LP s 20
spent poets s/t D LP 15
sporting bachelors love letter to joanna US LP s 15
squeeze argybargy NL LP 20
stargazers go go honey UK 10" 14
starlings 27 try UK EP12" 12
starsailor love is here EU LP s 35
steel pole bath tube the miracle of sound in motion US LP 15
stephenson martin & the daintees gladsome humour and blue NL lp 15
steppes stewdio US LP 18
steppes harps & hammers LP 18
stereo mc's supernatural D LP s 15
stewart dave & s.c. s/t D LP 15
stiff little fingers go for it UK LP 16
stiff little fingers hanx! UK LP 25
sting the dream of the blue turtles YU LP 15
sting the soul cages I LP w/zucchero 16
sting fortress around your heart UK EP12" 14
sting the soul cages NL LP 14
sting the dream of the blue turtles D LP w/insert 16
sting love is the seventh wave D EP12" poster 16
stone roses one love US EP12" 20
stooges down on the street , live exit festival 2004 DLP 30
stranglers aural sculpture NL LP s 20
stranglers live (xcert) I LP 18
stranglers la folie UK LP 20
stranglers off the beaten track UK LP s 20
stranglers feline NL LP 15
sturm und drang say cheese NL EP12" 14
style council home & abroad - live US LP 18
style council walls come tumbling down UK EP12" 14
style council promised land UK EP12" 14
subtones boys want fun D LP multicol. vyn. 35
sudden nikki & the french revolution groove UK dlp 35
sugarcubes here today,tomorrow next.. I LP bjork 18
sugarcubes hit I EP12" bjork 15
sugarcubes regina I EP12" bjork 15
sugarcubes life's too good US LP bjork 18
sugarcubes here,today,tomorrow... I LP s bjork 18
sugarcubes stick around for joy I LP s bjork 18
summers a./r.fripp i advance masked D LP 18
sun dial reflecter UK LP 30
sun electric 30.7.94 live LP 30
super chunk s/t US LP 20
surf trio almost summer US LP 25
svt s/t US LP 20
sylvian david gone to earth i DLP s 25
sylvian david/holger czukay plight & premonition US LP 20
t.c. matic ye' ye' I LP s 15
tail gators tore up US LP 18
talking heads more songs about building and food CA LP 18
talking heads fear of music D LP - 18
talking heads true stories I LP 18
talking heads more songs about building and food I LP 16
talking heads this must be the place EP12" 14
talking heads remain in light US LP w/insert 20
tall shirts great snakes! it's the... tall shirts AUS LP 18
tchaicovsky bram pressure US LP 18
tchaicovsky bram strange man changed man D LP 18
teardrop explodes everybody wants to shag UK LP 25
teardrop explodes reward UK EP12" 14
tears for fears the seeds of love NL LP 14
technotronic body to body - LP - 14
telescopes taste I LP 15
telescopes taste UK LP 20
television adventure US LP 30
television adventure I LP 23
tender fury if anger were soul,id be james brown NL LP 18
test dept. totality UK DLP 25
thanes undignified noblemen I LP 20
that petrol emotion end of the millenium psychosis blues US LP s 18
that petrol emotion manic pop thrill UK LP 20
that petrol emotion hey venus UK EP12" 13
that petrol emotion chemicrazy D LP s 18
the joykiller s/t US LP s 16
the the infected NL LP 16
then jerico the big area NL LP 14
they might be giants s/t D LP 20
thin white rope bottom feeder UK LP 30
things s/t US LP 25
thomas david & w.b. blame the messenger UK LP s 25
thunders johnny in cold blood F LP 12" bonus 20
thunders johnny chinese rocks I LP s 20
thunders johnny hurt me F LP 18
thunders johnny que sera, sera LP 20
tin huey contents dislodging during shipment US LP 25
titanics s/t US LP s 16
tolman russ totem poles and glory holes UK LP 16
tolman russ & totempolemen goodbye joe F LP 16
tom robinson band power in the darkness UK LP 20
tom tom club boom boom chi boom boom UK LP 16
tom tom club s/t I LP 15
tourists reality effects I LP w/a.lennox 16
tourists s/t D LP w/a.lennox 16
tovey frank tiranny and the hired hand UK LP 20
tovey frank snakes and ladders CA LP s 20
tovey frank tyranny and the hired hand I LP 16
tovey frank & the pyros grand union UK LP 20
toyah warrior rock - on tour I DLP s 25
tragic error klatsche in die hande B EP12£ 30
trance induction electrickery NL DLP 35
travis cut serial incompetence UK LP 16
treepeople something vicious for tomorrow US LP s 30
trenchmouth construction of new action! US LP s 18
true believers s/t US LP 16
true west dreams forever LP btlg 20
true west west side story US LP 18
true west drifters US LP 18
true west hollywood holiday F LP 18
tsuchiya masami rice music UK LP 18
turkey bones and wild dogs no way before the week end EEC LP 20
twins a wild romance I LP s 15
two line filler listener US LP blue vynil w/insert 16
u.k. subs crash course - live UK LP 12" bonus 35
u.x.a. illusions of grandeur I LP s ris 20
u2 unforgettable fire I LP 15
u2 rattle & hum I DLP 20
