dischi in vinile da collezione

Autore Titolo Origine Formato Note
alba s/t UK LP 50
albion country band battle of the field UK LP vg cover 20
albion country band battle of the field US LP 25
an triskell musiques celtiques F LP 20
anderson alistair. steel skies US LP 18
ashley steve speedy return US LP 23
bailey roy leaves from a tree UK LP 15
baker duck the art of fingerstyle jazz guitar UK LP 18
battlefield stand easy UK LP 23
battlefield band at the front UK LP 23
battlefield band s/t UK LP 20
belt & braces roadshow band s/t UK LP w/insert 30
bensusan pierre spices NL LP 16
black mary s/t IR LP 20
blowzabella in colour UK LP 22
blueberry hellbellies flabbergasted UK LP 20
bogle eric when the wind blows UK LP 16
brady paul back to the centre D LP 15
brady paul full moon D LP 15
brady/browne/irvine/lunny/molloy the gathering US LP 25
brigand same old songs,same old habits CA LP 20
bunratty singers music and song from the mediaeval banquet, bunratt UK LP 16
c.o.b. moyshe mcstiff & the tartan lancers of the sacred. I LP ris 30
caddick bill the wlid west show UK LP 20
calliope dances US LP 16
capercaillie crosswinds IR LP 30
carthy m. dave swarbrick but two came by UK LP 25
carthy martin beacause it's there UK 25
chieftains 2 D LP - 18
clannad sulaman D LP f/o cover 25
clannad crann ull UK LP 30
clannad s/t (1973) IR LP 30
cock and bull concrete routes sacred cows UK LP 18
cock and bull band eyes closed and rocking UK LP 18
court players an anthology of medieval & renaissance.. UK LP 18
crow combat folk songs D LP 16
cunningham phil airs & graces UK LP 20
cunningham phil the palomino waltz US LP 20
cut and dry band cut and dry # 2 UK LP 25
dab hand high rock and low glen UK LP 25
dan ar bras the earth's lament F LP 20
dando shaft an evening with ... UK LP 35
davies penny & roger ilott restless AUS LP restless rrp 001 100
dayhills irish band s/t US LP 18
de danann selected jigs reels and songs D LP 20
digance richard trading the boards UK LP 25
dubliners the second album of the very best of the dubliners UK LP 16
dubliners greatest hits F LP 15
dubliners a parcel of rogues F LP 18
ewen patrick beggin' i will go F LP 25
fairport convention a moveable feast US LP 25
fairport convention live at the l.a. troubadour UK LP - 25
fairport convention unhalfbricking I LP ris. 15
fairport convention in real time US LP 20
fairport convention red & gold UK LP 20
fairport convention live convention P LP 18
fairport convention farewell farewell UK LP f/o cover 30
fairport convention babbacomb lee I LP w/insert 20
grossman s./j. renbourn under the volcano I LP 18
grossman stefan thunder on the run I LP 18
hart tim/prior maddy sings folk songs from old england vol. 1 UK LP crest 23 25
hill noel and tony linnane s/t IR LP 25
hometown band s/t CA LP s 18
house band s/t UK LP 18
hutchings ashley all stars as you like - live UK LP 16
ideal band a measure of freedom UK LP 16
incredible dstring band seasons they change I DLP ris. orizzonte 25
incredible string band "u" GR DLP - 38
irvine andy/paul brady s/t (1976) IR LP 30
jackson g./mac innes m. cairistiona UK LP 20
jansch bert heartbreak I LP gol 1035 18
jumpleads the stag must die UK LP 20
keane d. & faulkner j. farewell to eirinn IR LP 16
lochan s/t UK LP 50
mac coll ewan/peggy seeger naming of names UK LP 16
maclean dougie snaigow UK 25
magical string above the tower US LP 18
magna carta songs from wasties orchard I LP ris. akarma 23
magna carta lord of the ages NL LP - 25
malicorne s/t D LP 25
malicorne s/t F LP 25
malicorne quintessence I LP 25
malicorne s/t F LP 25