u2 war I LP 16
u2 under a red blood sky I LP 15
u2 portfolio DLP btlg 30
u2 rattle & hum YU DLP 20
ub 40 geffrey morgan I LP 14
ultravox ultravox! I LP 30
ultravox ha!-ha!-ha! I LP 28
ultravox lament I LP s 20
ultravox rage in eden E LP 18
ultravox vienna I LP 18
ultravox monument the soundtrack D LP 18
ultravox vienna D LP -s 22
undertones hypnotised UK LP 25
underworld change the weather LP 20
unknowns dream sequence US LP 15
urban verbs s/t US LP 25
urge overkill saturation NL LP orange vynil 35
vandals slippery when ill US LP 15
various vegetable favorite ennemy UK 10" red vynil 14
vaselines enter the vaselines US TLP w/insert 40
vazz breath UK 7" special package 15
venus in furs memento mori UK EP12" picture disc 18
verlaine tom words from the front UK LP 25
verlaine tom the wonder NL LP 23
vicious circle barbed wire slides UK LP 18
violent femmes hallowed ground UK LP 25
violent femmes s/t UK LP 2nd print 25
violent femmes s/t UK LP 40
violent femmes 3 US LP 25
violent femmes the blind leading the naked I LP s 20
violent femmes s/t US LP 40
violent femmes the blind leading the naked US LP 20
vipers outta the nest ! US LP 30
vomit launch don't say nein D LP 15
voodoo child acidities and mermaids UK LP 30
voodoo queens chocolate revenge UK LP 15
vv.aa live stiffs UK LP 16
vv.aa. true stories US LP s 16
vv.aa. underground newcastle uk LP 18
vv.aa. the bridge I LP nick cave sonic yout 18
vv.aa. punk off! I LP 22
vv.aa. at dianne's place US LP s 18
vv.aa. the solna sound S LP red vyn. 16
vv.aa. shakin' in the pit LP s 16
vv.aa. the belgian garagemania vol.5 B LP 18
vv.aa. lost in the stars - the music of kurt weill D LP 18
vv.aa. head start to purgatory US LP 16
vv.aa. hybrid gyrations ii UK LP s 18
vv.aa. stay awake D LP s waits ecc. 18
vv.aa. tokyo paris london new york JP LP w/p.i.l. & rip rig 20
vv.aa. ambient auras DLP 20
vv.aa. border radio CA LP s 18
vv.aa. these dogs live in the garage ii US LP 18
vv.aa. indie hits LP sugarcubes 16
vv.aa. acid jam UK LP 35
vv.aa. live at… the rat vol. two I LP s dmz,real kids 25
vv.aa. the secret team US LP s 15
vv.aa. if 6 was 9 NL LP hendrix covers 20
vv.aa. locked-in vol. 3 UK LP 15
vv.aa. die neue tanz musik ist…da da da D LP 15
vv.aa. the music maniac "gimmick" compilation D DLP transp. vynil 30
vv.aa. punk collection (1977) I LP dead boys/r.hell ecc 30
vv.aa. shangri-la a tribute to kinks UK LP fleshtones 25
vv.aa. los angeles - the big one US LP s 18
vv.aa. stiffs live I LP w7e.costello 15
vv.aa. acid jam UK LP 35
vv.aa. live at the continental divide US LP s 14
vv.aa. give me some cherry GR LP 18
vv.aa. english as a second language US DLP s 25
walking seeds bad orb whirling ball UK LP 16
wall of woodoo seven days in sammystown NL LP 16
was (not was) what up dog? UK LP 16
waterboys a pagan place F LP 16
waterboys this is the sea UK LP 18
waterlillies tired of you US EP12" s 10
wayward soul like junk food kings on diet S LP 15
weather prophets temperance hotel UK LP 20
weather prophets judgies,juries & horsemen US LP 18
weather prophets mayflower D LP 18
weather prophets judgies,juries & horsemen UK LP 20
weather prophets diesel river NL LP 18
wedding present bizarro UK LP 16
western promise showdown with fate F LP 15
white cross when the fabrics torn AUS MLP 16
white james and the blacks sax maniac D LP 20
whitenoise heavy metal CA LP 16
wild seeds life is grand (life in soul city) US LP 25
will powers dancing for mental health F LP 16
wire the ideal copy US LP 20
wire train between two words NL LP s 16
witch trials s/t MLP 18
witchknot squawk UK LP 20
wolfhounds attitude UK LP 16
wolverton brothers s/t US LP 16
wool budspawn US LP s 18
working week companeros I LP 15
working week working nights YU LP 15
world of distortion all the volume…twice the distortion ! US LP 18
wygals honyocks in the whithersoever UK LP 18
wynn stevie kerosene man I LP 18
x see how we are CA LP 20
x ain't love grand US LP 18
x -tal reason is 6/7 of treason US LP 15
xtc oranges & lemons US DLP 30
xtc english settlement I LP s 18
xtc drums and wires I LP 20
xtc mummer I LP s 18
xtc go2 UK LP w/booklet 22
xtc english settlement US LP 20
xtc the big express I LP 16
xymox clan of xymox I LP 16
yard trauma oh my god I LP 20
yazz remixes! LP 16
yeah yeah noh temple of convenience UK MLP 12
yesterday's kids can't hear nothin' US LP 15
zaremba's peter. delegation.. spread the word LP fleshtones 16
zarkons riders in the long black parade US LP 22
zeitgeist translate slowly I LP 15
zen paradox into the abyss B DEP12" 14
zero down with a lifetime to pay US LP 15
zero zero am gold LP orange vynil 16
zimmermen rivers of corn AUS LP 16