martyn john sunday's child I LP 18
matthews ian journey from gospel oak LP ris 18
matthews southern comfort later that same year US LP 30
mc tell ralph bridge of sighs UK LP 20
mcgarrigle k. & a. french record US LP 15
mctell ralph songs from alphabet zoo UK LP 20
mctell ralph blue skies black heroes UK LP 22
mctell ralph the ferryman LP 20
mctell ralph water dreams UK LP 25
mctell ralph ralph albert & sidney i LP 18
melusine leve toi et danse! F LP 18
metamora morning walk US LP 20
molloy matt s/t IR LP 23
molloy/brady/peoples s/t IR LP 25
moore barry treaty stone IR LP 35
moore christy the time has come D LP 18
moore christy/d.lunny/jimmy faulkner live in dublin UK LP w/inserts 35
moving hearts the storm I LP 16
moving hearts live hearts IR LP 18
na fili chanter's tune UK LP 30
ni dhomhnaill triona triona IR LP f/o cover 25
nightnoise something of time US LP 20
o'connor martin the connachtman's rambles IR LP vg cover 15
oisin over the moore to maggie UK LP 25
oisin bealoideas IR LP 25
oller/yvert entre 2 I LP 18
orchestre super moth salt of the earth (song of praise) UK EP12" 15
orchestre super moth the world at six... UK EP12" 15
ossian light on a distant shore UK LP 20
ossian borders UK LP w/insert 25
pentangle open the door US LP 25
pentangle reflection UK LP 35
pentangle in the round I LP - 20
pentangle s/t US LP 35
pentangle sweet child I DLP 35
pererin haul ar yr eira E LP ris 26
petrie robin & danny carnahan continental drift US LP 16
planxty cold blow and the rainy night US LP - 25
planxty the collection IR LP 18
planxty cold blow and the rainy night UK LP 30
planxty words & music D LP 18
pogues the rest of the best D LP s 16
prior maddy & june tabor silly sisters UK LP w/lyrics sheet 20
reinecke g. senseless D LP 16
relativity gathering pace US LP w/insert 23
renbourn john faro annie I LP 25
renbourn john group a maid in bedlam I LP 25
renbourn john group the enchanted garden I LP 25
roberts a./d. mac lean caledonia UK LP 25
scotch measures s/t UK LP 25
spaellimenninir i' hoydolum DK LP 25
spillane davy atlantic bridge UK LP 18
spirit of the west labour day CA LP 16
spirit of the west tripping up the stairs US LP 18
steeleye span rocket cottage US LP 20
steeleye span original master UK DLP 25
steeleye span a storm force of ten US LP 20
stewart al modern times NL LP 18
stewart al past present and future US LP 25
stivell alan reflets F LP 20
stivell alan legende I LP 15
stivell alan journeč a la maison I LP 20
stivell alan renaissance de la arpe celtique F LP 20
stivell alan chemins de terre I LP 18
stivell alan the mist of avalon I LP 16
stockton's wing take a chance IR LP 20
stockton's wing s/t IR LP 25
suleskaer music from the north DK LP 28
sweeneys men the tracks of sweeneys UK LP tra sam 40 2nd press 40
tannahill weavers the old woman's dance UK LP 25
tannahill weavers passage NL LP 25
tannahill weavers s/t UK LP 25
tannahill weavers are ye sleeping maggie UK LP 23
tara rigs of the time D LP 20
thompson danny whatever UK LP 18
thompson richard hand of kindness F LP 16
tiger moth s/t UK LP 25
tri yann an naoned F LP 30
truss and bucket band s/t UK LP 18
vv.aa. morris on UK LP ris. 18
vv.aa. granuaile IR LP 15
vv.aa. great master of the piobaireachd (pibroch) UK DLP 15
vv.aa. the auld meal mill & thirteen other scottish songs UK LP 20
vv.aa. son of morris on US LP 26
vv.aa. anti-nuclear 12" single UK EP12" w/insert 20
vv.aa. a night at the auld meal mill 1984 UK LP 20
wallochmore ceilidh band full throttle! UK LP 25
wikstrom lasse & gredes logdans i byn UK LP 18
wolfe tones rifles of the i.r.a. IR LP w/inner sleeve 23